I turned this car into a COMPUTER MOUSE

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Hey it's me william osmond here today . with so what are we doing you offered to . turn my car into a computer cursor . alright we're gonna go look at some owns . car is it fast oh yes more than that - . really well i guess we can figure out . who wore it better all right let's go . we're just like getting straight to it . mm-hmm yes i'm better than you no this . feels a little revealing i got it like . kind of rearrange my breathing is like . definitely been restricted i also feel . like my oh there's a nice car by the way . thank you . i notice that the door to thing quite . close all the way it looks like a . disneyland car yeah like a toothbrush. okay i just decided can you unzip this a . little bit yeah i doubt the fees to the . mart if it was like all riled it . we're your crew really trusts me not . bumping into their knees you should . break that dress on a scale of one to . ten how safe is this car smith oh not at . all. no if i would die and she's leave i . would still be kind of mad because i . love cheese like so much i wish i could . be buried with her if like the zip tie . your hands this . i would just like drive myself down into . them like fighting on a ramp we might . want to put the mouse oh yeah that's . what we're doing we go back into the . workshop now well yes ma'am i don't know . you are i'm just waiting for you to take . action general knows that old are you . guess . yeah what are you my age you'll . understand that how what kind of diapers . to you by like these are a brand you . prefer like when i like when i start . getting up in years like you yeah yeah i . mean like ollie here weird i first once . a month i know you're talking about i . don't know very much about it thank you . where you plug this carl taken this is . one of those jobs if you have to people . try to do at the same time you end up . making things yeah yeah and we'll give . it to someone on my patreon and they'll . be super happy i wanna get your floor . dirty i'd rather to get the shrapnel . stuck in my hand. it smells like peanuts really about it . vacuums feel like penis . i know peanuts but william how does the . mouse work very exciting huh you can't . really see what's going on this is an . arduino leonardo in between this mouse . this is an old ps2 mouse not like a . playstation nasa no no my skull ps2 then . a magnetometer so both are hooked up. because we're going to simone's . so right now we got to keep building . this mouse and we're gonna do all the . electronics and programming and then . bring it there and figure out how to put . it on okay pause pause post-production . william here why didn't you explain this. better pre post post post production . william first the old ps2 mouse gets a . new lens to move it away from the ground . then we connect it to an arduino but the . problem is a mouse mounted to a cart. will only read up or down even when the. car is turning unless you're terrific to . measure which direction the mouse needs . to move we have a magnetometer acting . like a compass and some simple trigger . mean . yeah wait you know i'm just gonna read . this one off the script to measure which. direction the mouse needs to move we use . a magnetometer like a compass and some . simple trigonometry oh also we connected . mouse click to the hoard is that it so . that's how we're clicking that's her . clicking that's so good we didn't have . to cut wires we'd have to drill holes it . just clips on and bada bing bing bing . bing cheese wedge is now a mouse by the . bing badda boom i don't know let's. accomplish some castles the world's . biggest computer masses this throws the . biggest computer well if you think i . haven't done any research but let's make . that claim we built the world's biggest . computer mouse alright hand them over oh . thank you . [music]. [music]. we're gonna send an email to diana our . friend diana physics girl we're gonna . train attach a photo that we just took . she but oh yeah my hands are you to pad . see behind me oh hey . the keyboards covered where am i . clicking yeah we clicked on the email . and now we're gonna type a message what . are you what should we write you any . ideas hi . yes you can start yourself yeah it's . like right up there by the spirit in . diana yeah we can skip that but that's . oh do we have to get the picture where . is the picture i gotta turn around i . feel like we're gonna run these skaters . over that's where the pictures i don't . see we're gonna do get so i think we got . to do a loop around like ship the mouth . man these guys don't like us where is . our cursor okay . we're gonna go that way we're gonna have . to go that way . no we're gonna have to go to the wrong . direction cuz that is up and that is . down and that's so that's gonna be over . there i think we're gonna have to go . over there is the horn overheats we're . gonna have to be quick we can take . pauses and we can like slowly drag it. closer and closer because it's auto . sorts i think we killed the connection . yeah oh you my laptop with changer . [music]. i don't know what did i do wrong . it made it farther this time though you . did do we just cheat yeah so now we need . a headset okay so get cover the cover . the mass panic so people don't think . you're cheating even then we live just . cheated and admitted to all right now . gear where shall that we go coming hi . this is such a normal email we could . have naturally just sent this a little . bit further just the same yeah we should . have written subjectivity stuck in that . circle loop that you can't get out of we . need some distance incoming and then i . just fly by it's mack devon yeah yeah it . was a success and now we're gonna film . you drawing a portrait ah . i mean it works really well but except . for the part where it stops working . where it stops working . .
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