Giant Mousetrap powered Car

This is just a mini-video to announce i've been filming with a TV show for the past few months! Hope this video finishes uploading by the time the episode airs!
Hey everybody back here in scientists . here today i'm here to show you a really . cool project you know the mousetrap cars . that you might have made in middle . school well this time i've super-sized. it using my giant mousetrap that i used . for smashing things so basically how . this works is there's this bar over here . and as you spin the wheels it pulls the . bar down right and then you take a bar . let me take the bar and you lock it into . place like this next you come over here . and you tighten up the motor now that . spring is nice and tight so all that's . left to do just pull this forward there . you have it and it's that simple let's . see if it works i was like intimidated . at first it's making some funny noises . oh look at it actually works . don't steering into it huh out of gas ah . so there it is that's the mousetrap car . it actually works so you want to try it . come on you're smaller and lighter than . me you should be able to get more . distance i just did it you can do it . riley you do it okay we're just gonna . okay we don't have the jack this time so . what we're gonna do is just wrap this . right around the axle and then just back . the whole car up and that should wind it . up give me some slack here . [applause]. well so it works that's the mouse trap . card let me show you some things i . didn't go over the first time so what we . have here is an electric winch that's . hooked up to a car battery if i push . this button the mousetrap goes down it . goes forward so that's how that works . now the steering i designed all by. myself it's basically just like. something you would find in a go-cart . belt sander you know that fancy our . running watch that you got on yeah tells . you how fast you're going doesn't it . yeah so i think you've gotta you've . gotta try it now oh you got a little sit . on the front part yeah otherwise you may . die and then you put your feet up on the . their bars up here i know you're i could . ride it i was surfing while my brother . was on it you're fine okay no that's . just a suspension it's it's a feature . not a bug okay all right we're ready to . go you nervous yeah it's not that bad . but on the surface he looks calm and. ready is watch on yeah okay riley no hit . it three . she's off to a slow start that's okay . you can turn . doesn't even pick it up there you go . how fast it's too slow to pick it up on . my wall . no there's no great sorry i mean you got . great distance you you probably went . like i don't know probably went like 150 . feet that's got to be a new record . woohoo new record is this thing is a . blast but it is getting really dark . outside so i think that's gonna have to . be it for the mousetrap card for it . tonight but i wanted to tell you about . the mousetrap car right now because if . you didn't notice i've been on a tv show . right now i've been on a tv show on the . science channel called street science . and we're doing an episode on this mouse . trap card tonight at 10 o'clock . watch it on the science channel it was a . blast they closed off two city blocks . down in tampa and i went through went . down the whole street it was pretty cool . even though the news stations were there . to make fun of me for how slow is going . it was pretty cool so check that episode . out and watch the rest of them this this . mousetrap car might make it back in . future videos i might do some . modifications to try to increase the. speed but for now i think it's pretty . cool i think it's safe to say that this . is the biggest mousetrap car in the . world so this video is just a short you . know i just wanted to show you this . invention and you know that's it see you . guys next week for a regular full normal . video see you next time bye oh yeah . happy thanksgiving. thanks now push me push me home to the . garage turning i made it ah this thing . handles like a boat there's a thing . there was a thing okay . no no it's bye see you guys . .

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