Australien Skies 2 – Exclusive Premiere

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Australien Skies 2 Out Feb 20th:
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My name is don mears i'm a documentary . filmmaker i'm on my way to interview ufo . contactee lem freni . now liam appeared in the first . australian sky's film of claims of ufo . sightings black helicopters and . government cover-ups however according . to liam is only the tip of the iceberg . as liam rich is a crossroad with this . phenomenon we'll ask the question is it . extraterrestrial contact or government . conspiracy or is it something far more . stranger this is what we're chasing this . is australian scares to contact of . interest. [music]. [music]. [music]. hey guys hey going my name's don mears . i'm the director of dojo media and. welcome to australian skies to contact . of interest i'm hearing kiama which is a . lovely coastal town about two hours . south of sydney new south wales and i'm . here to meet a ufo contactee by the name. of liam freeman now in the first film . there was always a reluctance to . attribute what these objects were in the . sky that people were filming and rightly . so . however with liam he was always adamant. that what was happening to him was . otherworldly and when i asked him why he . was so certain in this his response was . look these objects in the sky just the . tip of the iceberg . it's what starts to happen to you after. you form these things that's what will . convince you so as a result he's invited . us to karma to have a bit of a chat . about some of these strange things now . to make the film of the crew here i've . also got a good friend of mine and . fellow filmmaker attila county i tell is . here not just because of his technical . ability but because himself also . experienced some of these strange things . that lien's perhaps of experience and i . thought it might be interesting to get . the two of them together to meet so . there you have it . what's the next step past these objects. in the sky what's the next deal what's . the next level with the road . am i supposed to find out those answers. we're gonna have to follow me . apparently is down on the jetty some way . [music]. [applause]. [music]. catch anything only with the camera . night. oh did you say . [music]. [music]. my name is liam freni i'm 42 years old . married two children and i live in coma . in new south wales australia i had a job . i work hard full-time . i'm from new zealand we've moved to . australia in 2008 and we've been here . ever since . so yeah it's a lovely spot we have moved . to obviously there isn't one sitting in . this chair . something dramatic changed for me and. 2013 i basically saw a ufo and sort of . dramatically changed the way i look at . life before that time i never gave the . subjects or these ufos or anything like . this any thought that wasn't part of my . life but since 2013 has had quite a big . impact on my life whole thing started . march the 18th 2013 the things started . to change three months beforehand i . started getting uh sort of a funny . feeling that i should be looking at the . sky so i bought some binoculars but they . weren't just your normal binoculars they . were astronomy binoculars of course and. they you almost needed someone else to . sort of help you carry them they were . pretty big and i started looking at the . sky during the day through them and was . looking you know on the edges of clouds . and i guess i by that stage i knew i was . looking for something and i think it was . a ufo i just was convinced i was gonna . see one my wife thought it was pretty . cool then i had another interesting life . she's like oh good on you and when she . asked me what i was looking for hours . like ufos she has all this great deer . you know . just a bit of a laugh but yeah little . did she know and what was she gonna find . out shortly the day happened it was . march the 18th so i found myself at . about one o'clock 1:30 sitting outside . the office having a coffee just sitting . in a chair just looking out at the sky . sort of southwest and i spotted this . sort of white what i thought at first . was a parachute just sitting in the sky . and i was looking at it for a while and . then a plane flew in front of it like a . big commercial plane and i realised that . it wasn't a parachute because this thing . was a long way behind the plane but yet . it was probably twice as big as the . plane so i then i was like wow this is . this is this is what i've been waiting . for this is it and it was all i could . describe it as it was spitting out these . bright lights and that was sort of all . floating around this big object and then. they came together in a diamond shape . but the moment they came together they . lit up it was like bush and lit up and . then they all dissipated away and . drifted around this big object and then . something strange happened a fighter jet . when intercepted this object and that . was the last i saw of it in the end the . plane that went to intercept it. you . exactly what the hell are they . son-of-a-gun . this is fair absolute gold. oh my god we've got it well then this is . a curiosity part i was waiting and . waiting and waiting and i was convinced . and then it happened so now you want to . know what it is and that's that was that . that was it for me i was like right i . need to find out what i've just seen. two of them. and furries on . some objects . occasionally lining up so i was ready . for the next one because i was you know . just like now i've seen it i need more i . need to see more i needed to figure out . what it was i go to work every day and . i'd set it up just in the office so it . was ready to go and it took five or six . weeks so i was at home by myself i think . it was a saturday and i was just . puttering around home when i had this. sort of overwhelming urge to get in the . car and drive up it's only five minutes . from home but i'm on top of this hill . have a look and within minutes of me . getting up there this huge craft . appeared. [music]. [music]. [music]. this is perfect. [music]. [music]. [music]. don't see it there's . look at this it's just sitting over . reclaimer . let's ful soone unfortunately i can't . get any close to it . she apis look at this . where is it going. friggin luster on camera . it's gone it's gone. as for liam he was introduced to me . through a mutual investigator who . invited me to come along and investigate . further exactly what it was that liam . was seeing in the sky . as for liam's technical ability within . modern day electronics doesn't know . anything about cameras he's got . absolutely no clue about computers he's . not up-to-date with software editing . software or anything like that he's in . the building industry he's nuts and . bolts he gets dirty he gets dusty that's . what he likes to do and that's all he's . ever done he's a family man you know . he's got a wife he's got kids he's got a . job he's got responsibilities he really . does so here's a guy that doesn't need . the attention you know it's not like . he's unemployed and he's got nothing . better to do this guy's got bills to pay . having seen all this footage it was . extremely intriguing and that led us on . the path of wanting to know what leann . was about my mum lives in new zealand so . i rang my mum to tell her some very . close with my mom and i we mom you're . gonna believe this saw this and it's . just incredible you know and i'm gonna . go out and look for them and she said . can you do something for me she goes . don't go out at night by yourself and i . went it was a bit strange you say well . that's a weird thing to see but she said . don't go out at night by yourself it's . always thought there's strange . here and since then my mum and i've had . lots of talks about them and she's told . me a few stories herself from where we . grew up in new zealand that she said it . was a bit of a hot spot apparently a lot . of people would see strange crafts and . lights in the sky and she's since told . me quite a few different stories of . sightings that she's had but each one. started with i think i always saw one . once . [music]. often thought about after that speaking . of mum i wonder if my dad had ever seen . any but unfortunately he passed away a. year before this happened so uh i didn't . get a chance to talk to him about has . maybe involvement or if he'd ever seen . anything cuz he had a military . background it was in the british . military but i can see i had no idea if . he knew anything about it or saw . anything he never talked about he didn't . talk about anything to be fair about . what he did in the military at all . pretty much not once so that's as far as . i know i can't i don't have anything but . jeepers i'd love to ask i would love to . ask. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. [music]. i'd say 90% of the things i see during . the day and i'm very very really go . ahead at night i wasn't first at night . but essentially heavy for me during the . day and the beautiful blue sky and so . basically it's it's always been . [music]. [applause]. [music]. when you're climbing always have three . points of contact on the on the surface . all right so let's take it easy on . location with years i grew up in a . really small town and middle of the . south island new zealand about his past . and yeah it was it was mountainous . basically obviously here's what we . schooled there but when you enter school . you were out on your own exploring and . your parents sort of just left you to it . be at home for dinner from a very young . age so my dad was a pretty big mountain . climber he had this listen urge to climb. the highest mountains he could find so . he climbed them in new zealand and then . he discovered the himalayas and so year . he went one in the himalayas quite . simple mountains over mount everest and. yeah and the spec of the ages so it was . just a tough amount of men fed obviously . great de
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