Earth Energy – Non Profit organization for Donations (Gerard Morin)
Earth Energy, Inc. is a non-profit, tax-exempt 501 (c) (3) cooperation (tax-exempt status pending IRS approval) funded by the generosity of supporters around the world.
Through the open-source research and development of Earth Energy devices, as well as through educational videos, our mission is to make these devices and the knowledge available to the public in a non-profit way. Our hope is that you will be able to live in a 100% self-sustained manner. Earth Energy devices will also restore the health of planet Earth.
Specifically, we want to enable you to use Earth Energy devices to:
Power your homes off the grid
Power your transportation from a non-gasoline fuel source
Have a free source of organic food
Have a free source of clean water
Future technology on the roadmap to be developed includes:
Healing with resonance
Alternative propulsion systems
Board of Directors
Leah Lehman, Chief Executive Officer
Gerard Morin, Chief Technology Officer
Support Staff
Sheila Loring, Website Manager/Technical Writer
Carlos Sesia, IT Administrator
Walter Sanchez, Public Relations/Marketing
Lore Smith, Health Technology
Amy Lehman, Office Manager/Event Planner
Ann Lehman, Communications Editor
Joel Urban, Astrophysics Advisor
Jake Scotts, Mechanical Engineer
Don Walters, Biochemist
Paul Marovich, Education
Carel Badenhorst, Education
David DiRaimondo, Mechanical Engineer
Contact Us
Email for more information.
Business Plan
Specifics on funds needed for R&D labs and manufacturing facilities to follow.
We will provide financial information on a regular basis so you can see exactly what your donations pay for. Our goal is 100% transparency for corporate finances.
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Caption: Hello everyone i'm so excited to introduce our new nonprofit organization earth energy the story of earth energy started about a year ago when i began researching zero-point energy devices why do i mean when i say zero point energy device i'm referring to any overunity device that would allow you to power your car or home or anything you like independent from any other power source the device maybe a fuel cell or electromagnetic generator or any other type of power generating device so i was reviewing the research on these energy devices which started with nikola tesla's research and continued with a never-ending list of people who have tried and continue to try to develop this technology what did i conclude after months of studying people's research i found that nine point nine percent of the people we're not really too totally share the knowledge of exactly how to create these devices but rather than wanted money and it's changed for the knowledge i only found one person who was a hundred percent over with the knowledge on how to develop the technology and didn't want to make money from this information who is this person his name is gerard warren and all his researches on youtube with no commercials on my dad i think all in george research since day one of his learning adventure and he is now at the point where we need to build some laboratories for proper testing of our prototypes and soon we need to build the facilities to start manufacturing these devices that we can make them available to everyone in the world in a non-profit way what do i mean by a non-profit way we plan on perfecting this technology and making the devices available to the public for only the cost of manufacturing the devices to make this happen drawer and i have started this nonprofit organization earth energy so people can see our progress real-time i know exactly what we are doing know exactly where our funding is coming from and how the funds are spent at this point no one is getting paid and there are no choice of the organization we are all volunteers spending are all the time and money and we welcome any and all people to join our efforts and be a part of this movement so please contact and set the website below and we will respond to you as soon as possible also if you'd like to donate to the cause please go to the domain page and remember all finances are completely available on the web page so you can see exactly how your money's being spent our goal at earth energy is to provide you with the technology and knowledge so you can power your home off-the-grid how your car i'm against this fuel cell grow your own organic food for free and have access to free clean water and that is just the beginning please look at our research development page and learn about the other technology we are developing and want to bring to the world in a non-profit way my name is leland and i hope to hear from you soon thank you

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