I Bought a Bitcoin on Craigslist for $17,300

I found a guy on Craigslist selling bitcoin for cash so I wanted to buy one for $17,300. The price has been going crazy for the last month up and down. I want to give something to you guys though so I am doing a giveaway!
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We searched Craigslist in LA and called about five people before I found one who was actually willing to meet and sell us a whole bitcoin. We actually had to end up paying the 5% on the bitcoin, the plug called us back like 30 seconds after we said on video we didn't need to pay :( so that brings the total price of the bitcoin we paid $17,300.
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So we just came up with this idea we're . here at chase right now taking care of . some business and i haven't seen anyone . go out and buy a physical bitcoin i know . there's these bitcoin atms that exists . but since bitcoins like what seventeen . thousand dollars at the time we're . filming this video on a monday i want to . actually go pick one up i've never . actually like owned a full bitcoin and . sent to $17,000 what i'm imagining in my . head is a craigslist kind of deal i show. up with 17 grand i get a bitcoin i know . it's not physical it's like a digital . currency and i'm off on my way there's a . lot of like other things i haven't . thought about in terms of how we're . gonna get the money how we're gonna get. the coin how we're not gonna get killed . and ultimately how we're not gonna lose . money on the bitcoin like it's going up . and down who is at 13 grand yesterday . today it's at 17 tomorrow it could be a . hundred let's go get some money so right . now i'm on this app called coin base . this is where you can buy and sell . bitcoins online so you don't have to do . what we're about to do the current price . of the bitcoin is going for seventeen . thousand dollars and this is just on the . coin based app i'm gonna put up my coin . base referral if you guys i think buy . $100 with a bitcoin i get like a little . referral of $10 i'll let you know in the . description below you guys want to check . it out . i'll put my bitcoin address up here too . if any of you guys know the winklevoss . twins i actually created facebook now . i'm just playing . what we're about to do is head over to . the chase booths right over there and . pull out $20,000 in cash the way this . goes down is i'm imagining someone's. gonna want $17,000 for the bitcoin . that's what the price is going for now . and then probably want a little more . than market value i guess that's how . buying and selling works i'm hoping. they'll just take it at street value and . we can just get this for 17 grand it's . not looking likely once we go over then . get that cash the hunt begins to find . the coin junior 20s . hundreds okay we're gonna . i swear had the chase window right now . low-key pretty scared i've been a minute . since we pulled out this much cash last. time it was to buy 30 iphones at you . guys this time whirly buying one bitcoin . i wish i did this with bitcoin was a . thousand dollars so it's tuesday we . still got the cash from chase we haven't . been robbed yet the current price of one . bitcoin is seventeen thousand seven . hundred and ninety seven dollars so i . think it's gone up since last night you . can see the chart it's just kind of. going all up and down across the board i . mean this thing could be at 20 grand by . the time we actually buy one so what . we're gonna do now is call some people. on craigslist that are selling some . bitcoins hopefully this isn't as sketchy . as it sounds it really sounds bad . there's to be a site called local . bitcoins where you could meet up with . people and kind of facilitate . transactions that way it's since then . doesn't seem to be a thing in california . so we are using craigslist . we got a few numbers let's give them a . call so we're calling the first number . see if they pick up hi i saw your . listing on craigslist regarding selling . a bitcoin how many do you have all right . well thank you so much for your time i . appreciate a man all right let's try out . another number i guess the hunt . continues hey i saw your listing on . craigslist about selling some bitcoin. you mean you're gonna sell me no i want . to buy bitcoin from you you're selling . to me alright well thanks thanks so much . alright this is so hard this is so hard . hi i saw your listing on craigslist . about selling bitcoin and i'm just. serious alright would you be willing to . meet up at a police station for security . purposes we can get them in on it too . like what's your name what's your name . by chance nice to meet clean doctor well . that's the issue so coinbase doesn't . have enough supply for bitcoin right now . and we have cash that's kind of our . catch-22 right now and with coinbase you . have some limits and we're not able to . purchase an entire bitcoin with our . account status so that's that's why i'm . coming to the bitcoin doctor market . price will say is 18 grand right now. plus 10% 1800s so and just doing some . quick math you eighteen thousand eight. hundred dollars or whatever the market . rate is a bitcoin i'll give you a call . back at around fifteen minutes all right . thank you all right bye . we got a hit the bitcoin doctor seems . like he's coming through i'm kind of . excited i don't feel as sketched out as . i was going into all these calls he . seems like he's willing to meet up at a . police station ten percent i mean should . we have tried to negotiate that there's . a little too late whoa whoa wait 15 min . eaten a - playing hardball and gonna . make me wait til the last ring aren't . you . or straight-up ghost i might give it one . more ring hi so we made some calls and . here's what i'm willing to propose i'm . willing to buy one bitcoin at market . value so let's just say $18,000 and i'm . will. pay a 5% fee we can fix that at $900 and . we can come drive to you for convenience. sake if you want to just text us an . address of a police station but like . that's that's currently the best we can . do yeah okay what would you counter at . in terms of a percent so i i did some . digging there's a few other sellers on . craigslist i was looking at a few . bitcoin atms locally around here we do . want to buy one coin so i'm just trying . to see what the best way the best way we . can make this work is very very strong . holders and no i totally understand i. will go ahead and let you know tomorrow . if we're still interested if not it was . great speaking with you bitcoin doctor . that literally sounded like a robot if . this is what artificial intelligence is. gonna be in a year i'm scared . do you guys take bitcoin one day one day . while we try to find some bitcoin atms i . want to announce a quick bitcoin . giveaway so this use been amazing thank . you guys so much for all the support so . i'm gonna be giving away two thousand . five hundred dollars worth of bitcoin to . 10 lucky people. so each winner is gonna get around $250 . to the bitcoin all you have to do to . enter this giveaway is hit the link in . the description below it's right at the . top basically you just need to make sure . you subscribe drop a like on this video . and make sure you're following on . twitter and instagram it's popping over . there and then just hit the link in the . description below for the full rules if . you guys don't have a bitcoin account . super easy to create one get your wallet . address all set up this giveaway will be . lasting for 96 hours and i'll announce . the winners on instagram twitter and let . you guys know in the youtube comments - . let's hope some bitcoin atms don't scare . us so while we're waiting for the doctor . to lower his prices i went online and i . found that there's a local bitcoin atm. i'm sure you guys have heard about this . they kind of have high fees but that . this random liquor store so let's come . on let's go on some coins and a good . name do the name and so they even have . like coin on here i got my wallet right . here so here's my address if you guys . want to send me any bitcoin that'd be . bomb. seriously hook it up someone someone's. gotta have like one bitcoin they want a . sauce your boy so we're gonna scan this . on the machine you see the wallet . address is recognized so insert a cash . so far is zero which equals zero mega . btc one mini btc right right man i'm be . teasing ya 1m btc is going for twenty . four dollars and ten cents so one . bitcoin from this machine if we picked . it up would be twenty four thousand one . hundred dollars the current price of . bitcoin on coin base right now is going . for seventeen thousand eight hundred and . fifty four dollars they're making a lot . of bread that's the wallet i'm using . it's good pun there they're making a lot . of bread just off this machine let's . just try it out i want to see what it's . about. i'm gonna put i'm gonna put a little . cash in here i'm gonna give it 40 bucks . just want to see how this goes down you . guys want to try out your own bitcoin . atm this is kind of what the process . looks like the 20 bucks in and it . calculates how much em btc that's a . pretty hefty fee that is a pretty hefty . fee alright so we're just gonna hit five . bitcoins and just like that well that . was really easy and we just bought $40 . for the coins so basically when you buy . bitcoin from a machine they're pretty . much charging double i put $40 in and . the value i got was $20 i've literally . just lost $20 because i put it in an atm . what's interesting is though they have a. few alt coins so they got bch and they . have light coin they're charging 472 . dollars for the light coin but the . current price of light coin is going for . 350 bucks not a bad way to go basically . what went down in there is the guy . that's running the store pretty much . just watch me waste . twenty dollars into a machine it just . ate it right up bitcoin atms are cool . we're gonna go check out a few others . see if we get some better fees or else . we're gonna be calling up the doctor . letta move i thought that we just showed . up to another liquor store this one also . has a bitcoin atm but it's looking a . little more promising and we can . probably maybe avoid the doctor i don't . want to pay that 10% so it looks like . this atm wants to charge us eighteen . thousand two hundred and sixty-three . bucks at least that's what they're . marking it up the current price of . bitcoin is seventeen thousand five . hundred and sixty six bucks a start and . see what's good i'd love to avoid t
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