$70 iPhone vs $700 iPhone

I found a $70 iPhone 7โ€ฆis it worth it over a $700 iPhone 7?
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- water bottle flip. challenge, we're doing it. here we go. (bottle thuds). first time. yes!. hey, what's up guys . it's keaton here. so i've got a crazy video for you today. basically i found a $70 iphone. 7, i don't even know how,. and i'm gonna be comparing. that to a $700 iphone, so,. i'm excited, let's do it!. this phone took like,. three weeks to arrive,. so it better be worth it. and honestly, i forgot. which is the $70 one. and which is the $700 one,. so we'll find out soon. but comment down below letting me know,. do you think number one is the real one. or number two is the real one . basically, the fake one is 70 bucks. you guys got that. so we're gonna quickly unbox these. and just kinda see what differs. cool. alright well, this is the real one. designed by apple in california. sweet. stickers, actual, oh that's nice. okay you've got everything. this is the real one. okay, so let's open the fake one now. the box. okay. designed by apple in california. do we get everything . do i get the stickers . no stickers; i'm upset. and then the iphone 7 is in here. oh, and there's a freebie!. there's a case on here already!. i don't want that. okay we got some accessor- oh no. no. that is not right. nope. that's not. but honestly for 70 bucks. i got a free case,. and well, they tried to put a. screen protector on a phone. i don't want that on my phone. alright. so right off the. bat, they weigh the same. the screen feels a little different. can you guys tell a difference . let me know in the comments. i think that looks pretty much the same. the back, camera looks the same. this is supposed to be gold,. and like i can def- i don't know. you guys let me know in the comments. if you guys can tell a difference. it's pretty close. $70 phone's looking badass. we got, everything's normal. alright so let's just. turn both of these on. black. yo, is there something. wrong with the screen . (laughs) there's something. wrong with the screen. why is the screen black . i guess that's why it's like 70 bucks. the fake one runs android. obviously, because like,. apple wouldn't do that. you know, they wouldn't sell a $70 phone. if they did, yo, hit me up, yo. hit your boy up. i would love that. cool, let's unlock both of them. woah, that looks pretty good. so i know i already did like. a video on this already,. but, these fakes get better over time. so, like, the first. one i did was like, eh. the second one, this one, it's, wow. you can tell, like, it's definitely fugazi. if you looked at it, like, close. but like, quick glance on. like a craigslist deal,. you might be fooled. let me know in the comments right now. what you guys think of this. this $70 phone right here. isn't that bad, like,. wow. for running android,. this is pretty quick, on like, wow. - [siri] what can i help you with . - [keaton] the world, siri. hi, how are you . alright, siri doesn't. work on the fake phone. woah, yo yo yo yo yo, check this out. i just found this. this is like an android. phone, but it's got like,. iphone everything on it. there's a back in like. windows button on here,. like a menu. like, i can feel it. you guys see that . like, i'm not even hitting. the home button here. and it's letting me see like the window. that's kinda cool. if the real iphone had, like,. two extra invisible buttons here,. i know i did a video on this. and you guys crushed that one. that's kinda cool. so i wanna find out which is better here. so we're gonna use the. $70 one and take a photo. doesn't look that bad. (camera shutter). uh. okay, alright. now we're gonna do this one, the real one. you guys tell me in the. comments what you think. the $70 one, or the $700 one. the home button on like, the $70 one. isn't as good as this one,. and like, i don't mean,. like, it can't go home. it sometimes just sticks. or sometimes calls siri. and is like, yo girl, what's good. like, no siri, i don't. wanna talk to you right now. let's check out messages,. see what this looks like. it's not bad. that's not bad at all. hey. oh, nope, that's bad. okay, i'm gonna try that one more time. hey, i'm keaton,. and i'm seven years old. uh, it got most of it right. we'll try it over here. hey, i'm keaton, and i'm. seven years old. okay, this isn't totally bad though. the last thing that i wanna find out is. if this $70 one's speakers. sound as good as the $700 one's. i listen to music a lot, and. we're gonna be checking out. lil uzi vert's "do what i want". let me know in the comments. if you guys like lil uzi. i've just been starting. to like, listen to him,. so i'm liking him a lot. alright, we'll go with the real one first. full volume. (hip hop music). hey i've got some dance moves!. (hip hop music continues). okay, it sounds pretty good. now for the $70 one. (hip hop music). okay, it doesn't sound too bad. just not as loud as the other one. that's not bad at all. so, like, after all this, i gotta say. the $70 one is the most worth it. this isn't that bad. the buttons on here are. like, actually pretty good. the camera is, like, whatever. you can still take a photo and. people will know what your photo was of. the speakers aren't that bad. you are saving so much. money by getting this. you could legit buy ten of these vs. that. yeah, simple math. and no one's gonna really know. that this is like, a fake phone. like, i like it a lot. so yeah guys, that's pretty. much it for this video. if you guys want me to do, like,. another one of these,. be sure to drop a like. thanks so much chad for. watching this one, dude. i love you man. and if you guys are new around here,. make sure you get subscribed. i upload a like, a brand. new video every single day. so, just do that and. turn notifications on. and, i'm gonna just use this one now. oh, dude i broke it. oh my god i broke it. now i really gotta use the $70 one. (hip hop music). i get it. i did the dance right. .

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