Galaxy S9 Plus unboxing: Everything you get

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Samsung's shiny new phone, unveiled at Mobile World Congress 2018, comes in a tidy little box along with some valuable extras.
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I've just come back from samsung's booth . at mobile world congress here in . barcelona and i bought one of the new . galaxy s 9 phones with me don't worry . they know i have it and we are going to . unbox this together we're actually going . to unpack packet also because this is . how i brought it over here so come on . over we'll take a look . i actually wrapped it up in my scarf to. protect the edges from getting dinged in . my backpack and because it's a long way . from the convention center here to my . hotel so here we go we've got the galaxy . s 9 plus this is the 64 gigabyte version . and this is actually a uk edition i'll . be getting the us version later the box . is black it looks really similar in . design so far two previous galaxy models . you can see that the writing is this . sort of metallic blue that says s9 + . does that mean the phone is blue now . unfortunately it is midnight black but i . begged and pleaded for the purple . version or at least the coral blue color. or at least silver and we applied so it . will be a little bit hard to see some of . those details but we'll do the best that . we can here's the rest of the box you've . got your basic specs on the back not a . whole lot to see here anyway we're gonna . take the sleeve off just slides right. off here pop it down and you've got . again similar very similar box design it . kind of slides out through a tab on the . side and then it will unwrap let's . unwrap this and on the table it goes . okay . so now we've got the little tab if . information looks like there's a sim . card holder in here as well so there's . our sim tool this is what we would use . to put the sim card in sorry quick start . guide this is all the usual basic stuff . i'm not really excited about that . do not accept if the seal is broken okay . well we'll just keep going alright . tipping out the phone . i'm getting ahead of myself here the . phone is wrapped in plastic this is . always really satisfying seriously one . of my favorite parts it's taking off all . the plastic because i just cannot stand . it there so oh interesting it's not . covering the edge see the sticker on the . back oh good oh good no residue there . very minimal that's kind of nice and . then i always check along the edges it . could take forever so the sticker on the . bottom it's kind of going around the . port's you can see there's still a . headset jack on this phone that's a . major selling feature for some in fact . samsung took a miss no opportunity to . make fun of apple especially and other . phone makers that had skipped that jack . okay. so now we've got the phone it's . unwrapped you can see it's the s9 plus . because of the dual cameras on the back . the fingerprint sensor that's underneath. the display and then we of course have . the heartrate monitor over here there's . a new special feature not just takes. your heart rate but it can also kind of . check your blood pressure so that's new . there the exterior we have the big speed . button here on the side and no . unfortunately that cannot be mapped to . open any other apps samsung wants that . for big speed only volume button a sim . card holder for that sim card tool that . will come out there power button along . the side and then the ports we talked . about so we've got a microphone down . here we've got the headset jack and . we've got the usbc port let's turn it on . startup screen pretty basic no fireworks . yet it's pretty usual graphic for sam's . i wonder how much battery of this device . has right now getting started well while . we let that do its thing let's see what . what else is in the box so we've got the . little separator i mentioned okay i . guess this is a european charger here we . go so that's an adaptive fast charging. so this will be fast charging for the . phone it is of course wires wirelessly . chargeable as well but you'll have to . buy that charging pad after the fact . here we've got a usb connector so usba . on one side two usb see these actually . come in handy more often than you would . think . alright further destroying the box . nothing there want the good stuff i want . the headset this is an akg wired headset . to go with that wired headset jack . samsung acquired the company and which . is why these better than average way . better than average headsets come with . the phone otherwise they retail for . about $100 there are little stickers on . the ends of these two and since i really . don't like stickers i'm just gonna pull . those off as well because why not. on the sound front one of the things the . s9 + and s9 come with and it's dolby . software on there that will make the . phone sound a lot better when you use . not a headset but the speaker at the top . and then a microphone at the bottom but . if you do want to plug in there you go . comes right in the box we also have a . couple two other ear tip sizes we just . had a little mini crash there but we . have to x-ray at your tip sizes in case . the ones that come on the end are too. big or too small and finally there is a . usb a 2 c cable so this is what you are . going to plug it in to your charging . brick and then plug that in the wall and . of course i like it when they're not . attached because you can use this for . any number of things . take out the cable you know stick it . into your computer charger phone that . way or just connect it to transfer files . so that is pretty much it for the . unboxing i've made a mess of things i'm . going to go and set up this phone and . then we will be back with more . comparisons live between the galaxy s 9 . plus and the galaxy s 8 tune in for more . .
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