7 Dog Gadgets Put to the Test – Part 6

8 Dog Gadgets put to the Test - https://youtu.be/QyasWipzP58
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What's up everybody stuffin she could . stop it oh my gosh anyway safety is . number one priority and i'm here with . luke and hugenay getting so excited . right now i cannot believe he just jump . on me he got jealous over luke so why am . i over here they're looking hyuga . because we're gonna put to the test . doggy got cheeks i know they excited . look at them jumping all over for the . first gadget i got here a treat . dispenser you can hang it on your leash . and when your dogs do good like make you. you can load it right here and then . shoots off so let's see how it works you . open it up . load up your dog tate's in here the dog . states have to be relatively small . okay let's pop it back in boom okay now . let's go test it out see if it's . actually going to work okay let's see if . he likes it you click it like this put . one tail in there load it up and should . one he couldn't even see it flying away . they know it's there so they will listen . now they cannot get look at him sitting . i didn't ask you to sit look i didn't . ask you to sit wait you go sit stay okay . let's see if he sees it and catches it . stay as if he catches us he couldn't . even see it he's like ah he can't even . see it flying so i don't know guys . well guys it's a great idea i love the . tea dispenser for luke to cage you got . doesn't catch as much but luke always. catch stuff in the air but i guess it's . a little bit too small for him he . doesn't even see it flying out or maybe . it flies out too fast whoa . maybe it will work for your dog but for . luke and hyuga does not work that well . for this gadget it's a cover for your . suv if you let your dogs . in the mud in a dog park or something . you don't want to let them jump in the . pond and like flood out your car but . check this out this is how it's supposed . to look like i love this material out . here it's a little for me kind of . material so that way it does not slide . it sticks to the floor let's put it on . and adjust and i will love this fold out . because when the dogs jumped in on the . car they always scratch this bumper so . that will prevent it from it so they . jump in you can cover it up all right . let's see if luke and hugo likes it . we're gonna open that up let's go in a . car come on cool boys you guys like it . look at that and they pretty muddy right . now and it looks like they enjoying this . they enjoin it a lot so then look at. that hole that modest kitchen then i can . close this together and just close them . steak steak and boom look in here you go . over there. stayin in staying put and not making my . car muddy . except here they might jump out if they. feel like it they bubbly will jump out . in a second look they don't even want to . come out he said okay let's go what are . you waiting for . they won't even muddy they was just . running on a little bit wet dirt but . sometimes they run in the rain and they . get super market that will catch . everything and for this gadget check . this out this is a stretchable dog seed . blocker you know a lot of times the dog . tried to jump all right when you drive . in and it's really distracting you don't . want to get in a car accident so if you . have the dog that always jumps while. you're driving on you maybe you want to. get one of this blockers say clip the . bottom and summer to the bottom . then the top end goes into here on your . c test and same thing edge here and now . you got yourself seed black out here so . the dogs cannot jump on your phone seat . let's see if it's actually going to work . let's go come on . good job hugo come on look you chump . come on come on you can do it fine i'll . help you come on come on and then go . here's luke and there's hugo that black . out here luke come on get to the front . seat come on let's see if you can get to . the front seat luke hey look he's . excited about the tough luke he jumped . over anyway hugo what's going on you . wanna climb up here too come on look . no okay what are you doing come on go . back go back go back . come on yeah you know what maybe it's . for this smaller dog this little block . not for the big dog because he jumped . over quite easily so i don't know maybe . i need to like figure it out something . else because this thing for luke was not . a problem you could just excited about . something else over there by the way i . remember a week ago i put to the test to . poo . doggy bed and guess what you guys still . chewed up over here some other stuff but . not his doggy bed so is this one look at . that and this one he did not chew any of . them up so it worked now my dogs can . have a bed because before that any other . of doggy beds he would tell him up so . definitely recommend this doggy beds if . you dog. love chewing them up i know but your dog . but huskies are so hyper they would jump . out of the window . open like this out of the moving vehicle . so you gotta be really careful so this . gadget supposed to prevent it boom check . this out it looks like a little jail for . your dog so it's like he . into your window like this let's see if. it's going to be big enough do you see . how it slides in into the window pretty . good . boom then we can stretch it out to the . the whole window and it pops it inside . of the door okay let's go up a little . bit . there you go and this can go inside of . the window on top out here can probably . go up a little bit more just put it . together so that way it could not come . out and you got yourself a live in the . open all the way so that way the dog . cannot come out or jump out and check . this out. now he can be in the car look out of the . window and smell a lot of air going into . the car without wearing the dog jumping . out of it it's pretty doable looks like . it cannot come out so if your dog loved . to jump out of the car you can just put . up this gadget so that way it cannot . come out look it's pretty doable i like . it and they can enjoy all that fresh air . all they want without worrying them . getting off the car usually i would have . to open the window this much otherwise . you put his phone pass out here and . tried to jump out so i can only open it . this much so he doesn't jump out while . we driving on a highway or some for this . gadget i got here a pretty crazy water . bottle check this out one compartment . holds food and the other compartment . holds water how cool is that and at the . same time i'd here there's a bottle . opener but for the dry compartment you . open it up to get all your food air . comes to do a collapsible bowl let's see . if luke and hugo go into like this it's . a little bit too small of a boat for him . okay there you go . a little bit too small but looks like . this yeah not too bad at all and to get . food out all you have to do is just open . this compartment stop it and put some . stop it and put some food in here that's . definitely a ball a little bit too small . for him but look this is how you put . food enough just like that luke is not . hungry well let you go eat look you know . way of a carmel go away hugo will eat . anytime . so as you can see it works pretty good . that way you can feed your dog on the . road no problem maybe i'll just get a . bigger bowl or something look at them . they both eaten now all i have to do is . just close it and put some more water . and food for the next time i can't . believe he's eating out of this tiny . pore no problem what do you guys think i . think it's a really cool idea put some . water and food in here so if you have to . drive summer for four hours no problem . for this gadget i've got your claw guard . it's a giant plastic screen or whatever . you want to call it a shield that you're . going to hand on your door as you can . see they get early excited when i get . home and a sketch up the door so hard . even side of the wall look at that this . is all all the stuff they did it so what . you can do is get this film and just put . it on your door like this now they won't . be able to scratch this spot let's see . if it's actually going to work okay . let's see how they got terry out when a . knock on the door . [applause]. so do you think it helps they still jump . all over this side as well protect . someone of the door they're so funny all . right guys that's pretty much it let me . know in comments below which gadget was . your favorite thank you for watching . don't forget to thumbs up this video . subscribe and i'll see you next time . .
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