Dear Snapchat!

An open letter to Snapchat in 2018...
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Hey what is this guys i'm kabhi hd here . and in my last video i talked about how . i carry both an android phone and an . iphone and that iphone mainly for a . couple different apps one of those apps . is snapchat or was snapchat snapchat for. the iphone can actually look pretty good . i think you can legitimately make some . crispy-looking photos and videos with a . minimal amount of effort in snapchat for . iphone and i'd be willing to bet most . snapchat users use an iphone snapchat . for android is a lot worse as you can. probably tell if you have anything less . than a pixel - which is literally the . best camera on any smartphone you're . gonna have a different time with android . and you've seen this comparison a lot . for sure it's it's totally different i . mean it still works technically but i . mean everyone pretty much knows snapchat . is terrible on android phones it looks . like you're recording through a fog like . you're looking through a dirty airplane . window but why snapchat actually i can . tell you why from an app developers . perspective if you're developing apps . for the iphone there is only what two . three new iphones per year they've got . teams dedicated to developing for the . iphone it makes financial sense it's . pretty easy and on top of that most of . their user base uses these couple of. phones so they focus on that but there . are hundreds of different android phones . with all these different screen sizes . and resolutions and capture methods the . return on investment trying to develop . an optimized version for every one of . these new android phones that comes out. is super low so they've made a sort of a . decision to scale a universal app for . all of these android phones which is . actually cool for most apps but if you . actually care about the quality of it . like a camera app might it's not great . the snapchat for android app is. literally taking a screen grab of the . viewfinder instead of using the camera . to take and actually process a photo . that's why photos and videos in snapchat. for android are trash you know how when . you're looking through the viewfinder to . take a photo or a video and it's kind of . blurry and it may drop frames sometimes . in the exposure super inconsistent but. once you snap the photo and it processes . it sharpens up and hdr gets applied and . it looks way better snapchat for iphone . actually talks to the iphones camera and . uses a process version and looks great . snapchat for android literally just . screen grabs the viewfinder that's not . good so i guess to talk directly to . snapchat good on you for the beginning . steps of actually adopting google pixels . visual core and starting to make photos. and videos look good on one android. phone but you actually do need to . dedicate yourself to at least the top . half or the top tier of quality based . phones if people are paying more for a . better camera on an android phone . maybe they want their snapchats to look. good too you should dedicate yourself . just a little more to supporting those . android users but you probably won't but . honestly the main gripe i have with the . snapchat is as a content creator which i . understand is not the normal perspective . most people using snapchat especially . are just sharing things one-to-one with . their friends if an instagram came along . and they're obviously a big platform . with a lot of celebrities and . high-profile users but snapchat skews . really young and they don't have that . quite same audience so they couldn't . just buy snapchat so they just . straight-up copied everything they do . they made instagram stories and it's . captured the exact same way and it's . viewed the exact same way then they just . built on top of it with things like . live-streaming and polls and super zoom . and even boomerangs and all that stuff . so now it's just a way better platform . in pretty much every way and then on top . of all of that they have discovery which . is a big deal you ever noticed that you . can't find some how has anyone ever . gonna find my snapchat story if they . don't have my username or my number . there's no discovery feature or any way. to find me you ever notice you have to . hear about celebrity snapchat accounts . from somewhere outside of snapchat but . instagram has the explore page it . features users it has hashtags it has . location tags there's plenty of ways to . find new people on instagram inside of . instagram now it's not perfect that's . the wish instagram was actually. chronological and sometimes there's too . many weird ads on your feet it's not . exactly what we want but as a content . creator trying to share your stuff with . more people it's already 10,000 times . better than snapchat for context here's . a little story i didn't use instagram . stories at all when they first came out . i was actually on snapchat side where it . was like ah that's just a copy and you . know there's facebook stories and even . youtube has stories now it almost became . a running joke. that everything's just copying snapchat . and what could be as good as the . original so i've been working on . building up an audience on snapchat i'd . shouted it out on youtube and it's and . twitter and and talk to you guys about . following me for behind the scenes stuff . on snapchat so you know 90,000 . 95,000 of you were watching each . snapchat story i posted from behind the . scenes and it was worth it then once i . just decided to just try instagram . stories just on a whim so i just posted . one or two things over there and boom . 400,000 people instantly saw it without . me telling anyone about it it's the same . reason we use youtube as a platform for . sharing our videos we could upload these . same videos to vimeo or dailymotion or . facebook but the audience and the. discovery is on youtube so the discovery . is there and then on top of all this . snapchat just decided to roll out . suddenly this update that has just the . tiniest bit of discovery . you know mixes stories in with regular. snapchats now so they're all in one . place but it's getting trashed by a lot . of what i would call dedicated snapchat . users i don't even have it on any of my . devices it's kind of like a hitched . rollout where some people i know have it . other people don't but it's definitely . not getting received well so i'm pretty . sure i'm gonna stop posting on snapchat . stories i'm just gonna leave snapchat . because i don't see them fully embracing . the discovery of the individually. produced content nearly the same way . something like instagram would as a. platform as a whole like i'm pretty sure . you'll never find my snapchat story . somewhere outside of my snapchat story . maybe i'm too old i've literally i've . had people tell me i'm too old for . snapchat i'm 24 . like it's it's skews super young i guess . this whole behind-the-scenes video . experiment was over in a snap like i . think at the end of the day snapchat is . obviously more personal it's for like if . i have a quick photo or a quick video i. want to send someone i'll use snapchat . i'm not gonna use instagram for that i . just want to send something to one . person or one or two people instagram is . more this became like a comparison but. instagram is much more produced content . and discovery of that content even for . regular people like you might be . surprised how many different selfies . people take before they post the one . on instagram snapchat totally different . so snapchat you should either stick to. being a completely personal app which i . know seems kind of like a bad business . decision there's less money in that . there's less expansion in that but. that's clearly what your current users . are really into or you go all out with . actual individual discovery and make it. easy for people to discover other people . not just people they know but other . people who make snapchat content make . that easier but until then i'll see you . on instagram thanks for watching talk to . you the next one peace fun fact the only . android phone whose snaps actually will . look pretty good or comparable to good. photos on the iphone is the pixel too . and that's because the pixels visual . core this chip that they've put in this . phone actually talks to snapchat and . whatsapp and instagram to use a . processed version of the photo instead . of just a screenshot from the viewfinder . snapchat supports it now which is good . but that's the only one so obviously i'm . still gonna be carrying an iphone . .
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