I Let My Dogs Walk Me For A Day!

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What's up everybody welcome back to. mobile to ever safety is number one . priority there is a turn going on . buzzfeed did it guava juice did it i let . my dogs walk me for a day so this is . what i'm going to do but i have two . huskies i can't just take one dog and . let him walk me for a day i'll let them . both walk me for a day. i bet luke is going to lead you guys. today a bit of a follower i'll be funny . to see what happens when they want to. try to go different directions alright . let's see what happens . got all the harnesses every time i bring . out harnesses they get so excited who . wants to go first you go you want to go . first come on not you look you go come . okay luke wants to go ahead luke is . going to break loose oh stop it . don't jump okay put it in good boy good . boy good boy . hey yoga don't be jealous you're gonna . go next. you next hyuga come back oh my gosh this . is gonna be nothing so excited thank you . [music]. [applause]. five minutes they're going to get all . excited because the huskies . [music]. i'm not taking for a walk hugo okay . there i did to go they excited all right . let's do this oh my god you guys have . bad workers every time a little mob they . think we're gonna go on a diet sit by . the car cuz they think we're gonna drive . they were why is the car isn't open . we're not going on a drive today i'm . sorry you guys have to walk me but you . cannot drive so what me somewhere so . what you just want to stand here okay . look i've decided somewhere to go you . could just follow him he's like okay . we're gonna walk this excited oh pete . i'm pete i'm pete i'm they like work in . each other they working too fast it's . not working guys fall down got a penalty . that's kind of limes . for you guys when i go before this is . running full day hey i'm going to blow . now this time guys slow down opie time p . break you know that the crazy part is . they're just gonna keep our onion . i got slowed them down because they have . so much energy . they'll never slow down and i have easy . walk on them too they don't care so just . gonna go down this way because that's . what they want to go as you can see . they're definitely working me i'd not . work in them they want to go this way i . need a real sled look at that pony oh . good times. debug something new they never seen . before. what's happening what are they doing as . you can see they're definitely working . me pulling me down this way i have taunt . uncle them any minute . but looks like they like it right now . they look like pull and sled huskies hey . that lovingness . a lot of times i tell them not to pull . and they want to but because this video . is about i'll let them walk me for a day . we're going to walk me friday looks like . they found a layer filtered here they . just playing in the field okay look you . guys which way are you going . just gonna make zigzags we have planned . your field to do so come on pick your . choice . they so excited they don't care about to . go they just want to go oh . what do you see nothing yeah look at . hugh got torn i can't take them oh i'm . glad there is a fence that's what will . stop you guys okay p times p time who . got beyond everything and look they pee . on each other p and he's like you pee on . my pee i'm gonna pee on your pee . whew i'm tired guys are you tired no . where you guys going i hope they're not . going what i think i'm gonna go no way . are they really gonna go this way guys . i guess this videos about i gotta follow . them no matter what so oh well they want . to go this way ah wait guys i'm go far . what are we doing guys this is the worst . video ever who thought of that why are . they going in the river look at my pants . they'll wet this is a fail i let my dog . work me for they fail they just wanna . walk in the river are we gonna get out . of the river at all i gonna pee in the . river guys i can't walk that fast you . know what guys. do not try this at home don't do this . challenge because you might end up in . places like i am boy we'll watch now . look at my feet it's still cold out here . the water is freezing oh we got a duck . oh gosh. hold on you guys don't even wanna take a . break finally oh look there's a beaver . chewed up all this wood that's so cool. looks like a beaver that's so awesome . maybe they turned to find a beaver and . make friends with hey guys i can't go to . those branches . huh looks like luke figured it out god . welcome some did i lend a little bit . like thought about it getting out no . it's more fun to walk in the water and . standing at least it's not as deep over . here i'm all wet and cold where you guys . going to that brush oh my gosh oh they . see something ah . guys what are you doing they're really . pulling me there i think they see a . squirrel something not will be really . done juice whoo . all right guys chill out i can't walk . through there okay fine we'll walk . through the brush ah hopefully there is . not too many thorns oh my gosh oh look . there's another beaver chewed up all . this big tree that's so cool . all right let's get i hear i'm done with . this challenge we did it we did it oh my . gosh look what they make me climb - . looks like the time to go back home i . remembered a sword i'm exhausted . and they stopped finally obviously your . cars over here oh they want to say hi to . the cows hey you guys scaring those cows . let's go they don't want to make friends . with you okay finally they found some . good old they can stay on whatever we . have already been in eva what's the . worst that can happen. oh there's a lake oh no you better not . go into the lake . oh my gosh oh . you done to discharge whatever looks . like you guys got some azua okay . hopefully they will take me home now . they look like they're tired they're not. runyan anymore they go and slow . what you guys doing fighting for the . peace spot a go yeah you found home . vegas time to go yeah yeah he goes right . into his cage he's like i had fun . .
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