First footage of deep-sea anglerfish pair

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story by
Katie Langin
video footage
Kirsten and Joachim Jakobsen
Rebikoff-Niggeler Foundation
C. Chun, Wissenschaftliche Ergebnisse der
Deutschen Tiefsee-Expedition auf dem
Dampfer "Valdivia" (1898-1899)
preserved anglerfish photo
β€œVIII. Catacombae. Sepulcrum romanum Largo”
"Cum mortuis in lingua mortua Andante non troppo con lamento"
composed by Modest Mussorgsky
performed by Skidmore College Orchestra
This is a deep-sea anglerfish mating . pair these animals have rarely been . observed in their natural habitat . hundreds to thousands of metres below . the ocean's surface you're watching one . of the few known videos and this one . shows a sexually parasitic pair for the . first time that means during mating the . tiny male is permanently attached to the . female he gets nutrients and she gets . sperm these specialized fish rarely . survive the journey to the surface . before now most deep-sea anglerfish. studies used dead animals pulled up in . nets and sometimes preserved in museums . in this case the research team used a . special submersible designed to capture . images of creatures that live at these . great depths like most other members of . its order this angler fish is known for . the bioluminescent lure like appendage . that drifts in front of its mouth to . attract prey but this is the first time . that what might be bioluminescence on . the fish's filaments has been documented . the swaying swarm of thin projections. around the angler may act like a 3d . array of cat whiskers sensing danger and . prey in the environment . there's little to eat at the step and it . is very cold. leaving anglerfish with few calories to . spare so it makes sense that as this . video shows the anglerfish female seems . to use very little energy slowly . drifting and rolling through the water . but we don't know much about their . metabolism the bacteria that supply . their glow or how the female's body . doesn't reject the males the special . ship that took this video has been in . operation since 2013 and there aren't . many like it in the world so chances are . many anglerfish mysteries will stay that . way for some time to come . you . .
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