5 McDonald’s Gadgets put to the Test!

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What's up everybody welcome back to my . laboratory well more like my car where . safety is still number one priority and . today we're going to put to the test . mcdonald's gadgets some of them pretty . vintage some of them a lot newer but. still they were limited-edition that . they don't make them anymore so i got . most of them from ebay and they all . finally here so let's see what i got for . the first gadget this is a pretty new . one this store this is a store for the . milkshake you know when you drink out of . a regular store like this usually they . get clogged up and it's really hard to . drink frozen frozen milkshakes . i bought my milkshake about 10 minutes . ago. whoa sorry about that but it's pretty . foods and the public build will be a lot . easier to drink it but sometimes when . you just buy it . it is clogs up because it's like frozen . ice cream mm-hmm it's really still after . ten minutes even though it's melted a . lot hmm it's really hard to suck it in. you see how thick that is it just gets . so clogged up it's just like eating ice . cream - or store i probably don't have . to tell you all how frustrating it can . be this is why mcdonalds invented this . limited edition this store you see what . it looks like it has this u-shape and . two holes on the top so let's see if . it's actually works actually the stick . holes let's open this up i saw . commercials of it and i wish i got it a . long time ago put it to the test but . it's okay now we have a list of whole . bunch of different mcdonald's karthik so . they go it's opens like that i'm gonna . save the packaging because it's pretty . clip collectible boom very cool . packaging for just one store don't you. think it's made from plastic i wish it. was made from metal or something like . stainless steel that'd be much more . doable and would last a lot longer . check this out we actually have a lot . more holes 1 2 3 4 . these 2 holes bigger and 5 oh look at . that there is a 5th hole right here i . mean 6 hole right here so that supposed . to make drink your milkshake. or smoothie or like whole bunch of . different stuff a lot easier look you . kind of have to push it to like that . let's see you know what i don't see much . difference if anything they stow a lot . thicker although it's pretty cool design . and you think it should work well . actually it's a lot easier to use the . regular store because it's a little bit . thicker but one big advantage . this store has is they has like multiple . holes different sizes so if there is a . color clog like a little bowl of ice . cream that hasn't been melted it will . clog up the regular store but this one . will not but at the end of the day they . store a sticker so a lot more milkshake . going through to the circle a stone for . the next mcdonald's gadget this side . here is pretty vintage car tray and i . wish they would still make them because. this is genius look how cool this is you . put your big mark or whatever in here . this looks like for your fries and i . adhere for the thing and then you would . ask how do you paint it what do you put . it in your car well this is genius part . most of you probably like me and . everybody are eating your mcdonald's. inside of a car maybe your another what . tip you want to get some fast food so . you don't have to stop at the restaurant . for a long time you just want to quickly . a snack so this is would be perfect to . have it in your car especially in the . passages and seats anywhere honestly but . this is how it works out here it goes . into the window like this and you push . it in boom check this out this is . probably going to be a thumbnail because . this is mind blown now let's see if the . dings still fits yep the ding still fits . this is a medium dink smaller public . even easier and the bigger problem will . just stick up a lot higher but that's . awesome then we got our sandwich or . whatever you got bulgur oh it's a lift . thick on the box a little bigger than it . used to be it doesn't necessarily feed . the best way so you could probably take . it out from your box and put it in there . that's fine too and of course we got . here the fries let's see oh man i got . the lodge lies don't know the feet as . well so as you can see the large . mcdonald fries don't fit exactly but . this could fit i don't think it will . fall out so next time maybe get yourself . medium fries with this tray or the small . ones would probably fit easily it's . almost fits it's like so close just few . millimeters not enough i don't want to . destroy the box but boom this is how . it's going to look like how cool is that . isn't it so you can grab yourself a dink . drink it and stick it back in and it's . not in a way then now you can go up . yourself a sandwich put it back in . easily don't have to worry about your . sandwich probably should use this gadget . when you sitting around so that way . you're not distracting and driving quick. test of this little toy that i put a . store in it look i don't even have to . take it out let's make a little bite . very comfortable and my hands are free. and i don't have to hold all this food . in my lap and drop it and spill it all i . like it a lot and of course my price for . the next gadget we got here french fries . holder there's a mcdonald's log on it . french fries isn't cool i just opened it . and it was a janelle seal package but . the camera wasn't recording oh well well . first of all there is the cup holder for . your fries this one is huge so it's . probably will actually fit our large . fries let's try it out yep it fit even . the large mcdonald's fries perfect okay . what else we got here we got here . instruction. how to use it obviously boom you just . stick it into your cup holder on your . car this is a little kitchen pulldown or . any kind of sauce that you like this is . genius let's see what it looks like when . we put it together so looks like how did . we do this so you put it right here on . the bottom you slide it in boom . oops too much by the way guys this video . is not sponsored by mcdonald's they owe . me money for this shoutout for this . video but they go we got some ketchup . we're gonna put it in the kitchen polder . whoa perfect it's actually holds . perfectly one packet of ketchup in this . little thing so now let's try to put it . in into the cup holder boom also this . works like adjustment you can make it . bigger or smaller my cup holders are . huge in my cv this kind of makes it a . little bit wobbly because my cup holders . are so big but as you can see it works . boom check this out now we're going to . put our french fries in perfect look at. that now i can just go up a french fries . dip it into my ketchup don't spill it i . don't know maybe you're not supposed to . put ketchup in here maybe just the . lifehack i just did anyway they go and . for the next mcdonald's gadget card here . this is for look is that hard spelled f . l or r k uselessly useful this is . funny i think they made this gadget for . fun to get some exposure make it viral . video out of it so this is pretty much . what we're doing for them anyways they . go this is the d4 i don't know how to . pronounce it but it's a french spice . fork as you can see there is mcdonald's . logos all over it there is a layer card . how to use it. french fries into here and then you dip . it in the ketchup and eat it got here my . french fries of course you got push this. like this boom one . - and the boom and we got ourself . mcdonald's fork how cool is that so then . you'll need a kitchen probably put . ketchup on the stereo quick just to test . it out we got ourselves a fork . i guess french fries fork that way you . can dip all your french fries without . messing up your hands i guess make a . bite dip it again pretty cool man this . is the funnest video i have done in a . while and one more thing that they have . made is public cool for the collectors i . know some people collect in mcdonald . stuff but check this out this is you . know this coffee stirrers it's a mini . spoon and they made it like a . macdonnell's just wanted to put it in . into the list maybe some people will . like it or burn in some nostalgia for . this gadget i have to include it because . look at the mcdonald's logo i never seen . anything like that and i thought it . probably will bring some nostalgia to . some people boom you got here mcdonald's . logo there is a cool mcdonald's . cheeseburger officer or something and . then a glass right here . i guess you put your dangerous here just . like that and then put your sandwich. like this . and that way you can hold it and they. said here is perfect place for your . glass you can also put a plastic glass . and it works as well i like it a lot i . read they were still making taste like . that not those big trays this is much. more comfortable to carry with one hand . i'm probably gonna use it on in my house . well guys that's pretty much it this is . all the mcdonald's gadgets i could find . on ebay i'm sure there is a lot more but . this is what i found and that what was . available so hopefully enjoyed this . video don't forget tums up and also let . me know in comments below of each . mcdonald's gajic was your favorite thank . you for watching and don't . forget to subscribe and i'll see you . next time . .
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