Elon Musk’s Forgotten Career In Video Games

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Back in 1994 Elon Musk was another new graduate in Silicon Valley doing whatever work he though would be interesting, this lead him to work with 'Rocket Science Games' who at the time thought the future of gaming would be build around live action cutscenes, I'm so glad they were wrong.
His 2 game credits are
Loadstar: The Legend of Tully Bodine
Cadillacs and Dinosaurs: The Second Cataclysm
You can also play a web browser version of Blastar, a game with about the same level of gameplay as these epic CDROM productions, but without the production values.
Hallo its scott manley here now if . you've been following my channel you . know that i like to mix up space video . games and rocket signs and occasionally . all three of these come together usually . to form something in the shape of kerbal . space program but today i discovered . something rather interesting now well . many people these days know elon musk is . the guy behind tesla and spacex. and fewer people know that he got the . money to start those from working in the . internet business but even before that . back in 1994 he was programming video . games and the company he was working for . was rocket science games i think the . best way to describe rocket science is. to actually look at this usenet posting . by elon musk from 1994 rocket science is . a new company that is a fusion of . technology quicktime team special . effects from ilm and games from. lucasarts and hollywood it was basically . founded at the height of the cd-rom fmv . gaming craze and their first title would . star the legend of tagliabue dean is a . perfect example of this after some quick . seme setting with some actors featuring . ned beatty. it's basically straight out onto an . on-rails shooter segment and when i say . on rails this literally is on rails on . the moon it's kind of like a lunar . hyperloop of course a hyperloop is a . whole lot easier to do on the moon you . don't have to worry about external. atmosphere leaking into your rails you . just leave them open to the raw vacuum . of space also notable in the credits is . ron co-op now he did production design . for a dark star star wars alien and a . whole bunch of other sci-fi movies he . actually came up with the whole idea . apparently of the setting of the game . and did a lot of the design so the . spacecraft and architecture in the game . are based on ron's designs it would also . be the last project that brian moriarty . worked on after he'd quit lucasarts over . issues with the dig that would . eventually be completed by another team . as for ellen's work well apparently he . was given the kind of boring stuff to do . he was involved in writing the drivers . to talk to control interfaces like . joysticks and mice set up the routines . that would be able to read from the . cd-rom while simultaneously talking to . other hardware is kind of boring stuff . when you consider the other people there . the company would be working on special . effects and sound and visuals and all . those wonderful things that gave rocket . science games that kind of hollywood air . supposedly it was like any other silicon . valley company with people working at . all hours of the night and as it happens . this was ellen's second job during the . day he would be at the pinnacle research . institute working on ultra capacitors . ultimately wouldn't stay long at either . place because he would of course go on. to start his own company in 1995 but n . are we looking at lord star yet it is . kind of par for the course er for these . kind of fmv games and this did look a . bit shinier it does look like a fancier . flashy er version of sewer shark with . better production values all round the . main meat of the game is spent driving . along the rails and shooting at targets . and occasionally picking out which way . to go now if you kids are at there . making jokes about what us all people . used to consider games trust me even we . were very skeptical about this it did . look flashy but it did not convince any . of the real gamers and the fmv market . can't a fade it away thankfully elon . would also be credited in cadillacs and . dinosaurs the second cataclysm yet again . another fmv game for the sega cd and pc . dos and rocket science games would . actually go on to make a few more games . eventually getting out of the fmv thing . and starting to make some legitimate . games with their final game rocket . jockeys even having a little bit of a . fan following with where people actually . asking for a modern remake and i have to . say looking at the videos off it i would . quite like to play this . it looks like what would happen if i . took kerbal space program built a rocket . bike and then mess around with tethers i . cannot see anything bad about this . concept at all and we ilan's worked for . rocket science games wasn't as first. brush with their games development back . and there are ladies he actually wrote . some stuff for the vic-20 and he sold . that he sold one of his listings to a . magazine which published the game and of . course somebody nice to dig it up and . make it work on the internet so you can . actually go and play blastaar and i'm . gonna say it's a bit the same quality is . the games that i wrote back in 1983 just . makes me wish that i'd actually sent . some of my listings into the magazines . because he kept errantly get paid $500 . for this piece of crap and i'm sure if . you look around you'll find that elan . isn't the only big name in space that. has a dabbled in video game development . i know that andy weir worked on warcraft . 2 for example but equally i imagine . there's a number of people at spacex . that have a background in video games . because several years of the games . developer conference spacex has had a . booth there where they've been trying to . recruit engineers perhaps because they . have experience in real time control . systems or they understand gpus and . there's a great video where spacex. engineers sure how they're using gpus to . accelerate the hydrodynamics codes but . anyway looking back at tullibardine yeah . it is an interesting window into a . different time in video game development . and honestly i don't miss it and i'm . glad that most game devs realized that . cutscenes are not gameplay . i'm scott manley fly safe . 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