Dope Tech of CES 2018! [Part 1]

Razer. Sennheiser. HTC. All of the pixels. This is Dope Tech of CES 2018!
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[music]. hey what is up guys i'm cabby hd here . and this is the week of ces 2018 me out . here. it is raining hi if you've never been to . ces it's definitely a lot there is tech . everywhere people everywhere and just . overall a lot going on here in las vegas . but among all that stuff there is some . dope tech buried in there and that's . kind of just been my mission this week . to find it so one of the most buzz . worthy news making things we've seen . this year at ces is razor project linda . and razor they tend to get all kinds of . attention at ces for something they're . showing every year this year is this . it's a concept laptop that uses the. razor phone as a brain / trackpad so . this actually isn't a totally new idea. like we've seen smartphone convertibles . into laptops before it's just never . really been wildly successful razer . hopes to do itbest no of course because . of the razor phone's prowess it's . already an awesome phone with great. speakers so it doesn't have to have. extra speakers and the laptop things . like that doesn't need a processor or . ram it's just using the razor phone in . fact the only hardware actually in this . lynda laptop are the rgb keyboard . because of course the battery a webcam . up top and a couple ports the headphone . jack usb c for charging and full size . usb a on the other side for adding . accessories like a mouse bo than that it . just pops the razor phone in and out . with a single button it sits flush it . has the matching color with the razer . blade stealth laptop has this little . notch cutout at the front that uses the . fingerprint reader and the power button . from the phone i think the design is . actually pretty well thought out it's . just debatable if this is actually a . practical product or not at all now for . lynda there is no price range or release . date yet it's a pretty common trend for . stuff we see at ces but i do really like . the design i think it's really . interesting it's just weird to build an . entire accessory like that all around a . smartphone that's probably going to be . updated in a year like in 910 months . when we see you raise your phone to is . this whole laptop people just bought for. their phone. gonna work is compatibility gonna work . do the dimensions stay the stain that . kind of thing . that's a tough i'll keep an eye on that . now i also made it to senators booth and . they were showing exactly one thing that . i was super interested in and it's the . whole reason i went which is sennheiser . hd 820 so i just showed like the custom . hd eight hundreds i've been using for a . while bison eyes are in my last video . the set up tour but these will allegedly . take that to a new level by isolating . sound with the glass over the back of . the ear clubs you can see it it's this . concave gorilla glass so basically they . retain a lot of the characteristics of . open-back headphones like the hd 800 s . that big drivers the open nature of it . the wide soundstage . but it now seals you off from the noise. on the outside of your environment for . people who don't want to hear all that . so this i am definitely interested in i . was able to listen to them for a bit i . can confirm they sounded incredible but . yeah i'd love to actually get these into . the studio and put them to work they . look incredible they will be selling . these and they will be expensive i'm . thinking two to three thousand dollars . super expensive headphones and then over . in a hotel near the strip i also found . htc's set up pretty interesting where . they're showing some new announcements . to htc vive la do you might not know. i've used the vive headset a lot we have . one in the studio and they announced two . pretty important things one is they now. make a vive pro which is this all built . into one headset with headphones and the . strap over the top a high resolution . display inside better tracking basically . it's a much improved vr experience for . those who want the best of the best you . can also still buy the regular original. htc vive but then number two they showed . an htc vive wireless adapter which sort. of looks like this . bug antenna on your head that plugs into . the headset but this is a game-changer . because it tracks just as well but now . allows you to walk around completely . untethered from your computer normally . you're plugged into your computer and . you just kind of happen to hope you're . not tripping over all the cables when . you turn around and things like that . with this basically you just have to . plug into a battery plus it in your . pocket and it'll last a couple hours . with something like this a small three . thousand milliamp power battery but . obviously you can plug into something a . bit bigger if you're gonna be gaming for . a longer time so that was pretty cool i . think people who use the vive will find . that wireless adapter pretty great you . can use the wireless adapter with the . old five or the new vive pro also i'm . aware that using their . screen set for that kind of opens people . up to mess with the footage but i guess . too late to change that all right some . other things . razor also at their booth head this . pretty ridiculous looking pair of. desktop speakers and a subwoofer they . look pretty badass they of course had . rgb again at the base because you know . rgb but i have no idea how good they . sound because it's way too noisy on the . show floor but i'll be interested in . checking those out audio technica also . brought a lot of new stuff that like 10 . new pairs of headphones and their booth . some gaming headsets i'm open back some . of these wireless noise cancelling . headphones that look like they're aiming . to rival the bose quietcomfort series. then they also let me try out their . top-of-the-line atx 5000 so $2,000 . open-back headphones and don't get me . wrong they sound great but they're open . back so i'm on the show floor where it's . super noisy suppose there's no way i can . fully appreciate them quite yet but . pretty much all of these are going on . sale soon if they haven't started . already there's also tons and tons of . drones at ces one weird when i didn't . expect was in a yamaha booth it was . massive it looked about the size of like . three people put together i know about . zero other information about this drone . other than it looked really cool look . like they can go about 200 miles an hour . but that's just me looking at it but . what was really cool in their booth is . this which is a self-balancing . motorcycle which didn't really impress . me at first when i first saw it until i . realized those side wheels aren't. touching the ground . this bike is completely standing on its . own on two wheels and that guy is . pushing it around and it's just kind of . responding by shifting its weight and. staying upright that was a pretty cool. demo but speaking of those drones dj . eyes booth also had some pretty cool . stuff as they usually do including their . osmo mobile - it's a much cheaper . stabilization than the original osmo . something like 50 60 70 bucks cheaper . than the original super lightweight but . it still does pretty much all the same . stuff smart phone control a nice handle . a grip for video or an emotes start/stop . i can see a lot of people picking this . up and this is of course also actually . going on sale but so far in the first . day i've been here that is what i've . seen that looks pretty cool but . literally as i'm uploading this i'm . probably literally . back to the show floor to check out some . more stuff so if you see cool stuff that . you think is worth showing on video or . checking out or exploring hit me up on . twitter. send me the link if you're on the . subreddit send it there too i'm checking . that now and that's pretty much it see . you guys back out in vase thanks for . watching catch you in part 2 talk to you . the next one please . .
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