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IBM has been delivering exceptional fan experiences at Wimbledon since 1990. Find out how we help bring Wimbledon to life for over 1 billion people around the world.
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Yeah. . . i am the data. . . i am broadcast across more than countries. . . i reach a total global audience of billion but my journey always begins at. . . sw . . it's where ibm brings me to life for. everyone everyone. . . because of me. . . fans engage with every forehand backhand. . . ali's serve and loeb. . . they feel the adrenaline. . . they sense the power. . . experience the blood the sweat and the. tears. . . as if they were right there on center. court. . . because of me players can gain a. competitive edge. . . my performance reports help shape their. game plans and their strategy. . . i help them prepare to meet their. opponent. . . i help them stay at the top of their. game i can be the difference between. . . winning and losing. . . even though i traveled in near real time. i never burn out. . . ibm never stops recording processing. analyzing and transforming me. . . so fans around the world always feel. . . part of the action. . . together we bring wimbledon to life. . . i am the data. . . hi iberia. .
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