5 Gadgets That Will Give You Superpowers

5 Gadgets That Will Give You Superpowers
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5. FLIR SCOUT TK http://geni.us/RXzXxN
3. PRYRO MINI http://geni.us/QSKcf
2. PHOENIX http://www.suitx.com/phoenix
1. LASER GLOVE https://goo.gl/MaOByJ
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5 Gadgets That Will Give You Superpowers
[music]. if you find yourself rewatching every. marvel movie ever made . on a weekly basis you're not alone in . fact there are inventors out there . working to bring superhero powers to the . average man don't expect to be flying to . work next week in an iron man 2 however . there are some cool new gadgets that are . bringing us one step closer to having . limited superhero powers but for. aspiring superheroes it's a start . here are 5 gadgets that will give you . real superpowers if you are new to the . channel be sure to subscribe to get . similar content every week number 5 . fleur scout tk you don't need to call on . superman to spot that burglar that's. been creeping outside your house at. night the fleur scout tk allows you to . have your own x-ray vision . this thermal vision monocular lets you . find people objects and animals in the . dark over 100 yards away capture images . and take videos with this pocket-sized. night and low-light image spotting . device take the fleur hunting or camping . with its ability to see heat signatures . in total darkness it starts up in . seconds requires no training and has a . simple 4 button control spend 9 choices . of video palettes include white black . hot and insular fleur is rugged weather . resistant and has a 5 hour rechargeable . battery great for outdoor adventures or . use it for home security search for . missing pets or scans parking lots and . parks in the dark you never know who may . be hiding in the dark but with fleur . there won't be any unpleasant surprises. number 4 vacuum backpack maybe you . failed miserably the last time you tried . parkour there's hope for you if you ever . had aspirations of climbing obstacles . and clinging to walls you now have the . ability to cling like spider-man with . the vacuum assisted climber known as the . pee vac the utah state university's . ascending aggies invented a portable. vacuum pack complete with suction claws . p vac vacuum motor and its to suction . paddles allow you to climb walls or any. building surface including glass brick . or stucco. even if you have to put on a few pounds . this powerful suction pack can hold . weight up to 700 pounds one word of . warning though don't get any ideas about . selfie scaling your downtown bank for a . mission impossible escapade the p vac is . not quiet they'll know you're coming as . it emits a sound similar to a vacuum . cleaner does not feel free to don your . red unitard and scale away number three . hiero mini we all know iron man is the . coolest superhero ever because who . doesn't want to be able to shoot . fireballs if you are a big fan of pyro . you are in luck . meet pyro mini a high-end pyrotechnic . device that puts the power of shooting. fireballs into your hand this is not a . toy and is not recommended for chasing . children out of your neighborhood you . can impress friends and family with your . endless pyro magic trick pyro mini comes. with two barrels allowing for two shots . before having to reload with the flash . back you get enough cotton and paper for . over 120 shots the contoured design fits . pyro mini completely hidden under your . wrist making your shooting hand look . empty the remote switch is tiny and . discreet and fit in your other hand . and placed in your pocket pyro mini . comes with usb charging capabilities and . the lithium battery is capable of six . hundred shots before recharging . captivate your next audience with your . amazing pyro technical abilities number. two phoenix robotic exoskeletons have . been around since ripley defeated the. alien phoenix is the first affordable . and most technologically advanced . skeletal prosthesis currently on the. market while it may not help you defeat . monsters it does have the super power to . help those with mobility issues walk . upright again with many future possible . uses in the workplace at home it weighs . only 27 pounds and enabled this weaker . to walk at speeds of almost two . kilometers per hour . it runs for four hours continuously or. intermittently for up to eight hours on . a single charge the two actuators are . located at the hip and knee joint . allowing support and clearance during . walking. at $40,000 phoenix cost more than those . wheelchairs but it is custom fit to the . users body unless those who used to rely . on wheelchairs to stand up and face the . world i too i again number one laser . glove german cyber weapon enthusiasts . patrick privy may in fact be the biggest . iron man fan ever as he has created a . dual laser iron man glove with sound . effects and shell injector this . realistic glove is activated by flipping. the main switch to charge the two lasers. and yes it makes that really cool . charging up noise and brings a ring of. bright leds surrounding the palm to. light up pressing buttons on a separate . controller will raise the hatch on the. top of the glove and fire the 800 mega . watt laser from inside the hatch this . gloves lasers are nothing to be trifled . with as users can activate the three . thousand mega watt blue palm laser by . flexing their wrists to activate the. built-in pressure plate it actually can . be used as an incendiary device mimic . iron man's burning laser and eject the . spent ammo shell replicated this with a . spring tension controlled switch . activated by a control button this glove . is a must for the die-hard iron man fan . thanks for watching if you enjoyed this . video don't forget to leave a like and . hit that subscribe button so that you . won't miss any of our future videos . [music]. you . .

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