3 Идеи самодельных гаджетов для телефона/3 Ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone

Сегодня я вам покажу 3 идеи изготовления самодельных гаджетов для телефона. Несмотря на то что на сегодняшний день все можно купить, люди до сих пор мудрят чтобы не тратить деньги, как и в нашем случае со стареньких порванных домашними животными - USB, можно еще что нибудь сделать. К примеру фонарик, переходник , с использованной или новой изготовить втулку для ремонта наушников или микрофона!
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Today I am going to share 3 ideas about making DIY gadget projects for a smartphone. In spite of the fact that you can buy it all many people are still trying to find ways save their money on such expenses. Just as in our case you can make fine DIY projects from old USB plugs torn by your pets. For instance you can make a flashlight, an adapter and make an earphones or microphone input plug case either from old or new USB plugs!
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Caption: Hi guys! today i am going to show 3 ideas about making diy gadget projects for a smartphone. so let us get started. for the first diy project we need a micro usb plug,. one white light emitting diode and a 100 ohm resistor. first of all let us take the plug case apart and carefully take the micro usb plug out. it’s worth mentioning that micro usb and mini usb plugs differ a lot from 2. 0 usb plug and it is not just about the size. there is also an additional terminal. in case if your plug has got five terminals instead of four as in my case, there is no need to worry. because here is a pinout. you can easily figure out what components have to be connected and where they have to be connected. at this point we need to connect the resistor to the positive terminal. in turn we need to solder the anode of the light emitting diode to the resistor. the led has got both positive and negative terminals. the positive terminal is an anode and the negative terminal is a cathode. let us solder the cathode to the negative terminal of the plug. in the end let us rasp the bulb of the led into place in order for to fit into the plug case. thanks to such a diy flashlight you will not need to risk your smartphone’s led flash. it is so because each time you use a smartphone led flash instead of a flashlight. your smartphone’s led flash overheats. in some time it may even break down. your diy flashlight will work right. until your smartphone’s battery runs out. if you think that you don’t need such a led flash, then i advise you to use your micro usb plug this way. take to pieces a usb plug case you don’t use or buy one and take it to pieces. cut off the excess wires, having left small pieces. now let us solder the 2. 0 usb plug to the micro usb plug. the red wire is a positive terminal, the white wire is a negative terminal,. the green one is a positive terminal and the black one is a negative terminal. in the end let us cut the usb plug case into place and fit in all the components. in the end we’ve got such a great smartphone adapter. with the help of such a diy adapter you will be able to connect regular memory stick to your smartphone. i think such an adapter will help you out at work or school. for instance in case if you urgently need to view documents stored on your memory stick. and you don’t have a tablet or a laptop at hand,. you will be able to view such documents on your smartphone instead. the last third idea will help you out in case if your earphones broke down. in case if you tore your earphone cable out of the input plug. and you don’t have a new one to substitute it with, that’s not a big problem. you can substitute a sealed input plug with such a needle adapter. all you need to do is just to carefully take the needle out of your syringe adapter,. drill a hole of the same diameter as the diameter of your cable through it. in the end you have to solder your wires to your input plug and carefully slide the syringe adapter case onto it. that's it!. guys, today’s edition is over. thank you very much for watching the video till the end. don’t forget to evaluate and share the video. i gotta go to record a new video. bye to everyone!. .

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