Google Pixel 2 Unboxing! (Best Android 8.0 Features)

Second look at Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL with the retail boxes!
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[music]. hey what's up guy is mkbhd here and . there's probably a lot of videos in your . subscription box right around now i'm . glad to click this one this one will be . a little different this is your official . unboxing of the google pixel 2 and the . google pixel 2 xl retail packaging so by . the time you're seeing this video i've . already had a pixel - for around a week . and i'm putting together the full review . right now literally as you're watching . this but i did want to give you guys a . few quick thoughts as i'm finishing . testing so obviously we can get these . first impressions in the crowded . hands-on area that was a little while . ago but seeing the phone again in your . own hands is always a little bit of a . different experience so you can see . everything here that comes in the box . for both pixel 2 and pixel 2 xl wall . adapter usb c cables 2017 smartphone . starter kit dongle the whole deal this . unboxing is of course of the pixel but . then of course what do you know i've . been testing the xl so mine is already . fully setup so this is our second look . at the phone and of course it's our . second look at these bezels in real life . but honestly the more i look at them the . less ugly they look and i feel like they . may also be necessary for the squeeze . feature to activate google assistant but . i'll definitely have more on that in the . full review and also the soft touch . metal all the way around the body of . this phone has held up pretty well it's . a pretty medium to lightweight phone but . it holds up to pretty much zero scratch . damage and it's surprisingly good at . repelling finger prints with whatever . oleophobic coating they're using on it i . like it. but really what i wanted to dive into in . this video is to show that basically in . the time that i've been using this phone . and the previous generations it's become . pretty obvious that the differentiating . factor when you're trying to pick which . of these phones to buy for this one it's . the software software experience with . android 8. 0 oreo on the pixel - it's . full of little things and little . features that you might call it polish . but it to me it's just kind of things . that make you go oh yeah that's that's . that's really nice that's a good thing . they thought of that that's maybe the. best way i can describe it so while this . isn't the most stunning hardware in the . world there is a lot of cool stuff going . on in a software department so let's . break it down . number one the settings app is redone . and cleaned up and sorted so different . android skins handle the ever-increasing . number of extra features in android in . different ways you know some of them . spread them out more some of them are . very cool . well this one is more into nesting the . less used features but overall i think. this is super clean you have a . consistent theme you have the search . function that works really really well. it's white and blue so it's really easy . on the eyes i'm a big fan of the . settings app in this new version of . android now number two is the now . playing feature which is pretty freakin . incredible so this is the feature that's . supposed to proactively tell you what. song is playing where you are on your . phone before you have to even ask it to . it works most of the time not all the . time but a lot of the times when you'd . experience that sort of a desire to know . what song's playing when you're in like . a coffee shop or in some place where . music is playing it's usually a pretty . popular song and that's why it works . often but it's using the o's on mics on . this phone and it's using pixels ambient . services to pull from a pool of tens of . thousands of songs which doesn't sound . like much but that's usually enough . based on like we said where you're . hearing these songs so basically when it . does recognize one of the songs you're . listening to it works as advertised it. shows up on your lock screen you can . drag down your notifications and . actually click on that song that it's . identified for you and maybe play it on. youtube or add it to a spotify playlist . whatever you want to do with it it's . pretty solid. the only downside was i did get . rickrolled recently i know you're . judging me for that but it was actually . way funnier like three minutes later . when i saw never gonna give you up on my . lockscreen . thanks internet now number three is . google lens and this was the image . recognition software that we're seeing . both built into google photos and in the . camera and eventually gonna be on its . own its pixel exclusive for now and it's . just basically starting to work on our . phones. basically google lens is best at . identifying things with text in them . it's basically doing a reverse google . image search and anytime you do a . reverse google image search . adding text is really really good for . narrowing down what you're looking at so . this house will add photo i took is a . great example when you look at the . wide-angle photo with the whole shape of . the camera the text isn't necessarily in . focus and i hate google lens and it just . kind of knows it's a camera but when i . do a second close-up photo where you can . see the text hasselblad is more infocus . google ends definitely recognizes that . text and adds it to its search and it's. more able to properly identify what it's . looking at by adding that so overall i . didn't go out of my way to use google . lens that much but when i did it was . really cool to see it didn't really . approach . me the way something like the now . playing feature did it just kind of . appeared in my face but i think this is . one of the things that will also get . better with time especially seeing how . much ai is a forward focus with google . right now i expect it to and the number . four is i just want to say the new . picture-in-picture implementation for. the new youtube app on these phones is . fantastic essentially you used to hit . the home button before and it would . immediately go into background play and . whatever video you're watching would not . be visible on these phones you're . watching a youtube video you hit the . home button and it shrinks perfectly . into a picture-in-picture window that. you can still manipulate and move around . the page and use it in the background i . want to bring it back you could tap on . it and fullscreen the video again i . think it's great and then number five . the wallpapers yes the wallpapers on . this phone are super dope normally i use. an app called backdrops if a lot of . you've been wondering where some of the . backgrounds on my phones have been. coming from lately that's the app i . usually get them from those are the . still static photos but these are. different remember live wallpapers way . back in the day on android where you . used to be able to like touch them to . interact with them when they were brand . new they were a little resource . intensive you know the powerful phones . could get away with running them in the. background but not everyone could do it . these on these new pixels are sort of . like the 2017 next-level modern version . of that so you go to load up one of . these wallpapers and it looks pretty . simple at first nothing too fancy here . but if you look closely if you look . closely on this one check out the cars . driving on that road down there under . the clouds these tiny little moving . objects still going at a high frame rate . barely noticeable unless you're actually . looking at them or these these three . little i guess they're hot-air balloons . flying over monument valley again super . subtle but you wouldn't even know that . they're moving us you were looking for . them or this one my personal favorite . actually the waves crashing down on the . beach at this well-known coastline in . lagos these are sweet and good news with . this part is they aren't pixel exclusive. technically they've already been ported. out so i'll leave a link right below . that like button to get these and put . them on your own android phone if you . want them right now but yeah there's way . more stuff i have to share with . everything from like the little things . like notifications improvements on this . phone or the stabilization in the video. camera all the way up to long-term . battery life and performance all this . will be in the full review i know i just . did a video . dxo mark but the claim for best camera . in any smartphone yeah that also does . hold up here so there's a lot to unpack . expect the full review and a couple days . a little bit down the road but this has . been fun for the the first impressions . on the unboxing thank you for watching . talk to you guys the next one peace . [music]. .
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