Avoiding Common PC Building Traps – Episode 1

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What are some common pitfalls of building your own PC, and how do you avoid them?
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Has there ever been a better time to build your own pc i mean it's gotten to the point where diy enthusiasts have used the phrase lego for adults to describe how simple it's become but nonetheless there are still quite a few common pitfalls that the novice builder and even some experienced ones still fall into so what are a few things that married a little extra attention when picking parts or during the building process itself to save you a ton of headaches down the line well since part of the reason that building pc's is easier these days is because components are becoming more and more power-efficient we will start with a tip on power supplies don't cheap out on your power supply and i i don't mean avoid a well rated power supply from a reputable manufacturer just because it's on sale if you can find such a deal go for it but i'm talking about instead is finding out that your rig only needs 250 or 300 watts of power and deciding it's okay to go for some bargain basement unit with questionable packaging from a brand-new never heard of way too often these are made with cheap unreliable components that can't even deliver the amount of power advertised without failing sparking or even explode if that happens not only will you be out whatever you spent on the psu it can also damage whatever you have plugged into it meaning hundreds of dollars down the drain but let's say you've gotten a nicer power supply anyway because you want to multi-gpu setup and you made sure that the motherboard you picked has enough pci express slots to support multiple cards you should be ready to go right wrong if you're going with nvidia sli the motherboard needs an sli certification so unless it specifically indicates it's compatible with the level of sli you desire it probably isn't even if it has multiple pci express slots but if you're more of an amd fan and you want crossfire things will be a little easier for you as crossfire technology doesn't need anything other than the aforementioned pci express slots so you've got the right power supply and motherboard and are busying yourself getting everything installed in your case and suddenly you here at clattering noise one of those tiny screws has slipped off your screwdriver and is trapped somewhere in your case possibly under the motherboard if this happens don't be tempted to just leave it there and deal with it later metal screws conduct electricity so if they touch the traces on the underside of your motherboard they can cause electrical shorts that could permanently fry your system in fact part of the reason we use motherboard standoffs is to keep those traces from touching the metal part of the case which prevents electrical mishaps so make sure you retrieve those loose screws before turning anything on and by the way yes you can use a magnetic screwdriver to do this as the magnetic force is not great enough to damage your components even hard drives finally to round things out here's one from the simple thing that's easy to forget department screwing your graphics cards many gpus especially higher-end models are heavy enough to put a significant amount of torque on the pci express slot that they're plugged into fortunately it's easy to avoid this simply by screwing the car bracket into your case but this is very easy to overlook which can actually lead to the cards wait ripping out the pcie slot entirely i have seen this damaging both the card and forcing you to buy a whole new motherboard which has happened to people when they're gpu popped out when they were trying to plug in a cable now there are some other boards on the market with reinforced pcie slots to help keep this from happening but those can be pretty expensive so the best thing to do is just be mindful of these little details so your dream rig doesn't turn into a nightmare so what are the some of the things that you wish you had known before building your first pc let us know in the comments i'd also like you guys 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