Google Pixelbook: $1000 of Weird!

Pixelbook is a $1000 2-in-1 laptop/tablet and it's super weird.
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Hey what is up guys mtv hd here and this . is google pixel book love the name this . thing was announced alongside that pixel . - and it's in google's holiday season . product line up alongside the home many . and other things like that . and this thing is really weird to me now . i love the chromebook pixel which was . the last high-end chromebook that google . made but i was very careful to only . recommend it to certain smaller groups. of people who knew what they were . getting themselves into this pixel book . while it is an amazing piece of hardware . is even harder to recommend to an even. smaller group of people because of how . all its weirdness . so pixel book is a high-end laptop with . a touchscreen that folds over into . tablet mode and runs chrome os and it . starts at a thousand bucks so ok . aesthetically it is pretty nice it takes . after the pixel smartphones with the . glass window up top and this all-metal . very angular boxy design it's super thin . i don't even think i've ever held a . laptop this thin before and this thing . feels like more like a thick tablet . instead of a thin laptop it's crazy . sharp so i'm honestly a big fan of the . aesthetics on the outside the soft palm . rests surrounding the touchpad is really . cool. minimal fingerprints are gonna show with . this design with the silver and white . color combo and even the hinge is pretty. sturdy and minimal the thing is flanked . by two usb sea ports one on either side . and of course both can be used for . charging and there's a headphone jack . and that's it i guess that's all the i/o . most laptops seem to need these days so . that doesn't strike me as weird at the . core and inside you're looking at a . seventh generation intel core i5 eight . gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage really . beefy specs at the baseline version and . you can bump it up to an i7 and 16 gigs . of ram and a half terabyte nvme ssd if . you want which is nuts and then all . about the front is the 12 inch four by . three display it's a crispy bright 2400 . by 1600 touchscreen display the whole . thing is fanless you know all . solid-state no moving parts basically . this hardware actually has a lot going . on that wouldn't make you blink twice at . that thousand dollar price tag but . here's the thing and you probably saw . this coming at a thousand bucks you know . you could say okay this . nice hardware i can see that but this . thing is running chrome os you know what . else you can get for a thousand bucks . the highest and biggest newest ipad pro . you know ellison get four thousand bucks . the microsoft surface laptop a macbook . air so this thing is kind of competing . with those in that price point and then . my philosophy on tune ones has always . kind of been when you trying to be both . a laptop and a tablet you inevitably get . a little bit worse at being a laptop . than dedicated laptops and a little bit . worse. at being a tablet than dedicated tablets . so this is a decent laptop and a decent . tablet but it's not fantastic at either . but even more awkward about the pixel . book is just all the weird quirks it has . that add up these bezels around the . display definitely huge like bigger than . i think they need to be i understand you . know you need some place to put your . hands when you're holding a thing in. tablet mode but damn that is just weird . the speakers are just kind of behind the . keyboard and they don't sound that great . now i get that it's thin and it's . probably the only place they could fit . these speakers but couldn't they put a. grill about the top it's weird . flipping it around into tablet mode and . having the keyboard behind the display. like this no matter how long i use it it . feels weird every time i'm constantly. pressing keys on the back i know other . two and one laptops do this too and it . turns off the keyboards they're not . actually typing anything but still . holding something like this and trying . to ignore all the buttons on the back as . easy as they are at a press is just kind . of weird and i've said for years i've . always found using touchscreen laptops a . little bit awkward because of the hinge . wobble this one is no exception to that . rule and the screen jittering even . though the performance is fast when i . scroll through menus or long lists or . long pages on the pixel book there's . some serious ghosting and stuttering of. animations that i did not expect to see . on a chromebook with a core i5 and then . there is the pixel book pen this thing . is $100 accessory first of all so. there's that long metal tube with a . battery inside one button and the stylus . tip hundred bucks it doesn't come with . any replacement tips like even the ipads . pencil or surface stylists do and most . others do weird this thing uses . quadruple a batteries what have you ever . heard of these . luckily there's supposed to last about a . year each but wow okay that is also . pretty weird . and you'd think they would have thought . of this but there's really just no place . to keep it when you're not using it . there's no magnet no clip if you don't . have that it's just kind of rolling . around loose and you have to press it . obnoxiously hard to actually use it has . anyone actually tried to use this stylus . i have a hard time finding other . people's reviews talking about this but . maybe mine has some sort of problem . because it doesn't work at all with . normal pressure that i might use with . apple's pencil for example the only way . i can get it to work reliably is by . pressing so hard that i'm literally . bending the display a little like you. can see it here and at that point it . obviously doesn't feel natural anymore . super weird and then there is chrome os . so you guys already know chrome pretty . well obviously it's been limited for a . while by not having all of the . professional apps so when buying a. thousand dollar laptop might use but to . be fair this is all most people really . need it's all your web apps and all of . your android apps from the play store . but there's no doubt you can do more . with a full fledged desktop os like on a . mac or a windows laptop most of the . adobe suite is missing certain apps you . won't find if you're a student even on . the ipad the app store is much more . massive and more importantly more . optimized and then another weird thing . is now that you have the play store and . the chrome store a lot of times on this . pixel book you have two options for the . same service the web app in chrome or . the android app so youtube for example . there's two icons on my launcher a web . app for youtube. com or the android . youtube app and they do a good job of . distinguishing between them so you never . really get them confused but it's just . kind of weird to sometimes open the . youtube app in desktop mode when i'm . using it as a laptop but then other . times open it as a tablet mode when i . want to kick back but look among all . this weirdness don't get me wrong chrome. os definitely has its advantages like . some really cool features on this guy . pixel book automatically tethers to your . google pixel if you have one for mobile. data when you don't have wi-fi that's . pretty cool it has a couple custom . buttons on the keyboard that you . probably won't find anywhere else my . favorite probably being the assistant . button to call google assistant anytime . you want clearly you can see how hard . google is pushing it it has a power . button and a volume button on the side . kind of like an . tablet so you can hold down the power . button for a second to lock it when . you're going away and if you pair it to . your phone you can unlock pixel book . with your phone's fingerprint sensor . that is seriously cool and the stylus . has of course that one button where if . you hold it while circling an image . it'll do a google search for that image . to find what it is or where it came from . but are those two things enough to . justify you spending your thousand bucks . on this over a surface laptop or over an . ipad pro or over a macbook air i don't . really think so and so it's really . really hard for me to recommend pixel . book like i said when you make it two . and one like this you inevitably get a . little bit worse at being a laptop and a . little bit worse at being a tablet so . it's just kind of okay at both again so . that's pretty much it thank you for . watching talk together the next one pace . 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