Apple iPhone X Unboxing!

iPhone X is finally here. This is the unboxing and... second impressions.
iPhone X First Impressions:
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[music]. welcome to the unboxing hey what's up . guys i'm kip ehd here and this is the . one we've been waiting for this is the . one i told you to skip iphone 8 for this . is the one that represents the future of . apple smartphones this is iphone 10 and . while it doesn't say x anywhere on the . front of the box people are pretty much . always going to call this one the x i've . just accepted that so this is your first . look at the unboxing experience and . spoiler it's pretty much exactly the . same as iphone 8 was and almost every . other iphone headphones adapter stickers . that's all in the box but i guess it's a . good thing there's no surprises here so . you can see right here off the bat it's . a really shiny chrome ii reflective . phone this is the silver one and you can . see how shiny the sides are the space . gray one though is a bit more toned down . and so the only thing that was actually . new during the setup of iphone 10 is now . you set up face id during first boot . instead of the fingerprint touch id but . yeah this is brand new and it's been a . couple weeks since we last saw this . phone at that apple event so seeing it . again for the second time is kind of a . reminder of all the things that are new . about this thing obviously the biggest . difference is the display up front the . 5. 8 inch oled corner-to-corner screen . that fits in a footprint smaller than . the iphone 8 plus which has a smaller. screen so naturally pretty much all the . focus is going to be on that and the . notch at the top and how apps handle it . etc and i can tell you that aside from . all the incompatible apps i've come. across that are going to have to get . updated my experience with the display . panel itself have been pretty decent so . far it's bright its contrast ii well . calibrated definitely not oversaturated . like some old leds can be and just . handling and playing with this phone in. the studio here for the first time it's . answered some immediate questions that i. had about it from the last video so . first of all since there's no home. button obviously you have that swipe up . gesture to go home but we were wondering . how do you take a screenshot that is . power and volume up so that's the new . screenshot combo for iphone 10 and then . since holding the power button now goes . to siri how do you turn the phone off . well it's gonna be long pressing the . power button and volume up key and . that'll get you to see that power off . menu so those are two new key combos to . memorize there and then of course i was . reminded of how many gestures they're . hard now to memorize obviously when you . get rid of a button there's a whole . bunch of swiping and gestures to replace . it so there's a multitasking and app . switching motions which are pretty. similar but both kind of useful in their . own way depending on how you use the . phone really that's on top of a screen . shot and power off combos plus long . holding the power button for siri and . double pressing it for apple pay but . basically there's a lot going on and if . you're gonna make a phone that's all . screen obviously you have to be able to . do it all without a lot of buttons . anyway one of the biggest differences . between iphone 8 and iphone 10 is the . new front facing camera suite up at the . top in that notch the ir blaster the . depth sensor etc and all that enables a . couple of new things with this phone . number one is obviously face id the . setup like you saw was pretty quick and . painless and it's been working pretty . well since then for unlocking my phone . and i've only really had this phone for . a day like the rest of press but so far . in this time it's been fine and it works . as advertised as far as being smart and . not easily spoofed you can see the . little lock under the time when the . phone is locked and basically instead of . placing your fingerprint the phone will . not unlock until you look at the phone . like you did during the setup process . and then once you do it's pretty quick . to unlock you can see the little thing . open and then you can swipe up to open . your phone and sure enough it doesn't. work with a picture of you it doesn't . work when you're looking away it doesn't . work when your eyes are closed it just . basically waits until it sees what it. saw during that set up process and it's . good to go so no you your girl can't . unlock your phone while you're asleep . with your eyes closed for those of you . who are wondering that i do have some . further thoughts on this face id versus . touch id though so stay tuned for that . in an upcoming video and i do want to . see if i can pull it with identical . twins maybe just out of curiosity anyway . with the new notch you also get a new . front facing camera complete with selfie . portrait mode messing around with it it . seems pretty average interestingly . enough that pixel 2 that i've been . testing seemed way more like confident. with the front facing camera portraits . than the iphone 10 now there's no doubt . both of these will get better with time . and software updates but just from . turning on portrait mode switching the . front-facing camera and snapping a . picture these are the types of results . you're gonna get . there's a pretty big difference between . the two if you ask me especially if . you're looking at edges and hair and . things like that and sometimes the . iphone just didn't want to blur the . background at all just got really picky . about the lighting but that's something . again we'll be testing a lot more for . the full review of this phone oh yeah . and the new front facing camera suite . will get you and emojis so yeah you can . see in these an emoji is the physics of . things moving around is actually pretty . on point so if you're into it you can . you can map your face to a cartoon . animal head and send it to someone in . imessage but you still can't edit tweets . though so overall there's a lot to test . with the iphone 10 now that i have it in . my hands finally as a matter of fact. definitely leave your thoughts right . below that like button with things you . want to see in the full review most . likely things like battery life camera . quality app performance all that good . stuff but don't let me miss anything . but until then definitely get subscribed . for the upcoming videos on the channel . thanks for watching . yeah i'll talk to you guys the next one . peace . [music]. .
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