6 Snowball Gadgets put to the Test

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What's up everybody welcome back to my . laboratory where safety is not born . priority and for today's video i'm going . to do snow gadgets it's snowing this . year very early and it's very beautiful . i got this snowball gadgets and why i'm . excited it's known because now i can put . them to the test . here i got here a snowball maker let's . see how it works so you got yourself. snow fuck it up like this and close it . and see what happens let's see if it . actually going to work you see it closed . right the way now if i open it boom wow . look at that perfect snowballs let's see . if it's hard to take it out that's . beautiful perfect snowballs look go get . your snowball come check it out . this snowballs are so cool ah look at . that that's a perfect you can just take . it out look awesome isn't it it's so . easy it comes apart you can haha looks . like she wants to fight a snowball fight . it's so easy just a bunch of snow like . this and just squish it together look at . that it squish it together so well and . then when we open it boom look at that . we have a perfect snowballs how cool is . that this should be a thumbnail that's . so awesome . hugo come on you're gonna catch your . snowball get it look look i got snowball . for you look look kitchen you got it . right away look look i got another one . kitchen awesome it's so easy to make . more snowballs you put it together like . this and then you just squish it boom . take away the extra snow and boom look . at them perfect snowballs luke want a . snowball kitchen luke a lot of kitchen. snow balls say you know what guys thumbs . up for me huge thumbs up for me for this . gadget for the next snowball gadget we . got here a stick like that and boom you . stick your snow into here and then you . launch it okay let's see how it works . you stick it in like this and boom you . have full stick of snow then you just . launch it like this boom and a flies you . can watch it fall oh wow that's cool i . like the note the noise it makes. luke went for it wow easily 55th line . let me show you how far it will fly . let's look at you guys jesus oh look at . that. i almost get the garage and i'm on my . knees fill it up and shoot it look wanna . catch a ball come on go get your . snowball ready. no no there you go . whoa this one is far who this one one a . hi . look at that they tied to catch him . every time you definitely will have to . go few times like this to pug the snow . in so that way when you do it it really . is flying far but wow this is cool let . me show you closer look at that full of . snow should it boom twice all the way . yeah pack it in look how far that went . right here i got another snowball maker . you grab it like this boom you already . have a snowball how cool is that so you . can just go and make whole bunch this is . actually awesome gold away and then you . can spit them out . so now you have lots of lots of snowball . in one seconds you can make a lot of . perfect perfect snowballs this is . unbelievable how beautiful this snowball. sir so who wants to snowball fight with . me look how much em i have now this is . like full out of snowball and it was . really easy to make it let me just show . you how fast it is to make snowballs you . got don't touch my snowballs luke stop . it go away look at that they perfect . perfect perfect snowballs how cool is . that. and also they don't park too much - too . hard so that's why they easy to break . off this is honest a very satisfying to . make snowballs like this look how much. already half i'm ready for the bottle . and looks like the bastard you just go . like that and that way it's gonna trim . it up in a perfect snowball sometimes . you gotta take it out but this okay and . this is warm talking but when i do heat . something you see how easy the breakaway . but at the same time they stay together. [applause]. definitely a thumbs up for me it's so . easy to make snowballs and it's not just . snowballs perfect snowballs well i . should have mentioned you guys that this . is going to be not just no gadgets but . snowball gadgets so right here what you . do is get bunch of snow right and then . with this one you pack it down i guess . into a snowball boom and then you watch . it i guess like this or not let me try . this again go a bunch of snow bucket and . then let's see if it's going to launch . it yeah kind of get bunch of snow then . pocket you want kind of a little bit wet . snow because when it's dry it doesn't . build up together okay now let's do it . whoa perfect idea i'm toe it as fast . because there's two people in a way so . i'm going to get bunch of wet snow on . asphalt that works better than pocket . pocket one more time. and let's see if we can watch it whoa . look at that that now works perfect so . yeah works way better with the wet snow . so grab some from the oswalt when it's . starting to melt then fuck it and then . lunch it look up far with it to pocket . don't watch this one fell apart ready to . lunch you know what it's not bad . look out for that one . it's pretty cool i like it snowball make . a ana launcher at the same time thumbs . up for me for the next gadget we got . here snowball slingshot i guess you . stole your snowballs in here i mean make . him in here just put some snow in there . and both of these things and then just . close them perfect now you ready to take . out snow bullet here put it inside here . and let's launch one man the top . snowball snow both flew away as well so . put it right here build some so don't do. the same mistake loaded and then you. wanna close this say don't lose the . other snowballs but also you can just . take it off and use it as a snowball . maker so that way they don't break every . time you launch one stir this again. hey load it up . the snowball kind of falls apart in . there it doesn't really fly that far . this is awesome gonna shoot one fell . apart bet mo let's start to do another . one oh man they keep breaking off really . cool but kind of weak and for the last . no ball gadget boom we got here snowball . maker and a launcher at the same time . scoop bunch of snow close it all the way . then you open it click it all the way . and then you can lunch it now bad let's . tie this again . okay let's start to watch it keep . shooting it down for somebody gotta . elicit right here . load it up and look now let's seal this . a bit here there you go nice flow a . little bit higher okay one last time . fuck it down and then let's lunch it. whoa this one went far okay i'm learning . how to launch it a lot better . well guys that's pretty much it i'm . gonna continue plane and snow because it . only happens around here once in a while . but when it does it's a lot so hopefully . you enjoyed this video please thumbs up . if you liked it don't forget to . subscribe and i'll see you next time . .
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