Burger in a Can!?

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What's up guys how y'all doing for . today's video i wanna taste test this . boogers in the can check this out . how's it even possible i do not know . what to expect what i'm gonna open it up . and i'm actually going to try to taste . taste it and hopefully the taste good . this is the burn of the booger and as . you can see it's everything about it . there's whole bunch of ingredients so . it's a legit thing it's actual booger in . the candy i'm gonna do nice the min on. it easy to open ken and let's see ooh . check this out there is actual a bond . let's smell it it smells like bad but . how do i take it out look at it it . almost impossible to take it out it just . stuck inside there and i don't want to . really break it up so maybe you know . what i'm gonna do is go i can open up. and actually open it on this side so . that white will pop out without breaking . it . okay i'm gonna squeeze in my finger net . and had to pull it off oh my goodness oh . look at that it's so far apart on me is . that even still good to eat i don't know . oh what is this slime why is this so . slimy right here . i guess maybe just grease look at that . this is just a party well it's actually . stuck to the other side of the bird i . can't even take it apart oh my goodness . i know if i should eat it or what i . think i'm gonna do at least one bite see . if it's edible or not so yeah guys i . don't know what to even tell you look uh . slimy that is on this side when you . touch it it looks like garman over here . what is that. that's not normal i don't think i'm . gonna actually eat this booger this is . disgusting okay this thing is just too . slimy let's see if this one is a little . better is it to open it for sure oh wow . look at that this one is all white that . does not look good again how do you take . it out it is like one piece how did they . even put it in in there honestly i feel . like i can take it out like that because . it's kind of glued together anyways boom . there you go that's how i guess it took . out this booger little bit got damaged . this one looks a lot better actually . look at that i think there is actually a . piece of cheese and sauce on top of it . look at this oh my goodness but yeah . this one looks a lot better come . / - the other one so i might do a one . bite out of this burger but yeah there. is no letters no tomatoes obviously . probably wouldn't survive that wound but . look at that close-up i can't believe it . why would they do that why would they . make bulgur and again this one . definitely went bad this one is way too . slimy look at this maybe it's just . cheese melted during shipping or . something yeah you know what that's what . it is all that slimy stuff is melted . cheese so yeah this one looks a lot . better. let's see what it tastes like there's a . little booger party two pieces of bread . cheese right here and looks like this . might be some kind of sauce i don't know . if it's edible. so i might bite a little bit and i don't . know if i'm actually going to swallow it . i'll just chew it up and spit it out . just to see what it tastes like i . understand it is actually edible but . it's like eating robin there's no flavor . to it this party tastes like paper . honestly this is pretty interesting . it is definitely does not smell bad does . not look like this one is bad i wouldn't . eat this one it looked like way too . slimy i know maybe they had different . ingredients in this one or something the . bread looks very different at here as . you can see this one all white this one . is all wet tempered so i wonder why is . that public got a little bit more . moisture in this one from the meat and . cheese but yeah again it does not taste . good but it does not taste bad either it . just i don't know eating bread that is . kind of old soggy bread and the meat . does not taste like me this actually. tastes like paper or tastes like loaf of . bread the small like zero flavor to it . completely by the way guys i didn't eat. any of that actually chewed it up and . then spit it out but i don't want to . show you speaking this stuff odd because . i don't know if i trust it to swallow. this stuff i don't know i don't want to . have the stomach ache or like a stomach . sickness so this is why i don't want to . really swallow it but i guess it is look . like legit kind of booger i don't know . why would they do that i guess it's a . survival food maybe some people love it . who knows everybody have different . tastes i wonder how many people actually . buy one of those things is it actually a . thing let me know in comments below . because honestly i would rather eat . mcdonald's because it tastes really good . and it's a booger why would you eat this . i have no idea but you know what let me . take a bite of this booger not this . saggy part not the slimy side just to . see if this one tastes a little better. actually yeah this one actually has a . taste that one was just like paper this . one has a little bit more taste to it . but again is it good . not early but is it bad no it just . tastes like nothing i don't know why . would you even eat that because it . doesn't taste like anything it said - . nah nah old gum it's just so yeah it's . not good . it's also not disgusting so i guess it's . edible if you have to survive but i . wouldn't survive on that stuff i would . have to find something else for me to . eat because i know that's pretty pretty . bad food to eat every day if you have to . also guys every time i keep mentioning . gas in a video or especially in the last . video it was all about gasps he's so . funny you all keep calling him but yet . so many comments and one comment god . over 2,000 likes because you it was . about him being passed yet not gossip . well guess what might as well make it . official and make his internet name . passed yet but his real name will be gas . but when i film him i might call and . past year just for fun and giggles so . first name gas and the internet nickname . second day passed yet so gas are you . gonna be upset if you're gonna call you . passed yet sometimes or they gonna call . you passed yet will you be upset about . it you don't mind being called past year . do you. he's like leave me alone i'm just tired. down a sniff on that gas . he's so cute he looks said hey good boy . could put gas past it that's what we're . gonna call you from now on that because . they wouldn't leave you alone with that . name quick and ahem luke and hugo wanna . get attention too but yeah guys quick . announcement we had to just make it . official because you guys are keep . commenting and calling him first yet so . might as well but anyways let me know . comments below what do you think about . this. kent burger definitely wouldn't . recommend to try it or eat it but again . if it's your thing . go ahead you never know some people . probably would enjoy it but yeah don't . forget to thumbs up this video subscribe . and i'll see you next time . okay i guess i taste a little bit of. cheese now. .
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