GTA 5 Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus NVIDIA GameStream PS4 Controller Gameplay!

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Hey guys so a lot of people did enjoy my. video yesterday which gave are screaming. . . and then people want to know the apples. you know it's using teamviewer screaming. . . windows 10 machine and i got a comment. that it was a better apple we're able to. . . do this on android so the app is called. moon lights and i want to check it out. . . here this video and the good thing with. this app was that it was extremely easy. . . to that you can connect the ps controller or other gamepads to your. . . phone and the good thing here with ps controller is i'm just using a simple. . . adapter here. . . normal usb cable that works with the. piece for so is connected and easily. . . works i can see the cursor thing moves. around. . . so that's called moon night here man. always just start up see how it looks. . . i have my seam here so basically this. works in windows 10 machines and video. . . has a geforce experience app which makes. this possible so how much steam. . . steamapps here so it's just right here. to stop to keep the a5 and see how it. . . looks. . . it is starting running out of 5 and the. signs into my rockstar accounts and. . . video game stream is it cold here. . . you need a pretty good rather pretty. good graphics are also and stuff like. . . that but it doesn't seem to be better. than teamviewer because this is more. . . like an optimized experience the calyx. better also in terms of graphics which. . . is pretty interesting i find it see if. we can skip this of course is going to. . . load up the game. . . it usually takes a couple of minutes. here on your machine. . . ok so you see here we have the story. mode and all of those things and see if. . . i can quickly look up the game. . . my save game thank you have to go to. store my first and then i can take a. . . load my gain. . . this is loading down there in the corner. . . okay sweet so we loaded up here. . . he's increase the volume and the first. thing you notice is that it looks pretty. . . good. . . and also it's like direct the controls. are pretty nice here as well. . . you see i can take on my car. . . i think you have a car in here so i. should also say that i do have my rather. . . close here to get as good in here. . . it can be like 'hey if you have it or. away but let's just try to drive around. . . here a little bit and see the. performance. . . yeah. . . so far i haven't had a single the lag we. can. . . ok when we run away. . . so let's try to go a little bit fast. here see how it performs when tested. . . like render stuff obviously disease more. streaming now it is doing that. . . yeah. . . whoa. . . it's a money there your car here. . . take a few seconds. . . you can also go into graphic settings. and then try to change around to better. . . but i don't really feel you need to have. that high graphics you on the phone. . . because i mean it's such a small display. and you are kind of far away. . . so you're still not going to see all the. details. . . but a real ways price good technology is. becoming. . . yeah. . . terms of performance that we r. . . and we shouldn't go in there. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . see we can go up here in the mountains. . . yeah. . . let's go up here. . . feel not a single snowdown. . . there are people here. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . huh. . . uh. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . you really do forget that you are. playing on the phone with this night. . . performance. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . i think it's time to lose control here. . . yeah. . . yeah. . . sign up. . . oh mike get this far but the pretty. impressive things i like in four months. . . very good app you definitely probably do. want to shake it out if you can. . . and yeah your video was made peace. .
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