Anti-Soggy Cereal Spoon

The future is now, thanks to SCIENCE!!! Never eat soggy cereal again with the amazing milk injecting cereal spoon.
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Are you tired of finding dead things in . the bottom of your giant bowl of cereal . because there was so much milk that . stuff drowned and died and by the time. you got to the bottom it was a skeleton . we're gonna build a solution to that . problem. thanks to alex's it's to alex and . possessive from patreon we're gonna . build a spoon that injects it's the . wrong word applies and now to present. the cad model i present mr. bones hey . kids it's me mr. bones and here is the . cad model this is actually i think this . sim one of the simpler things we've done . a single mount with the peristaltic pump . and the cap of the water bottle being . held the battery will figure out later . that's future means problem the button . that turns it on is also a future museum . but i think this is the most complicated . part and it's only one piece so it's. laser time that get employed i need . better organization take everyone on the . other head of cameras agreeing with me . [applause]. [music]. don't want to break that one this fits . pretty well there this i'm a little . worried about break this good news just . move a laser cutter their disposal may . have to cut that a little bit hear the . creaking cracking i mean it's going no i . can a hammer it it's gonna explode if we . camera yeah we just glue that on right . now what if we but if we mess it up too . bad okay . [music]. so that's glued what part should . actually check make sure this is gonna . fit and we drill some holes into there . into this wood to hold that into place . and then this fits man i really should . have tested this stuff before gluing . nice it's really not that bad the pump . will fit right there okay cut all right . like that came together really fast i . actually don't really know what i'm. doing right now . i just been drill holes i had lined it . up a little bit different we didn't do a . perfect job measuring this but whatever . [music]. looks good that's great good job good . job everyone . i was good you know ah hmm i don't know . where my tiny . [music]. i need to like burn this whole house . down and start over just cracking just . ripping the plywood apart screwing into . the edge of the plywood was not a good . idea hey it looks pretty good how do we . want to do how do we want to do the . silicon through the cap what are you. what do you think internet viewer do you . have any advice leave it in the comments . oh we may doesn't work like that i don't . know is it gonna fall out we have to . glue it let's do a test you want some . cereal but you need some milk . on that bite so yeah we went backwards . [applause]. it's done peristaltic pump four double a . batteries silicon hose water bottle zip . ties superglue a little crumby button i . have yet to actually test this . let's take a moment to talk about our . lord and savior peristaltic pump i . showed my friend tom this video and he's . like you should say what a peristaltic . pump is so we're gonna do that parasol's . pump is a pump but but it doesn't touch . anything it just milks or squeegees the . tube running through with these little . rollers it can accurately move fluid . through if you've got like a stepper. motor or an encoded motor you can . predict how much liquid is going to come . out it's used in medical industry and . other stuff where you don't want the. pump to actually touch the fluid and get. cross-contamination so the tube is the . only thing that juice the juice is going . and there you go tom i hope i hope that . was good dude i don't think it was hello . neighbors is it just you or you sleeping . did we wake you up we have an invention . that we need you to test okay actually . got hold it hold it in this hand hold . the ball hold it like kinda like that . i'll go like you hold a pencil . it's like absolutely good button that's . the scoop some cereal that works . perfectly actually it tastes exactly . like normal cereal. there's our antacid it's not soggy it's . no it's not soggy yeah i can't we need . that bye hey alan you know what i hate . about november what when your cereal get . soggy. [music]. how convenient. who wants to go first who are you shut. up sunita cereal if it's also wearing a . different shirt we ruin the continuity . well i've got a spoonful of cereal here . but i don't have a bowl of milk is the . button okay oh we make this is what i . was complaining about november beam it . up you have any mouth well that is . something already build this i mean it's. not a bad it's the user the fella okay . that's actually pretty cool but i feel . like you need some cereal here otherwise. it overshoots here i'm gonna put in your . mouth while i squirt it you just got up . [applause]. i'm back into the correct shirt but at . the end of the video i'm gonna eat soup . out of the spoon wait but first thank . you to diana physics girl and . sufficiently advanced alan pan for . testing the spoon out and if you want . stickers there cat - i don't know man . leave a comment you think it's gonna . work i'm gonna make a huge mess yeah . both of those things mmm . .
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