Don’t Karate Chop Your iPhone 7 Frozen in Liquid Nitrogen!!!

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We met up with The King of Random himself to see if an iPhone 7 frozen in Liquid Nitrogen can be karate chopped completely in half. Find out in today's video if we succeeded or not! Enjoy!
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What's up guys we are here with king of random grant thompson we are here to use liquid nitrogen on an iphone 7 it's gonna be freaking epic let's get started so yesterday i went down to the store you know the local grocery store and pick up thirty five liters of liquid nitrogen as you do this thing is shot as you do as he does thanks just full of liquid nitrogen huh this stuff is minus 321 degrees fahrenheit which is like the coldest substance we can get on earth without a vacuum well report into a pie dish dump the iphone 7 in there until it gets ridiculously cold and nc weekend karate chopped in half karate chop in that this is kind of crazy and we did a video earlier when we use proto party to see if we can protect an iphone 7 from a 100-foot drop that's over on grants channel so you want to check that link description or look at the end all right so we're going to transfer liquid nitrogen from this doer into the little thermos there so we can work with a little bit easier and let this guy fill it up because it is chock-full and that's not like you two need a strong man this just get a strong man to do this you pour that correctly there and don't feel it on your fingers do not do this at home here comes all right here doesn't their outfit in there has crazy and it is super cold but you just get in there for a second no big deal around wow you can actually hear the thermos like cracking it's it's cooling down so fast and i look down inside there you can see that liquids during this world like it boils my motherfuckin yeah why what constitutes a boy like that you know it's because the temperature out here 60 degrees and that's minus 321 so there's like a 400 degree difference was just so whatever it touches instantly vaporizes so how long do you have to keep your finger in there to damage it you know we get this guy to stick his hand in there i don't know what do you think home if you do a quick enough you shouldn't feel anything let's give it a try just tap it as far as yeah really fast no doubt we'll put your whole hand in oh my god this is scary put your whole hand and oh my god really such a pansy the day good enough ok alright alright haha nice it doesn't happen hey got the new got to get this is a functional iphone 7 can see it's matt black 32 gig let's go ahead and put it in there anyway that dances around a little more in there ok now its surrounding the phone the phones completely underneath it now this green looks ok still going for like 30 seconds look at the edges of the phone you can see like a gas vapor coming out from the eyes change management colors i just stopped bubble so now our workflow mode and the liquid crystal display is starting to freeze from the edges in you can see right here wow that's really cool and now the boiling stock which means it's pretty much brought down temperature but somehow the phone is just fine and that's probably partially because of the waterproofing of the iphone 7 10 but they turned off can we turn it back on now it's done so it's completely gone now alright let's dump the rest of it in here and just bring it down to the lowest temperature possible i think that's enough put your hand in there watch it and like watch it dance around just don't do it too long and kind of get using that frostbite feeling cool actually see my skin turned white there for a second there should be just enough to get back out there we go right there liquid nitrogen frostbite right there i always thought liquid nitrogen was more dangerous it can be i mean it took a bath in this stuff it wouldn't take long for you 20 yeah pretty solid oh yeah and you want to keep your hand in there for more than a second know otherwise you'll be so serious damage but new with liquid nitrogen you can tell when the object is cooled down when the raging boil settles down so when that levels out completely then we know we're pretty much at like the lowest temperature possible at that point we're gonna get out our trusty songs and lay down on the bricks here and get one of the top job that's cold don't touch it well i always thought i was a goner there i thought that was gonna shatter the screen ball we gotta live it ya can't drop test it haha so we're shooting with the b16 11 this thing can shoot at 18,500 frames per second and we're gonna try to record it at that speed for the karate chop should have some really really cool detail look down inside that you can see bubbles in the boiling inside that's idea behind the screen that's super cool so one thing i've always been wondering about is how badly will an iphone 7 shatter if it's been in liquid nitrogen for like 15 minutes it's at that super super low temperature like i've always theorize and this is where i think i'll be proved wrong today we're if you karate-chopped it maybe you could do some serious damage cutting a lot of the components or maybe the whole phone and half and i think you know much more of the science united now you were saying earlier you don't think that could happen but i have i have a video on my channel or occurring shop rocks and happy thing about rocks are very brittle now we are taking the components of the iphone 7 making them very brittle is well however it's still metal so i'm not really expecting the aluminum will get a clean cut right always just going to bend flop but the other components inside like the glass and things can be pretty much the motherboard i wonder what will happen with the lithium-ion battery because the number of things that we're not sure like what what parts will will be chopped what parts won't be chopped and it's just from a human hand we have a very narrow channel to work with i'm actually pretty nervous about taking my hand if i miss mathers get like i'm really sorry for more you don't ya so without further ado let's get to the top just to make sure it's as cold as we can get it that's right man freaking nervous i was a lot up for the nice haha your hand okay yeah yeah okay good i don't wanna hurt the bone but at least i hit the phone but man wow what i was exclusively yeah i was expecting at least that seems to be a lot i'm really impressed with the pattern with the glass shatter in now look like the lcd screen on the inside just folded as well yeah that seems to be relatively flexible let's let's check the phantom clip i gave that some good force i thought i thought it was going to go through haha ok you can see on my hands flopping you can tell that i wasn't fancy wow the glass shards coming off of that will help hit harder next time i look at my fingers flopping around my my whole hand turned to jello jello the pinky finger think he's like up near the middle finger fuck that doesn't look natural that is awesome with you we got to do that again but from the side so you can see the whole hand alright so the second one we're gonna do barehanded just for the shot ok it's all about the shoes crazy now you just want to let your iphone sautΓ© on a medium low heat there for about 10 minutes it's right it's right this is kind of like a piece of paper right step folded back and forth alternating it's okay yeah i'm actually don't want my hand to go through because if it does anything else scraped up with aluminum and all that i'm take to barehanded here we go to see the liquid nitrogen all over here we got winding up alright so here comes your hand nice a rigid form and your again just melted down and like you know in older that's where it stops right there yeah it is i didn't did it go all the way through the second time i think it did it did it did it right but that's still a really good chop we got a bunch of glass shards flying up but i just love the very beginning where your hand and this week i was jealous disappeared just like disappears in this chasm yeah just turns into a big skin bag of jelly yeah exactly you you did a really good job keeping your arm wrist very step you know actually tried honestly like my hand because like i did not want to hit the concrete but that is a press if hey love the way the glass just bounces off sighs oh do do you do what what happened oh check it out it did been hardcore actually snapped a hard enough he bent a little bit more that's freezing but look we did crack the regular it legitimately if you're right to meddle in there let's hit one more really quick 3210 you gotta be kidding me i'm just gonna hit again what right here data 321 you know what's happening is just bending it is kind of like paper though it's coming through let's move these a little closer 321 oh ok i hit my hand on both of those but i think you got it yeah we could look at that we've got the chop chop there's the battery the battery is halfway chopped in half to who had is nuts to look at that yeah dude i took a lot more work another it happened it happened it was about what six chops and we got it to chop literally in half yeah i think a lot of it was because the gap we had was wide enough that it would start to bend in the whole phone we just didn't it didn't fall in bend in half enough because that last night when they push the cinder blocks together my hand actually can't block it kind of bounced off it yeah i impressively no damage to the hand whatsoever rope like maybe a little trace pieces of glass & goo but that was freaking epic i can't believe we actually got the chop i know it's cool it's amazing to me is at that temperature of the metal is still as flexible as it is right it doesn't just shatter like still with you it's actually quite flexible this battery is getting ridiculously hot i can smell it feel that yeah so real quick before we go tell us a little about your channel and why everyone should go sometime grant thompson i'm the king of random i have a lot of random weekend projects things that i like to get into i do mad science experiments life hacks and whatever else we feel like i guess dropping phones from a hundred feet off of the drone then i was a lot of fun we did that today we made a phone case out of proto party and then dropped a hundred feet from a drones if you want to see that particular scrip jump on over and take a look let's see on my channel yeah treat you all take care of you all right well big shots grand thanks so much for having me in utah so cool having up you're totally random how this happened i call them out of the blue he said hey i'm passing by your house tomorrow so we got together made this all happen with one day's notice how awesome is that you know i think so much for having me we'll see you next time brandon and grant

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