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[music]. so after a couple days with this phone . the biggest thing that i get out of the . way is the fact that the s9 lineup as a . whole is by no means a major overhaul . compared to the s8 but more so a . refinement i will say that as far as . what comes inside the box it's a little . bit of a golfclap to samsung because. there is a ton of stuff packed inside . outside of the quickstart guide which . i'm not sure how many thoughts are still. used you get a fast charge power brick a . usb cd usb a cable a usb a two usbc . adapter a pair of akg headphones and a . sim card tool now the akechi headphones . they sound good they're not amazing but . the bigger statement here from samsung . is that they've held their ground and in . a year where headphone jacks are few and. far between that is here on the galaxy s . nine and i know that is a huge deal to a . lot of people out there the biggest . cosmetic difference you'll probably . notice with the s9 and s 9 plus is the . fingerprint reader which is now right . smack under the camera no longer . awkwardly to the right where you have to . move your finger around and guess this . here of course is midnight black or is . it black camo from d brand and i'm not . gonna tell you some silly reason that . you need this because your phone is . slippery you're gonna want it because it . looks awesome link below now the one . thing that i think is gonna get . overlooked with the s9 and s9 plus has . got to be the display still features . that same super tall 18 and 1/2 on an . infinity display but after using the . pixel to excel in the iphone 10 coming . back to this you forget how freaking . good it is in this case with the galaxy . s 9 plus it is a 6. 2 inch display with a . 29 60 by 1440 resolution the galaxy s 9 . is gonna be slightly smaller at five . point eight inches but it's gonna retain . the same resolution the s 9 plus in a . way is almost gonna give you note 8 like . features without the s-pen if that makes . sense you have dual cameras a main . wide-angle lens it's gonna feature the. dual aperture that is shared across the . regular galaxy s 9 and then the . secondary lens it's gonna give you two . times zoom honestly one of the biggest . things you've probably heard surrounding . the galaxy s 9 it's going to be that . variable aperture camera that's where. it'll adapt and lower lighting . conditions and switch from have 2. 4 down . to f 1. 5 a lot of people out there love . but at the same time some people say . it's a little bit of a gimmick which . isn't entirely crazy yes it is super fun . to look at especially when you're in . promo when you can switch back and forth . in fact here is a super close-up slow-mo . shot at 200 fps strangely satisfying. right what does that actually translate . to so to give an example of how much . extra light is being light and what i . did was lock everything off in pro mode . this shot here is at f 1. 5 and with the . exact same settings - changed into f 2. 4 . you can see how much darker the image is . conversely what i did was change shutter. speed automatic that way it would. compensate and keep the exposure around . the same with the f 1. 5 compared to 2. 4 . you can see there's a little bit more of . that blurred out shallow depth-of-field . it's not a ton but it is definitely . there from there in a more extreme . low-light situation to paint the picture . here it's about 6:15 p. m. well after sunset you can see pretty . much the only thing lighting my face is . the phone itself to kind of replicate . the same idea i locked everything off . took one shot at f 2. 4 where you can see . that kind of matches how everything . looked outside but then bumping that up. to f 1. 5 you can see there's a huge. difference in light the one downside it . will say though especially as we look . closer at this picture is the entire . image as a whole is a little bit soft . compared to f 2. 4 so it's kind of . trade-off you get more light but at the . same time the image isn't as sharp so . this is a mind-blowing game-changing . revolutionary feature i would say . definitely know but at the same time it . doesn't mean we should take away from . the overall performance of the s-plane . camera which is really good low-light . performance is fantastic and of course . when you're shooting during the day . you're gonna get some amazing photos you . have greater dynamic range it's super. sharp the colors are beautiful and i . will say as a whole the camera app is. much more intuitive and easier to use . with previous galaxy camera ui is a . little clunky a little hard to navigate . but with this you simply swipe over from . set into setting which is way easier to . use so the camera is fantastic but that . other feature you most likely heard. about as well it's got to be that 960 . fps slow-motion video that i sent that . one guy out there a comment yes i . realized this feature is not brand new. or exclusive to the galaxy s 9 and it . was on sony phones last year but at the . same time it doesn't make it any less . awesome that it's here there are . actually two ways to operate this you . can manually trigger it which is gonna . give you a very short burst of recording . or you can set it to automatic where . it's gonna look for that action and then . record that and then automatically put . that in slow motion i will say though . with slow motion as a whole especially . when you're dealing with the sensor size . on a camera you need a ton of light to . really make it look good in this case me . and which were outside . getting closer to sunset so we didn't . have the most light in the world and you . can see the results with the footage are . a little bit grainy but still pretty . damn cool nonetheless . [music]. from now the other thing if the camera. subsequently leads to is going to be a . are emoji which i have a ton of mixed . feelings on it essentially scans your . face and turns you into this 3d . trackable bitmoji looking creation this . kind of looks like me which is a little . bit creepy i'm not sure how many people . will actually dig that i think more so . what people will end up use and it's . going to be the gif feature where it . turns you into a moving gif which is . actually kind of cool i will say though . samsung's choice of animals are a little . bit weird we have this rabbit looking . thing we have this blue creature which. i'm kind of thinking is maybe a dog so . they are emoji now from there these are. nubs of difference with the s 9 + s 9 + . are going to be stereo speakers and as . far as what that translates to over the . s 8 here is a comparison of the s 9 + . with stereo speakers and the single . speaker on the s 8 i will say it's not . mind-blowing or again a reason why you . need to go sell your galaxy s8 to . upgrade just for this feature alone but . there's definitely different i'd say the . biggest thing i notice is probably gonna . be the fullness especially when you're . consuming media you have sound firing . both ways and that kind of translates . into a fuller more immersive audio . experience as opposed to a noticeable . louder experience if that makes sense. either way though if you've never used. stereo speakers on a smartphone it is . awesome so there's my impressions on the . galaxy s 9 plus after a couple days . hopefully enjoyed the video if you did . and you are feeling like being awesome . make sure you guys smash that like. button definitely i spend some more time . with us for the full more in-depth . review so there's anything you want see . covered or you have questions drop me a . line down below this is jonathan and i . will catch you guys later . you . [music]. .
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