5 No Spill Water Bowl for Dogs Test!

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What's up everybody welcome back to my . laboratory where safety is number 13 for . today we're gonna make a video with. puppies. well one puppy and to other huskies i'll . don't bite me. but anyways gossiped here always spills . over his water bowl i don't know why he . just loves swimming in it so i'm going . to show you first of all how he does it . this is a regular water bowl even . non-slip rubber over here and he still. spills it over he just loves swimming in . it i don't know why and it's annoying . because they gotta keep refilling it and . aversion that ball because he keeps . stepping in it so i'm going to put to . the test you would have balls that s . unspeakable all unseeable that way he . doesn't play with it so let's see what i . got do you see every time i get him a . water ball he just plays in it he's just . doing it a minute ago and carmel wasn't . accordian so i missed it he was so cute . when he was doing it but yeah instead of . digging it he just starts swimming in it . i don't know why i guess that's what . puppies do just being silly and cute and . now he's drinking it a little bit and . now he's digging again like he never . seen water before and it's not good. oh his dirty paws gets into the water . and then you drink in all that muddy . water why are you doing that so cute let. me give you fresh water now hyuga cannot . drink it because we could muddy that is . now and he does that every time i don't . know why so this is why i wanted to put . to the test all these different water . balls and see which one actually works . or works the best for this gadget i got . here of what a ball with this rubber mud . that i'm gonna lay down like this and . that way the it's not supposed to spill . it there's no water yet hold on . you see it slides in just like that . but again but again there is nothing to . protect it from him swimming in it but . anyways let's see if it's actually going . to catch water out here yep looks like . you just want to swim in it once again . yeah it cut some water over there a but . as you can see it does not protect him . from swimming in it and taking out most . of the water you see the pup but again . at least it's not tipping it over and . also if you working and hit it it will . be protected from tipping it over as . well they said here no spheal ball and . splash poof so that way they can stick . their face inside there and not play . around in it we'll see if it's actually . works come on guys look what i got you . oh looky . it's supposed to be splash bo poof . looks like you tied to splosh look you . don't like it he tried to chew on it you . gotta drown in the bowl . i guess it helps look at that most of . the water is still there and he does not . like that that he could not play with it . yeah it actually works a lot check this . out. most of the water stayed inside there . haha . you couldn't do it haha he's like all . confused well so far this thing even . though he played with that and put a . little bit of dirt it's not too bad look . at that he's defensive and look he does . not like it he wants to chew on it wow . so definitely a huge thumbs up for this . ball the only complaint maybe it's made . from plastic so he might chew it up. really bad another fast probably can tip . over easier if it wasn't in the gasps . look at you don't like it . guys he's so funny what are you gonna do . now what are you gonna do not chewed up . yeah you see he might chew it up and if. he wanted to he probably could spill it . over so the biggest complaint . maybe i wish it was metal not plastic. because lukey's tend to flip it over so . it maybe if it was metal and heavier he . would not be able to lift it or chew on . it. so far look how much what i have left. over pretty much full this is how much i . had that he spilled a little bit but . that's it you give up now and look he . give up and he's just drinking it now he . putting his whole nose inside there . you're gonna drown yourself are you . falling asleep on me these are funny . he's so funny he's so cute alright so . let's say i flip it over boom . guess what the water a little bit spill . but most of the water is still inside . there because it sketches inside there . wow that's an amazing design so actually . it's not a big deal if it spills over . because all you're gonna lose a little . bit of splash that's it which is way . better than poop bowl of water spills . over on a carpet or something and i bet . you can just open it up and dump it out . hey go it's perfect for smaller dogs too . because they don't have big teeth so . they won't be able to destroy it anyways . so huge thumbs up for me and for the . next dog ball this is looks like . original metal dog ball but they go this. is the idea . there's a little light here so i guess . it's protects them from them swimming in . there or also when they drinking so that . way the water doesn't spill out to the . side it's pretty cool idea and also you . see how the bases set up like that i . actually already use this balls for the . house for the bigger dogs so that way it . doesn't tip over but now i have told . this ones so now i will give one for the . gas as well and hopefully you won't be . able to spill it over but i'm pretty . sure you're gonna still swim in it . because the opening is still pretty big . well you don't want any water looks like . they're not thirsty . but yep this is what i expected he's . just like i need to cool off in water a . little bit and now the water is muddy . again and as you can see he has spilled . quite a bit of water and i got one more . spoonful water ball and football right . here you got the food and the water this . is how it works if this billeted here . the water goes under here into this stay . so that way you can just lift this part . up and pull out all the water but . hopefully it will prevent them this . whole big lip from swimming in it and . splashing so that looks like one of the . best design right here come on gus test . it out this time looks like looking . hyuga is not interested he's like what . is this childproof stuff we don't spill . any water anyways give it to gus gus . come on he's interested but he is not . interested about the water that much how . they go he's like this water bowl is too . small for me this is more like four . puppies or smaller dogs but i'm sure. they sell different sizes yeah he drinks . it ah nope he still swims in it oh look . at that water going over here no yeah . that kind of did not work because i see . some water spilled over there and some . water spilled over there it is . definitely cool splash resistant but if . you dog like to swim in your water boo . it might not work that well it still got . a lot of water look how much water it is . known here a lot of water it catches . annecy does work just not . hundred-percent some of the percentage . of wood are going to spill around this . is what i come up with for gus i put my . water ball down here so that way gus . cannot climb in there and swim in there . because this top in a way so they just . stick their head inside there and drink . it and he stop spilling water so just . use your imagination . yes and for the next gadget i'm sure all . of you guys have traveled with your dog . so do once in a while on the road tips . well id here i found something really . cool this is a traveling water bowl for . the dogs let's see how it works . that looks such a great idea but i'm . time to figure it out if there's a lid . inside of it or how does this work when . you don't want to have any water . spilling out so i filled it up with. water and some ice and let's see if it's . going to spill over boom it spills over . all of it but a little bit most part it . stops spilling over because the water is . full adhere it says no spill but again . because there's some water sticking out . here it will spill over all of it . so you want to make sure if you put it . in the car it's secure like this so that . way it doesn't spill but again let me . show it to you like this . did you put over like that fall like . this so you want to make sure you don't . let it tip over upside down because it . will spill a lot there you go he drinks . it oh he still sticks his foot in there . but at this he doesn't spill any water . it works . this one works a little good as well he . don't leave bit of water and didn't . spill any of it well guys that's pretty . much it let me know in comments below . which water ball do you think was the . best don't forget to thumbs up this . video subscribe and i'll see you next . time. .
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