Disturbing Alert Interrupts TV Broadcast In California 9/24/17

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[music]. hey what's up guys tyler here with . secured team well we made it . it is officially september 24th and what . do you know the world did not end we are . all still here just like i said we would . be in like most of you knew already so . to all of you guys out there may have . been frightened by the fear-mongering . videos hopefully now you can breathe a . little bit more easy and just a quick . update to this if you remember in the . last video i spoke about the man behind . the september 23rd into the world date a . guy by the name of david meade who is . the self-described numerologist and . predictor of the calamities to come on . the 23rd and just as i suspected and . said mr meade has now stepped in after . nothing happened and is now claiming . that this was all just a big . misunderstanding and that this . apocalypse will actually start in. october the astronomer and author has . now come out to reassure the world that . things were actually not supposed to . come to an end on the 23rd but instead . he said that there will be celestial . events on that specific date which he . refers to as simply quote time markers . and finally that the month of october . will be the quote beginning of the end . with regards to life on planet earth . starting with the 21st of october which . will signal something called a . seven-year period of tribulation where . during this time the elusive theoretical . planet nibiru will begin coming closer . and closer to earth's orbit and begin . wreaking havoc on the solar system and . our planet so i mean there you guys have. it i mean just like i said it was . september 23rd yet another date that . didn't come to fruition and uh the date . has now been pushed back so stay tuned . for updates on that oh and probably the . most important is remember to purchase . mr. meade's new book . oh boy but anyway just wanted to update . you guys on what had happened with that . situation but on to the main topic of . today's video something actually real . that happened very eery still trying to . figure out the details of it but as all . of this melee was going on with the . september 23rd date something very . mysterious and strange happened was . frightening to some people and it mainly . happened in california a southern . california to be exact . we're on the 22nd just a couple of days . ago viewers across the southern part of . the state had their television . broadcasts interrupted with this. apocalyptic emergency alert that was . accompanied by this ominous voice . promising quote extremely violent times . to come just after eleven o'clock this . morning some heard what started as an . emergency alert and turned into a . warning of the end of the world. 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[applause]. the emergency alert appeared on the . screens of these southern california . residents at around 11 a. m. on thursday . video shared online show the warning . against the black screen followed by the . man's voice other warnings were said to . have included that of what appeared to . be a terrified breathless voice speaking . about a secret space program and that . there are beings from offworld that are . not what they claim to be and that there . had been an infiltration of the military . establishment particularly that of area . 51 now it's said that this affected . people who either had cox or spectrum as. their cable provider with one cox . customer saying quote it sounded like a . radio broadcast coming through the tv . now it's still unclear whether the . messages were broadcast intentionally or. by accident but broadcast signal. intrusions by pranksters aren't unheard . of even in this digital era that were in . now but it's not likely we'll just say . that spokesmen from both cable companies . say that the companies don't know how . many customers were affected and that . it's still trying to determine where the . originating signal came from cox . believes that its system got the message . after a radio station or multiple . stations were constructing their monthly . emergency test which cable networks . piggyback on usually radio stations . transmit an end tone to complete their . alerts however this time it seems no . such tone was transmitted spectrum did. not immediately respond to a request . from gizmodo for comment but a spokesman . by the name of dennis johnson told the . register quote we have confirmed that we . were fed and incorrect . audio file and yeah many viewers . reported being alarmed scared and . confused by this eerie broadcast . especially the fact that it happened . just the day before the 23rd with many . assuming that this validated the . prophecies and the claims that something . was going to happen to earth there have . also been reports from people in hawaii . who also heard the emergency tests that . around 11:00 p. m. later that night now obviously there's . people out there including probably the . cable companies although they're not . saying it yet this was maybe some sort . of hacking attempt but however other . people are already starting to come out . and put theories for us that this was . something much more with some saying . that it's simply a bs explanation and. that this may have actually been some . sort of beta test to see how the masses. would react there have been other people . people who have actually worked in radio . for 10 20 years who have actually ran . similar tests themselves and say that . there's no way that these signals could . have gotten mixed up and that it had to . have been either a prank or the real . deal and was done on purpose for some . reason but of course these are just . theories and i thought it was very . interesting so let me know what you guys . think. did you guys hear this message if you . didn't you know there's videos of it all . over youtube and yeah i think it'd be . very disconcerting to hear this even if . it does turn out to be a prank but it . was a strange that it happened the day. before the 23rd and and then the things . that they were saying talking about you . know violent times to come talking about. aliens and it's just one of those . mysterious things and if you guys . remember i posted a video a while back . about another instance i believe was . back in the 1970s where it said that an . actual alien being hijacked a television . broadcast and spoke through unsuspecting . people's televisions and it hasn't only . been televisions where there have been . several of these so-called mystery. broadcasts or unknown broadcasts . it's been heard on radio many times . throughout history with sounds and what . sounds like children's voices coming. from so-called numbers stations that are . said to be these elusive buildings . spread across the world many of them . have come from russia that emanate and . broadcast these eerie recordings of . children just repeating random numbers . and words there was also a case if i . remember correctly of something that was . called the backward music station which . actually doesn't play backward music . that's just what they call it what it is . broadcasting instead is something that . has been said to have come from the . bowels of hell itself or people have . reported hearing a high-pitched grinding . with some banging thrown in perhaps to. make it sound that much creepier and of . course we have the mysterious signals . that emanate from outer space but yeah . again as far as television broadcasts go . this one from the 1970s maybe the early . 1980s truly was kind of spooky i'll go . ahead and put the link to that down . below as well it's a fascinating case . people are split down the middle as to . whether that was real or not as well but . i will let you guys be the judge so . thank you guys for stopping by today be . sure to leave a like and subscribe on . your way out if you haven't yet and if . you have your own strange story or ufo . footage you want to get out there send . me an email my contact info is down . below and again i just want to thank all . of you guys for the well wishes and . messages as i sit here mending this . broken leg but i feel like i'm getting . better by the day and they say i'll be . walking in about four months so thank . you guys again i love being back to work . and we'll see you back soon with much . more . 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