7 Wine Gadgets Test

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What's up everybody welcome back tomorrow to oversee safety is number-one priority and today i'm going to do fun male unboxing video this year and back scheme full of gajic for my pen advent sookie sound you also have a youtube channel check it out links in description and if you like kitchen i'll go ahead and subscribe malik yrs got this work this is a ko pump wine opener i wonder how this work this is so cool probably got to use the safety in case it falls off look at that that's a little pump oh look there's a need oh this is so awesome let's see how it works i just put it like this and then i push it in like this war and then i just pump with you gotta put safety one in cases pops a good guess i gotta hold it well this is awesome it's lifting up my guess whoa pop like crazy this is awesome look at that who scared me a little bit be careful though this is it was shot and not to take the card only have to do just pull it out that boom done wow this is the coolest ok come on i'm kinda whoa hey just pops it out this is so awesome i love it got here this kind of got to decide whole look at that so weird whoa interesting i wonder how it works with this was supposed to stick it the light between the quark and push it to just like that you see that and we're going to push it down like this all the way dark man kinda difficult yeah and then we're going to twist it and pull it up war that works so well i never seen a design like that this is so cool i think i can pull it out now wall this is so awesome never seen the design / wide open knowledge god but it works super well i loved it ok let's check out the next gadget looks like first of all we supposed to put it like that one and just just good on like this i guess he go yep just going to screw it on like that let's look cool actually and boom war look at that there is a little ball actually lifted the quote up so you don't even have to lift anything wore this is awesome this is so cool so now how kind of wicked date of the work i guess we hold the clock like this and join it all the way out and it's going to be all-out war this is so cool ok this is how i can use it to open their this aside here but you call okay and then what i'm going to put it back in and then i'm just going to hold it like that and this open side here and then we're going to just spin it like that we'll see what happens ok this actually opens and then i put it in like this i guess im so confused how does this work oh that's it it's going in you see how it's going that's what we want to go in sideways they're just pull it out now or no okay right there you can see the quark is going up full and we opened it and coke is inside that's pretty cool and look up move it the other way and quote fill out awesome and never used elected wine gadgets so this is pretty cute let's see what it's all about pain the war against it comes with a bunch of stop this how you i guess a charger what else over here take a step yet plugs in over here and you just stand it like that and it will charge while it stands there and it goes nothing oh look at that oh wow and do open it again we should be on our way more this is our some no more startling opening the wine comes up for me put it in close it and then we push it in and that bulldog wow that was simple and then to block the cork just hold it and pushed it out wow this is the best this is so easy and the fastest whole wall looks like a player gun ok that goes nothing i guess you put it right on the down like that and start spinning and then what it's stuck i guess you pull it out and how did take out this thing they're like a roast option of something to adversity just pull it the other way and then recorded a lot of help that's funny you know what guys i think this is my favorite wine opener gadget because look at this there's a needle you built it to and then you pump it up and inside pool air pressure just pops out the quote i never seen anything like that and this is my favorite wine opener god you let me know in comments below which one is your favorite huge shout-out to edmond circus and for his channel links in description thank you for watching and i'll see you next time
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