6 Credit Card Gadgets You Might Like

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What's up guys how y'all doing today i'm . going to show you six great cut godric's . let's check this out the first gadget i . got here a corn or coma . whatever you call it you know what it's . not like i can use it on my head but i . guess it's pretty good for my beard so . you know what that gadget is actually. pretty useful to me as well that's . actually feels pretty nice to call my . beard who knows maybe i'll go out even . more. well it was pretty good . also i like that it's over small that . way you can stick it into your wallet no . problem boom for this great caster bible . gajic you got here couple different . sizes self branches . i don't know what this is i think it's . supposed to be like up carter or . something like that and there's bottle . opener . i don't understand why they keep putting . the bottle open house on this got chicks . because you can pretty much open glass. bottles pretty much with anything but. overall i thought it was pretty cool . design that looks awesome . i doubt ever use it only i would use it . for corn maybe but i don't even have any . here but you know what its it was slim . and it fits the wallet early easily as . well. boom for this good god gadget i like the . design that monkey face is pretty cool. but once again i do not understand why . would you waste so much space on the. bottle opener you pretty much can open a . bottle of it. anything you want and based on so much . space i don't think it's a good idea if . anything you can open a bottle of the . the any age of this card there is an . inch four different type of . sizes and this side here is supposed to . be if you put credit card in and it . becomes in a credit card cell phone . holder i don't think i would ever use . that what school is right here is too . little screwdrivers. that's pretty important to have and . sometimes very useful and on this side . there is older . overall i kind of don't understand most . of this our tools and why would i have . been use it except the little . screwdrivers maybe a bottle opener but . this point your father ways to open a . bottle. you know what that's a cool design well . let's check out the next let's take this. one in the wallet too i like how the . small they are and they feed them to the . wallet early easily. ok this right here looks barmes and this . actually looks awesome i will love the . book looks like just my house keys so to . open it you gotta push it right here . boom . so which is kind of cool so kids might. not be able to open it and like sit over . here. why look at that little like this gadget . because this knife is pretty do about . looks like anyways it feels so sharp as . well but start to cut a piece of paper . this once again you push it over here to . close it and boom it locks in . wow this is so cool the difference. between this knife than any other ones. you see here there's no pins . it's just kind of joined together that . way they able to make it early with key . also that knife there is a way to take . it off can never figured out how to take . it off but there is a way. looks like on this side here there's a. two-score drivers if i'm not mistaken . and that's pretty much it so you pretty . much get a knife then you have a score . diverse and then an inch. hola that's eat and you know what i also . love about this credit card project is. really easy to put it in your wallet and. fits really well doesn't poke out that . much at all for this cajun gajic it's . kinda take credit card probably would be . like 30 credit cut combined but what it . is it's a knife and fork. cool. is that this is perfect for camping. there's also different sizes / inches . and a bottle opener. once again we can just open a bottle . with a knife the side of the knife . we don't need a bottle openers open . bottles is so easy they keep putting . this bottle openness on the garages. i don't think they're better than . necessary at all but this is very doable . knife as you can see it's pretty thick . so it's not going to break on you and it . feels sick it can cut stuff earlier well . look at that . here it comes from block as well . awesome i want that so next time i got . my lines but i forget my knife and a . fork boom i'm gonna pull this out . look you can even put it on your finger . use it as a weapon against i don't know . if somebody attacks you or any more. attacks you that when you put can . protect yourself. the only minus about it it's so thick it . public and barely fit into the wallet or . when it does include it's going to walk . up your wallet so much. yep you see it sticks out quite quite a. bit vs this one's this knife is so much . smaller than this one and the last great . god you right here we got we have here . headphones up so i guess you could put . it on like this and wrap your headphones . around like that i guess it's cool but i . don't know it's kinda getting bulky i . wish it was from here to the end of the . cart so that way when we wrap it around . there's not one is sticking out so much . wire not my favorite . ok this one was actually can open up so . when you like s soda pop opener so you . don't break your nails and this is. bottle opener aniseed last the things . that you need this can open out and a . bottle opener and they take up so much . space in that card right here. is a letter opener and a screwdriver . that's actually really cool so i will . love the box open and let all open out . this is to two of my favorites and also . there's a screwdriver at the cheap side . here and here if you put the skirt card . in or like some kind of plastic r2 and . that becomes a cell phone stand could be . used quite a bit in the box open up and . let open up . i like it that is so tiny so it fits the . wallet easily as well i don't think it's . much of a survival gadgets i think it's . mostly like day-to-day things like. opening boxes hold yourself phone stand . up your smartphone so i would like those . ones i think they're cool but i wish . they would make even better ones that . you can actually use it a lot in the. survival station all guys let me know . what do you think. thank you for watching and i'll see you . next time. .
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