Guess What This Ferrari iPhone Case Can Do?

Not only does Ferrari have iPhone 6s cases, but their new iPhone 7 case has a crazy feature that can do something no other phone case can. Let's just say... how about instead of Fast & Furious why not Fast & Fragrant?
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Caption: Nope what's up guys oh i sound like a . little kid more than usual so right now . i am super stoked i'm so stoked about . this i just raced here to the post . office because the tracking number . updated for me basically i've been . waiting two months for this package to . come it's a ferrari made iphone case but. how this is different you know because . it's gotta be if there is a certain . feature that i have never seen before on . any iphone cases can hit it smells . really good why did i just snow my . finger like that oh yeah you should've . been there really that's not how i do . things . i'm at my post office right now let's go . on inside and see what's good two months . ago on ebay leave it like down below if . you guys want to check it out bam let's . go i gotta open this up love you know in . the comments you guys have heard of this . thing you don't even know that's right . you gotta keep watching from harare . it's my honda we called the ferrari to . ferrari let's go . dang cars locked what do you do love . this post office i was actually thinking . about doing like a p o box series where . you guys send me weird tax anything you . guys find and i'll open it up you guys . just gotta send me some stuff there's . the p o box address right there if . enough you guys send me packages i'll . make it a serious maybe you launched it . on like facebook or twitter you know who . knows so here's a package i'm really . excited . there's only one thing left to do dude i . waited two months for this . oh yeah oh yeah . this is it can you guys see this now . i've done a few videos on phone case . just cool phone cases before i did one . that looks like a gun one that's brass . knuckles i'll leave those link right up . there in the icard this is a ferrari . iphone case the catch is the secret . feature is it dispenses cologne or . perfume that's right you know that that . nice smell ferraris have now you have it. in cologne coming out of your iphone . case it works for the iphone 6 and 6s . they did make a 7 or a 10 version . fragrance spray protect . that's all you want is a ferrari owner. right now i gotta open this up we just . keep it up . wow dude this looks like the bay pipe . okay so you guys missed that video i'll . leave a link right up there same kind of . style case . no way no freakin way and then here is . the cologne scuderia ferrari . i took italian in high school for four . years so i think i got that right so you . just put that up to the iphone case and . you read gas it that doesn't smell too . bad . so to refill this i think you just pull . up on oh wow i'm a mess but i think i . got it so right in there is the nozzle . where you fill this up so basically you . just tilt it like this squeeze and it . will put cologne in here you see the . hole on this top piece which looks like . the protector weight now it makes sense . take that top piece off you pour it in . fills up when you want cologne to come . out. it was my first time doing that car . smells like a ferrari now it is the . harare my mouth tastes like a ferrari i . guess it was wrong on how you actually. refill this thing it's actually done on . the inside portion of the case so . there's this tab here pull this off and . bam there you have it you have the . cologne pouch it's basically liquid . inside an iphone case do you think you'd . be able to fly with this like i think . it's yet 25 milliliters when your stuff . goes through that scanner and they see . some liquid moving where your phone is i . don't think it's gonna work out too well . for you you just switch out these . pouches when you're done that's so much . cologne you're set for a year maybe two . maybe until the next iphone 10 comes out . i am i'm in love like this is the . greatest case ever . we're back in my place now and you guys . know like back in middle school high . school if you used to hold a flame up to . like axe cologne you could get a flame . thrower now that we had that in an . iphone case i want to see if it's . flammable i'm guessing it probably is . this is now the ferrari flamethrower . case if this works got the mist all . right here we go oh wow that that burned . my hand a little bit i'm probably not . gonna have any hairs i don't have hair . to begin with on my arm but nope we got . a flamethrower elon musk watch out hello . i'm elon musk last up i had to bring it . home we're outside the beverly hills . ferrari dealership right now i'd love to . go inside but i don't think they'd like . that very much that just kind of seems . like the ferrari thing hey if you're . watching you work a ferrari and you love . you'd love for me to come by and . beautiful gems please hit me up just . techsmartt on twitter so let's try out . that ferrari flame case sorry cologne . case perfume case kyle's about to get . hit by a bus case . thanks it's give it a nice old man walk . dude look at how far that shoots in . terms of cologne i know you're asking i . would say this is right around how hack . smells maybe like a little bit better i . don't wear cologne i got that natural . musk of fruit roll-ups oh yeah it's a . fruit roll-up that's just me but that's . gonna do it for this video thank you . guys so much for watching if you guys . enjoyed it make sure to drop a like hit . subscribe if you're new and follow us on . the instant story that's where it's . popping stalling behind the scenes might . actually go by one now alright i'll see . you guys later peace. .

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