BEST Black Friday Tech Deals 2017!

Shout-out to Canon for sponsoring today's video! Use the Code BLACKFRIDAY17 to save an additional $100 off the Canon EOS 70D Black Day Bundle until November 27th! Link:
It's that time again! Time for the best time of year for awesome tech deals. We have a great list from cameras, tv's, gaming, and more!

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Sony MDR-1000x:
Jaybird x3:
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Caption: What's going on guys the travers . consumer and black friday is almost here . and you know what that means . booze girls so you know we all love some . discounts so i'm gonna be letting you . guys know some of the best tech deals. that i could possibly find online right . here in this video but first we've got . to give a huge shout-out to our sponsor . canon who actually has some pretty nice . discounts themselves and poof here we . have one of canons bundles for black . friday. featuring the canon eos 70d now this . camera has a very very special place in . my heart because this is one of the . cameras that i started off with and i . loved it and the bungle also has some . other cool stuff like the 70 to 300 . millimeter lens so this is a telephoto . lens so if you're trying to get really . close to a subject you're gonna be able . to do that with this guy and it also . comes with a speed light for 30 ex3 . which is actually something that i did a . video of my very first video on i did . the second one this is the third one i . did the second one it was a car listen . that was that's a pretty bad video guys . so when you combine all three this is . the beast that you get out of it you've . got an awesome dslr which is great for. video i personally really love that you . get some really great colors autofocus . is awesome and you also get this crazy . lens so you can get those close-up shots . like i mentioned and if you're doing . photography you've got just serious . serious flash right here the bundle also . comes with a 16 gigabyte sd card as well . as this awesome awesome bag to carry . everything in so this bundle pretty much. comes with all of the essentials that . you'll need to get started and i think . you'll save about 300 bucks but if you . use the code black friday 17 you'll save . an additional hundred bucks which means . you'll get 400 bucks off the entire deal . as somebody who used the canon 70d for a . long time i think that this is a great . deal you're only gonna be able to find . it on the canon website so definitely . check the link down below in the . description if you want to check it out . so that was a good camera option but . let's talk a bit about gaming and first . up we've got an xbox one s and i think . you can find the xbox one s pretty . heavily discounted at a lot of different . places you can get it for about 180 . $9. 99 which i think is a really good . price and depending on where . pick it up you'll be able to get . different kind of bonuses from the . microsoft store you'll get a free game i . think that's from a select number of . titles and you also get one month of . game pass over at target you'll get the . same price but you get a $25 gift card . so you can either put that towards this . or something else at target so you got . that option and i think amazon just has . it straight up for font>. speaking of xbox you also got these guys . the customize control is from their . design labs you say 15 bucks on your . controller and considering that these . are customized controllers tuned to the . way you want it to be i think that's a . pretty good deal and as you can see . right here with these two controllers i . picked out the very design of this if . the teal didn't give it away but these . look great because i chose them and next . up we've got a playstation 4 slim which . i don't own but it is discounted at 200 . bucks right now it might be a good time . for me to pick one up . so i never went for it because i have . the regular ps4 and i went to the ps4 . pro either way thank you thank you . but yeah the black friday sale for the . ps4 slim is a one terabyte model for 200 . bucks which is $100 savings so that's . pretty nice and i believe you can get . them pretty much everywhere amazon . target gamestop all those places and you . can even pick up a dualshock 4 . controller for about 39 bucks. close to 40 bucks i feel like walmart . has some really nice colors available . that are only on walmart so you . definitely might want to check those out . but of course i'll have them all linked. down below and last but not least when . it comes to gaming there are some game . deals that are available there's stuff . like destiny 2 which just came out which . you can find for about 27 bucks which is . really nice and i think that even comes . with a figure ayari there's also horizon . zero dawn that are thinking and pick up . for like 20 bucks that is a great game . there's a ton of titles i'll be sure to . have as many links to as many games that . are discounted down below so be sure to . look down below for those links i'll . give away i have a code for destiny too . i'll give one away over on instagram . yeah so be sure to follow me on . instagram by the time you see this i'll . probably have a post for a giveaway so . be sure to stay tuned for that and now . let's talk a little bit about audio and . we'll start with one of my all-time . favorites the song . xb9 fifty and ones now this is top five . easily for me i love these headphones . and they retail for about 250 but you . can find them right now for our 179 99 . but i don't even think that's a black . friday deal i just think they're . straight-up discounted right now which. is nice that's something that sony does . quite a bit so this is an absolute steal . at that price because you're getting . amazing bass the bass is so good you're . getting noise cancelling you're getting . wireless bluetooth features all the good . stuff that you want in a headphone are . right hearing this baby . and speaking of sony headphones these. are the mdr 1000x . which typically reads up for 400 bucks. but now you can find them for black . friday for 228 dollars which is almost . 50% off and i think it's absolutely . worth it because these are one of the . best pair of headphones that i've ever . tried they have amazing noise cancelling . they have a ton of great features and . overall i think that they just look . really good i spoken about these quite a . bit on the channel so if you want to . learn more i have video links down below. in the description there is a mark 2 . version out right now but at this price . you just can't pass this up and the . brand that everybody loves to hate here . we have a pair of beats x these go for . just 100 bucks during black friday which. is a really really good deal not only do . these sounds really good but i like that . their design allows you to easily put . them around your neck into your ears . without you having to worry about them . falling out at all and not to mention . these have the w1 chip which means if. you have an iphone and other apple . products you'll be able to switch . between any of the products with only . pairing it one time but these are just a . very solid pair of headphones and i love . them and if you just can't bring . yourself to buy a pair of beats but you . still want wireless earbuds you can . always go with these the jaybird x . threes is usually needs up for close to . 200 bucks but you can find them now for . $100 which is this round same price . range sd beats x i actually did a video . comparing the jaybird x threes and the . beats x so if you need a little . something to help you choose i'll have . that video linked down below but this is . also a very good option you got 8 hours . of battery life . you got an app where you can customize . the sound these fit really well in the . ear and overall they're just a great . pair of earbuds so these are definitely . worth . look at and you know we got to talk . about some smart home gear so over here . we have the amazon echo dot and the . google home mini and these both retail . for about fifty bucks which is a really . good price but on black friday you're . gonna be able to find these for $30 and . at target and best buy if you get a . google home mini you'll also be able to . get a $10 gift card when you purchase it . which pretty much brings it down to $20 . which is mind-boggling and even if . you're not big on using these for smart . home stuff you can always just ask it . questions that reminders make it call . someone you know there's a lot of good . features that come with these things . very very good options and before we . were talking about the xbox one s and . that has 4k capabilities but you might . not have a 4k television so here are . some pretty nice deals samsung actually . has a 49 inch television that's going . for and that's actually a pretty . good deal because you've got hdr and 4k . built into it which is pretty much the . standard that you want to go for when . you're picking up a tv nowadays and if . you want to take it to the next level . and you want to get an oled tv lg . actually has a 55 inch version that's . retailing for $1500 and that may sound . like a lot but if you saw the prices of . oled tvs you know that's a good deal . but i know tvs are a hot item for black . friday so i'll be sure to include these . as well as a few more that i come across . down below in the description i'll make . sure to update the description with more . links as i find them they might not even . be mentioned in this video but if i see . a good deal i'll be sure to keep that . list updated and a deal that i found . that i actually really like is for the . samsung gear s 3 frontier edition and . you're gonna be able to find this for . $70 off which brings it down to . and while that may sound like a lot for . a smartwatch trust me i think it's . absolutely worth it this is one of my . favorite smartwatches ever pairing it . with a galaxy device like my node 8 . really ups the experience and honestly i . like it so much that i sometimes pair it . to my iphone because i just can't let it . go so if you've been waiting for the . price to drop on this now's the time i . definitely think it's worth it and i bet . you didn't expect this one but there's . even some discounts on apple products . b&h is actually having a bunch of sales . on the macbook pros with touch bar i . believe there's a late 2016 models but . that's what i currently still use so . that's not. problem they're really heavily . discounted and i think they have a few . bundles one of those bundles is a . 15-inch macbook pro touch bar that also . comes with a year of microsoft 365 as . well as these jbl bluetooth earphones. which typically goes for twenty four . hundred dollars but you'll be able to . find them for just eighteen hundred . dollars which is a $600 savings if . you're student looking to get a macbook . pro you'll definitely want to hit a bnh . they got some really good deals and . while we're on the topic of computers . bnh has another sale for a 32 inch lg 4k . monitor and this is a pretty good deal. because you save 200 bucks and it brings . it down to i think that's a . great deal for 4k monitor especially at . 32 inches that's a big old screen and . last but not least we've got the amazon . fire hd 8 which typically goes for a . hundred bucks. but with black friday sales we're . getting it for just 50 bucks and you can . find this over at best buy and amazon i . have $50 that's an amazing deal and the . hd 10 is going down to a hundred bucks . so if you're someone who wants a tablet . but you just don't want to spend a lot . of money or maybe you even want to get . it for a child you can definitely pick . these up without breaking the bank those . are really great deals but that about . wraps it up for this video guys . hopefully you found some of these useful . like i said definitely pay attention to . the description because i'm gonna have . links to everything and the stores that . have the best deals but i'll also be . sure to keep it updated with things that . i find throughout the week so you're . gonna want to check back in even after . you've watched this video because there . might be even more deals later so . hopefully you guys enjoyed it if you did . be the cool guy or girl that gives this . video a thumbs up i'm gonna catch you . guys in the next one till then is your . average consumer piece somebody go buy . me something please peel boxes in my . about page . .

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