20 Cyber Monday Tech Deals That Didn’t Suck

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Xbox One S Battlefield 1 Bundle - $212
Xbox One 1TB Battlefield 1 Edition - $254.99
PS4 Slim Uncharted Bundle - $212
Xbox One Wireless White Controller - $39.99
Battlefield 1 Digital Code - $44
Gears of War 4 Digital Code - $35
HP 22es 21.5” Monitor -$59.99 @Bestbuy http://www.bestbuy.com/site/hp-22es-21-5-ips-led-hd-monitor-natural-silver/5588520.p?skuId=5588520
HP 22er @Amazon - http://amzn.to/2gaPXbi
7” Amazon Fire Tablet - $33
JBL Flip 3 - $20 off
Samsung EVO 500GB SSD
Dell SE2416HX 23” Monitor - $99
200GB Sandisk MicroSD Card - $50
Poweradd 20,000 man External Battery - $21
Microsoft Surface Book - $250 off
Sony Extra Bass XB950 - $88
Sony MDR1000X - $50 off
JBL Everest 700 $100 off
12” Space Gray MacBook - $200 off
2016 MacBook Pro 13” w/out Touch Bar - $100 off
Moto Z Unlocked - $499
Blue Snowball Ice - $39
Circle LED light - $35
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Caption: Your guys jonathan here for black friday cover 10 deals didn't suck for cyber monday we are stepping it up so here are 20 deals you may have missed first up is the 500 gigabyte xbox one as battlefield one bundle which is on sale for a crazy cheap 212 bucks now most of these deals are going to continue on through cyber monday week but i have a feeling this one is going to expire pretty quickly so if you're looking at this you may want to jump on it quickly so actually impulsively bought one of these bundles because that would be cool to give away to you guys so for a chance to win and go to that subscribe button maybe drop a like if you are feeling like being awesome now for someone out there who needs more gigabytes because 500 just isn't enough there's also the one terabyte battlefield edition is on sale for 254 bucks not much more than 500 gigabyte bundle the pro or maybe the content this deals that is a completely different-looking console i personally like the looks of the white xbox one else but if you did the battlefield one that is a fantastic deal on the flip side maybe you're not in the xbox maybe ps4 is your thing there is also a ps slam on charter bundle for 212 bucks from there the game deals don't stop though there are so many effect on the past about prophecy to finish these up ps4 pro 399 with infinite warfare legacy edition all day today black friday black monday cyber monday cyber friday the list do you like we're one soldiers you like war battlefield one digital code is 44 bucks to see me at least 20 bucks you can spend a little brother for maybe mark card or something markers not entail now continuing on the 50 train you could buy gears or 44 only $35 the digital code so you can have enjoy all the blood all the gore all the chainsaw all kinds of blood now next we got twenty dollars off an xbox one controller for little timmy so that you can give them the crappy one that's no back there something word twenty bucks i gotta speed zone man see the everyone to sleep tracks meant that track sucks is slipping and sliding everywhere yeah so next up is one of the cheapest prices i've seen on a monitor the 21 and a half inch 1920 x 1080 silver beauty from hp which is 5999 that is so cheap you can rock some double monitor actions for a buck 20 or go big with three displays karen style for under 200 bucks man following that is the 7-inch amazon fire tablet which is on sale for bucks you're not going to get much cheaper than 33 bucks unless you go the d-line route no disrespect did you learn to you and your superior tablets but this is a pretty sweet deal so if you're coming to an end and 2017 quickly approaching if you are still on a mechanical drive it is time to upgrade luckily for you though the samsung evo 500 gigabyte ssd is on sale for which is crazy to think how much prices have dropped in just a few years 500 gigabyte ssd is used to be four five hundred bucks couple years ago so the fact that they're this cheap and accessible now is awesome and trust me if you have yet to upgrade is one of the best things you can do to your computer following that got one more monitor deal for you the dell se 2416 hx which has a super long name with a super small price this is a 23 inch monitor which is currently on sale for 99 bucks personally i've always been a fan of dell monitor so maybe if you're looking to upgrade to something bigger or maybe to add to a laptop just a really good choice to look at next is a tutor gigabyte micro-sd card from sandisk which is on sale 49 bucks perfect for anyone looking at some storage to their phone after that is a 20,000 milliamp hour external battery which is a crazy cheap 21 bucks and this time around for cyber monday we got a little microsoft love with the microsoft service book coming in at 250 bucks off next up we got some pretty sweet headphones deals the sony extra-base xb9 fifties on so 488 bucks which is a steal on the higher end of the spectrum the sony mdr thousand x which are some of the best headphones i've ever use our 50 bucks off right now alternatively the jbl ever 700 hundred bucks off right now which bring them down to a hundred i am personally a little bit of a sony fanboy when it comes to headphones but the jbl's are really excellent well jumping over to the macbook love there's 200 bucks off the space grey 12-inch macbook details on the configuration link down below also just like we saw for black friday the hundred our discount on the 13-inch macbook pro out touch bars back these much like the xbox the other things are going to quickly so if you're looking at them jump on them quickly jumping on the list there's an unlock motors e4 for 1999 and i know for a fact that deal ends today anyone looking for an inexpensive usb microphone the blue snowball ice is on so for 39 bucks and lastly for those asking about the circle led light behind me that is currently in stock and on sale for 35 bucks right now again these prices may change they may sell out that may fluctuate so don't yell at me if that happens links to everything we talked about including some bonus deals are down below hopefully you guys enjoyed the video if you did you are feel like being awesome and you want to win the xbox one has make sure to smash that like button and lastly before how about a huge shout-out to braintree payments for sponsoring this video make an awesome giveaways like this xbox possible braintree is code for easy mobile payments so whether it's next bitcoin the next apple pay it doesn't matter braintree payment platform is chameleon-like and can adapt to whatever the future holds you can accept everything from pounds to paypal on any device with one integration and just in case a new payment method does come out i got to do is update a few lines of code no late nights no complicated recoding no stress and learn more check out braintree payments dot-com / text

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