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Nissan gave me the opportunity to check out the 2017 Nissan Rogue: Rogue One Star Wars Limited Edition. This Limited Edition model is 1/5400.
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So today it's it's a little bit of an . unusual one i know this is surprised . component to it. jack has basically been feeding me the. information i know he's partially behind. it in collaboration with nissan and i'm . like so anyway i gave him the keys to . the new studio and now he asked me to. come over there and visit. let's see what's up. it's a very very large box. click me this this is more what i'm used . to hear to lose from santa okay i . legitimately do not know what to expect . him i feel like it's christmas morning . over there something hohol that is legit . this is like movie realistic right here . there's a little bass forward as well . star wars death trooper one-to-one scale . helmet replica wow check that out . i'm not sure what's gonna happen when i . hit this button nada me says clip me so . you know we got to pick it up . whoa what i'm catching the theme now the . road 1b this thing looks like a . stormtrooper right with the with the . black grille and the black wheels road . one star wars limited-edition you've got . some star wars emblems on the back over . here right here to be reminded that. you've got the limited edition watching . look at that there's a light up star . wars logo right here. oh evan and floor mats as special as . well oh i got the glass roof on this one . real knife look inside the cup holders . similar to the badges on the outside the . reflected on the inside of the cup . holders as well you chain one in one . salad. wow there's a mat 3d keychain and a . glossy 3d keychain limited edition . that's the rare one 1 in 1,000 get your . usb auxiliary you guys going to be . interested in that power. alright so the first one is the shade. right and then you get the glass the . full panel glass and then you got the . sunroof as well as fit for a . stormtrooper right there. i know it's over here we got us we got a . sport mode this is all-wheel drive suv . right as you know is the eco mode as . well so there's a display in between . your speedometer i kindly put the flat . edge on the steering wheel your controls . here for answering any phone calls of . course it's got the bluetooth . oh yeah i'm seeing the color now you see . pinkish purple color coming in there you . can change the color you can clean it . out change that to read it's the instant . darkside curious i want to see how big . the trunk and then i just noticed got a . backup camera at the month . you got to have this . privacy yes . check it out that the spare there as . well maybe i don't you're out on some . kind of special mission. oh you know what sometimes i get . squashed in the backseat . this is decent cup holders come down . there you go. more cargo we check out the sound system . right thing for your phone using your . handset device called my car . ok ok . [music]. pictures jack cruising star wars now to . get the multimedia controls on the wheel . [music]. ok . so what you guys are looking at here is . a legitimately limited nissan rogue . secured star wars' pan and you're . looking for your vehicle to somehow. commemorate your love for the star wars . universe. this is as close as you're ever going to . get and there's only font> in the . us and 400 in canada this helmet which . i'm box first of this debt trooper this . thing in and of itself is completely. limited the only way to get this is. along with the vehicle so that's. included you've also got the custom. paint set up where you've got blacked . out rims blacked-out handles as well as . the roof rack led headlights led . indicators and of course the entire. interior if you've got a family member a . friend anybody you know who's into star . wars you got to share this one because . this thing is incredibly limited. incredibly unique . .
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