Don’t Drop Your iPhone 6S in an Expanding Sponge Ball!

I placed a fully working iPhone 6S inside a liquid solution that turns into foam in a matter of minutes and I wanted to see if the device can survive the force and pressure inside the ball!
What is up guys set cracks here so in. this video i got a fully working 6s want. . . to briefly show you guys as always every. single time it's a fully working six as. . . its amazing condition. . . it's legit as you guys can see there's. no scratches on it. . . everything is fully working and we're. going to be doing something really cool. . . guys so in a nutshell i have a glass. bowl right here. . . it's a thin layer of glass but it's a. bowl i'm going to be pouring two. . . different solutions in this bowl then. i'm going to mix it up with this and. . . what should happen is it's going to. create the liquid will turn into an. . . expanding sponge or an expanding foam so. it's hard to explain guys i just want to. . . show you. . . we're going to be able to see if this. phone whether it survives or not in a. . . solid state so basically i'm going to. put this phone and it's going to be. . . inside of a liquid then that liquid will. float up. . . expand and turn into a solid it may take. about 10 minutes and from there it's. . . going to really really warm up and we're. going to see if this phone can survive. . . so here's how it's going to work guys so. i'm going to show you step by step. . . i'm pouring the first solution in here. . . this is 250 milliliters and set that. aside now we're pouring the same. . . solution again. . . so that's the total of five hundred. milliliters and then we're going to do. . . that two more times now with a different. liquid so check this out right here. . . that's the other solution and it has to. be exactly the same amount and finally. . . another 250 milliliters. . . so this is really going to expand. probably like a hundred times its size. . . and this is where it's going to get a. little funky. . . so what i'm going to do is i'm going to. start mixing this. . . i'm going to mix it really really really. good and the whole part of expanding my. . . take maybe 10 minutes so i can fast. forward but you could see at this point. . . it looks like caramel looks very very. tasty but you need to really mix it well. . . because if it's not mixed it's not going. to work again i got the success by the. . . side next to meet and i can't wait to. check out is becoming very thick right. . . now i can't wait to check out how this. is going to look like so keep mixing. . . keep mixing did it go to the little bit. and i think that should be good enough. . . ok guys so i'm going to go ahead and. insert the iphone 6s right here and i. . . want to show you guys and it goes. . . i just got some on my hand that's not. good let's continue mixing mixing the. . . phone in there as well and i think that. should be enough mixing guys we're going. . . to let it up just wait for a while now. and see what's going to happen. . . check it out guys you can already see. it's rising up super crazy and it's. . . going at a very fast rate i'm not even. sure where it's going to stop so i'm. . . going to keep watching and it's get. really really warms up i mean this heats. . . up really really hot and you can see at. this point it's coming out of the bowl. . . wow looks like golden glitter or. something it's just crazy like a honey. . . it's just glistening in my eyes this is. amazing. . . wow i feel like i just want to touch it. so much and i could feel the heat. . . radiating into my hand. . . looks like a mushroom the iphone is. completely buried in there somewhere. . . towards the bottom. . . okay guys i'm really hoping this does. not pop on me i'm hearing a lot of weird. . . strange cracking sounds from the bottom. right here where the glass is still. . . extremely hot to the touch the top is. solid though it's completely dense and i. . . want to show you guys a little bit in. depth of how this looks like created. . . this weird seem right here that just. splits right open. . . i can't seem to spot the iphone though. but we're going to give it a couple more. . . minutes and then cut this thing open and. see what happens again i'm hearing weird. . . sounds just all over the place like this. is really a potentially might blow up. . . but let me see fucking oh wow you guys. hear that. . . see if i can. . . oh okay wow so that's how the inside. looks like super hot again but it's all. . . it's like this sponge like substance and. just feels amazing like you can really. . . play around with this i'm just messin. but let's go ahead and dig inside see. . . where that iphone is ok guys so it's. probably been about 25 minutes now that. . . the iphone has been inside of this solid. container. . . i'm going to go ahead and pop this open. because kind of tired of waiting so. . . let's see what i have here let me try. and try something like this but this. . . aside and i think we're making some. progress. . . not exactly the progress i hope but. let's try and keep smashing. . . that's how hard it is. . . so give me some time and i'll crack this. open. . . ok guys so i kid you not it took me. about a solid hour to crack this open. . . and i finally have a crack right here so. i'm going to go ahead and try and open. . . it up i see a little bit of the phone. right here as well from the side but i. . . have no idea at all at the conditions. will be in so i'm really excited to. . . check this out. . . hopefully i can crack this open so let. me go ahead and shot and this is just. . . impossible to open so an app that i use. a little bit of a night here. . . and check this out guys part of the. phone completely engraved inside. . . i can't wait to get this open but this. thing is stuck in there this is crazy. . . finally guys progress has been made. . . am i still have not been able to fully. get this out but that's what i'm going. . . to be doing right now. . . i haven't messed with the phone at all. but this is going to be very interesting. . . to see what happens on does it even. power on but first of all let me go. . . ahead and just try and possibly crack. this open. . . wow i check this out guys i want to show. you in detail the back. . . this is how it looks like here's the. front. . . guys i'm going to do this i'm going to. try and power it on our first of all the. . . home button is functional. . . nothing on the screen going to hold the. power button and the home button and. . . this is taking some pressure. . . unfortunately guys i was not able to. retrieve any life into this 6s. . . the only thing i can press is the home. button and that sounds kind of weird the. . . power button is completely jammed in its. crammed inside there's no way to budget. . . same with the volume rockers i did try. to charge it or plug it into my computer. . . no signs of life and it's pretty crazy. you know considering that expansion. . . probably just crushed those internals. and it was in there for about an hour. . . took me another hour to get it out of. there. . . the texture is pretty cool um i don't. even know how this camera lens is. . . completely broken probably from the. hammer but guys that wraps it up thank. . . you again for watching as always stay. tuned for more videos and peace out. .
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