Google Home Review: Assistant in a Box!

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Hey whats up guys and phd here and this is a google home so if you would pay attention over the past couple of months you've noticed google is pretty big hey i push for artificial intelligence so you know they've built in google assistant into the latest pixel phones they've gotten better with getting cards and google now but just generally getting better at displaying useful information so this google home thing is kind of an extension of that it's essentially a small air freshener looking plastic computer with google assistant built-in you can kind of think of it as google's version of what amazon's doing with the echo and alexa except obviously with google smart so the hardware itself is pretty simple looking i think you can fit into most home environments or apartments and not stand out which actually think it's a good trait it doesn't look like a shiny metal tube or anything not that those are bad but i kinda like it when technology blends in and does not to stand out to do its job so the top here is a touchpad and has some led lights behind it that can move when it's doing things and a touchpad can actually be used to do stuff like change the speaker volume or touch to play pause media etc and that speaker is at the bottom there's actually a couple of speakers facing every direction along with the microphones to hear your voice and the speaker quality is pretty good it's obviously not going to replace your home stereo or any dedicated speakers or anything but it's definitely better than the speakers you have in your phone and that's about as good as it really has to be it's actually also really easy to replace the bottom speaker grill with other colors in case the gray-on-gray air freshener look isn't doing it for you so once you set it up with your google account it will listen to you with those microphones up top and respond to you that's basically the product here's what it can do ok google how's the weather right now in kearny it's 56 with rain it'll be rainy there today with a forecasted high of 60 and a low of 53 a google how far away is the moon the moon is miles from earth google as my day look good day marcus it is 12-4 p. m. the weathering carney currently is 56 degrees and rain with a high of degrees tomorrow at 8am you have left have a wonderful day here's the latest news from npr news summary at 11am today support for this podcast and the following message come from stop hey google play my favorites playlist alright playing your spotify playlist called favorites ok google next song google stop google a green eggs and ham to my shopping list ok i've added green eggs and ham to your shopping list google play the latest mkbhd video on the tv sure playing latest mkbhd videos from youtube on down if there's a google how many ounces are in three pounds three pounds equals 48 ounces google set a timer for 10 seconds sure 10 seconds and here we go google play espn radio okay espn radio from the espn network playing on tune in and senator i don't care bob and like their question would improve occasionally different action up for me would implicate only jim stop one ok google was your birthday i try to live every day like it's my birthday i get more cake that way hey google let's play a game we can play lucky trivia matte lips or crystal ball what do you want to try crystal ball okay let me find an appropriately weird tablecloth come closer closer closer okay stop quiet your mind and focus the crystal ball shall tell your fate now ask yes or no question are you going to give a thumbs up on this video the all-knowing crystal ball says probably not that's what does a ton of cool stuff and it can be really useful so that's awesome but i would say it is not complete at all it doesn't get a couple software updates pretty soundly over-the-air so that's good but it's not completing generally the main thing holding it back is it's a one-person device still like your phone but not necessarily like your home like your homie you know your apartment or whatever you have multiple people in there and will be really nice if you could have it replied different answers to different people depending on who's asking the question but the voice recognition is not that good so it's just signing into one account and giving one answers to one person just like you're funny i really think that could be the next level of this like if i sign into my account and i have a roommate and he sends into his account i asked how my calendar looks it reads from my calendar he asked five minutes later in his voice how his calendar looks he gives an answer from his calendar but isn't there yet voice recognition isn't quite that good it's not that smart so for now it's a one account device one person one google home so does anyone really like do you need one of these probably not um google home like it's a really nice gift i think it's also usually discounted around this time of year so i'll leave a link below if you're interested but generally you know it's a mild convenience but once you get used to it it's kind of nice to have i've had 1i have to have to in my house one upstairs one downstairs and i've gotten used to having like that ability to just ask it you know how the traffic to work or what is my calendar look like that's kind of the general consensus for google home it's a mild convenience but once you get used to it it's kind of nice to have that's basically it thanks for watching talk to guys the next one piece
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