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I love to hate the Hazard Fraud. It saddens me to say, they got the Earthquake stubby impact right. This is the thinnest 1/2" stubby at 3.9", it's got plenty of jam and it's nicely built.. Early access
Jeff man welcome back to the shop today . a treat as buzzy alley earthquake xdq . alarm theft inspected . something-something . thick black time offer frog snacks . tunnel eight ping gates bang gaze my . first instinct time a we head . rambunctious for the meth lab packaging. on this head and shoulders better than . it used to be not even a whiff offshore . stank no shrimp ramen noodle durian in . the sun countenance ture it's all you . know the word hero gets thrown around a. lot you get that in your dirty dick . beater . she ain't keen bag it no what the . how come i can oh that's why i can't see . jesus get rid of them and that stirring . bar set my teeth on edge so we'll turn . down the experiment here this thing if i . was snap-on or mac i'd be running scared . this just the look over a while. she's a she's a lot better than . they used to be as i said hero gets the . lord hero gets thrown around a lot when . the little mark here i don't know where . that came from . as i was measuring before i got ahead of . myself. stem to stern she's four inches that's . average let's separate as my buddy says. might be but three inches but it smells . more like a foot let's get right up in. we're pew late on the backside no dick . you're very likely wondering why i'm . extolling the virtues of a hazard fraud . tool right off the hop here it's because. it's because of the manufacturing if you . have a look at this very nice dark black . and i've been told that in order to get . this nice dark block you you can't put . glass fiber in it because it it shows . all gray where the stress points are but . what they do is they click carbon in . their carbon fibers graphite filler in . order to get that nice dark black and . then if you look at this look at the . mold half here that mold line is. absolutely fantastic all of the dab-dab . paths silkscreen printing . not teabag a little bit off here but not . right off in the rhubarb just off a . little bit looking at this . duuude if it wasn't for earthquake on . there you this could be very easily a. mac or a snap-on or an ingersoll rand or . a cp tool panhead torx fasteners mitrik . of course a little bit scabby on the end . there so these threads would be rolled . but when they shear off each each little . section there you can see it's cocked . over to one side like they didn't take . real care to make those fasteners not a . big deal but you can see as i said the . devil is in the details you can see it's . picking up material from the casement . there just because of that chowdhury . edge no do to buddhists they have upped . their game they're working to a higher . standard here now normally this is what . you want to see from offshore cheap . tools is there it's not right full of . grinding dust and general d'etre test . detritus it's a french word it teaches . so forgive my french accident but you . let me get in here well let's see this . valve you see this valve here forward . reverse and then for the throttle we can . see the throttle holes you can get in. there different throttle holes. just changes the size nice heavy detent . on that too it snaps right right in . already got some apprentice mark to her . there slot head fasteners come on come . on. it's mm then when are we 718 holy . we're living in the future oh i'm all . call it it's that corks stuffer de . bourgh this flawed head piece of . my buddy though oh i see i see blue . loctite hey holy it just keeps . getting better and better . oh that's interesting how's that okay so . one thing i see the trigger not much . meat on that and it's pivoted here just . at this little pin and there so very . likely you'll break that first the first. thing to go on this would probably be . the trigger i imagine you have a look at . that it is fairly stout feeling but yeah . if you're off set it is canting over . there here we got the rotating section . as witnessed by these markings . these are forged parts of course when . you need something strong tough as . and hard it needs to be forged if you . get centered but it just forged is the. strongest way you're ever going to get a . steel metal and we can see that by the . markings in here and also markings on . here this anvil or a rather hammer . appears to be the same mass as in the . other earthquake so it might be doing . double duty only in the other earthquake . double duty indeed there 69 dots i die . each what's what's the square root of 69 . 8 something and the power is transmitted . through this spline shaft not very proud . of there very little meat on there to . actuate it but the b . to you both the impacting mechanism is . this is constant torque through here and. it's just the the the whacking the the . frequency of the whacking what gives you . the torque you're not getting five . hundred foot-pounds out of the air motor . you're only getting five hundred . foot-pounds on on the fastener because . you're doing one of these moving right . along jamming that wedge in there loaded . well not loaded full of moly disulfide. paste but we see it is separating some . base oil they're coming out of her and . yeah it is moly disulfide that grease so . that like graphite forms hexagonal rings . and then they're they're flat so they . slide on each other same thing with . molybdenum disulphide they're flat . platelet type mineral and it's really. really lubricity and it gets into the . pores of all the metal on the front . housing here nice die cast aluminium a . little nick there from somebody bitten a . little aggressive with a hatchet muna . and actual shock absorbing buna and . gasket boonen . is a nitrile rubber it's a trade name be . you in a slash or - and i think it's a . parker trade name actually i'm not not . entirely sure it could be the . manufacturer of the materials trade now . steel bushing no seal and we see that . it's starting tomorrow a tiny bit have a . look at that yeah so it has been run in . well as witnessed by the spatter pattern . here on the single hammer now we get . into the motor section here this is an . air motor so we have in behind the vanes . we have pressurized air in order to make . sure that they fly out and seal proper . you can see this part has sat around for . a while you know wet environment . starting to get some corrosion spots on . here. other than that though very nicely . turned and this is actually it looks . like a powdered metal part . is its steel but it's not let me make . sure it's steel yeah that's an. interesting part but it's also been . turned yeah that's definitely steel wow . pricey part that so centered or cast. that can't be look at it it's got to be . got to be centered . yeah powdered metal rather got to be . powdered metal which would entail being . centered but then i turned all how many . processes was that wow that's that's a . pricey part made out of steel no less so . here's the motor rotor which contains. the veins the veins fly out and seal up . and make little chambers so we go from . depending on where the valve is we go . from the inlet over here and then chooch . over to the outlet you see it's biased . in the forward direction so the torque . no it's biased in the reverse direction . so you got more torque in reverse . because this exhaust outlet is over . cocked over so you have more more time . for the pressurized fluid in this case. air to act on these vanes and get this . thing spin of a thing and so a motor . housing again diecast aluminium and it's . quite a bit nicer than we previously saw . in the earthquake they've actually cham . feared or d purred these ports and then . also these ports the inlet ports very. nicely deibert and big lots of meat . there to get air rushing through there . that yeah they're doing a lot better one . thing i will say though they're handling . there yeah the factory handling of the . bearings is not particularly. skookum there's some shmoo in there you . can feel little bits of particles or . something from just maybe some dust . motes or something a little bit of . grinding chunk it's same thing in that . bearing these bearings are no doubt . chinese iam no taiwanese well . nuts man nuts taiwanese . burying in their japanese bearing in . there or at least labeled japanese but . that the handling unfortunately wasn't. just a shielded not even a shielded . bearing just a ball-bearing deep groove . ball bearing but yeah they need to. handle those better but even the valve . shockingly of course this valve what . happens is that you actually did trigger . and it bears on this little shaft . it over and that's what lets the air and . normally we'd see that as just a . plastique with a with a metal rod. through it this is a diecast solid chunk . of metal aluminum that's uh what the . how much was this thing 400 bucks . 89 bucks looking at the parts that right . there is a sword dick deal you can't . beat it cannot beat it . i'd be running scared if i was snap-on . or mac getting her back together here . and i noticed quite stiff and they've . also mitigate well i had a concern that . you would bring you know you get you're . in a shop it's 20 above no big deal you . get throwing this around over gilda you . know you're here comes johnny with his . pecker in his hand he's a one ball man . he's off to the rodeo 40 below . but the heater in the truck you get . throwing this around that's an entirely . different kettle of fish snap you off . one right there but in this case looks . like they've thought of that he didn't . meet the correspondingly changed the . mass of the ass and of course having you . think i missed anything please down . below me in the doobly-doo . one thing i don't like about this this. forward/reverse luger real hooky you get . stuck on that also i'm you know it is . aluminium but you break that off you . know you get that stuck somewhere it's. going to break off . however the valve itself look at it and . they've they've anodized it black big . big bronze bushing for that just running . that shaft in and out the the only . problem i see with this is where the . rubber meets the road kind of where the . button is and this little thing . dingle-dangle a note . now as far as as far as the specs 700 . foot pounds out of one hammer i don't . see it we're gonna test her out fair and . square on an old rusty not see how she . do so we assume she'll find out and then . this needs to go in like oh that looks . like a good test of her abilities . sufficiently crossed tastic if she gets . her own well i'll be very surprised . all right corner oh yeah back . back to the drawing board . no no smoking gun everything was moving . free oh hell just goop the out of . the little bit in there some juicy jizz. or action hopefully that'll help . hydraulic it right up i just noticed . another thing here no over mold . on this nothing to get all cancerous and . fall off turn to goo that's uh is still . surprised at how good this thing . is core intact we're on one let's give . her three here . da holy oh tail of the tape is . first off the bats here and here's the . thing i i hate harbor freight as much as . the next guy stinky offshore. crap but looking at this thing man and . this this hook. that's a weird that ain't no . good at all but if it weren't for the . earthquake on the side of it she'd be a . right skookum to chur haha the . thing is stoked. i if i was snap-on matco proud any of . those two old companies i'd be running . scared man these guys are gonna eat your . lunch the price of it . and yeah other than looking like a goof . bike on a harbor freight you know the . thing is yeah it's unfortunately it's a. sore neck deal i got a call it like i . see it. this is the one to two things you want . in a stubby right is if you want to . study if you're into that sort of thing . you want the the girth here this is the . thinnest girth that less than four . inches the cp and the add the chicago . pneumatic and the nitro cat the nitro . cat is four and a quarter the cp is four . point four the un's get from the . homeless despot four point four does. this put it out seven hundred. foot-pounds of torque and reverse no. way maybe it does on the . dunning-kruger machine there what's got. the big ol brass nut and you know they . heat it up and in one particular . instance when the mood and the sun are . aligned with the blue pixies dancing . around the fire. maybe you'll get four hundred. foot-pounds in reverse but and sure . eight it eight that like like it wanted . more jesus what are you gonna do man if . you're looking for a stubby and you're . looking for cheap and good this is the . one for you thanks for watching keep . your decking advice . .
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