iMac Pro: 1 Week Impressions!

iMac Pro has been in the house for a week - this has been my experience so far!
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iMac Pro Provided by Apple for video/review.
[music]. hey what is up guys i'm could be hd here . and this is the imac pro we were waiting . for this well okay maybe maybe not this . specifically but we were waiting for a . new apple pro desktop we being creative . professionals that use you know final. cut pro and motion or just generally mac . os10 stuff like that but we finally got . it so this is the imac pro in the flesh . it's probably looking pretty familiar to . anyone who's seen any imac before. because on the outside it's almost . identical to any other 27-inch 5k imac . if you paint everything dark grey or . space grey that used to be silver plus a . couple extra microphones and improved . front facing camera some slightly . improved speakers so minor stuff like . that but generally the main stuff the . design the stand the display the bezels . it's all the same but what makes this . imac pro an imac pro is all on the . inside so i've had this thing here for . about a week now which has been really . exciting obviously it's been hard to not . talk about it and not show it at all in . the background of instagram wise and . stuff like that but it's been here been . editing videos on it working with the . new final cut pro this video you're . watching this on is edited on the imac . pro and it's replaced the mac pro that's . been sitting on my desk since 2013 and . we needed that upgrade and i did say . that before their new modular full . desktop mac pro comes out sometime in . 2018 that i would give imac pro a chance . so shout out to apple for actually . getting one here to the studio and so . this has been my experience so far so . this is a ten core imac pro with 128 . gigs of ram the sixteen gig vega gpu and . there's a bunch of new specs as you . probably know this being somewhere in . the sweet spot i guess between number of . cores versus clock speed but here are . all the available specs the eight core . and ten core are available early but if . you're going to go for the 14 or 18 core . you'll be waiting till early next year . for it to ship and it's all these intel . xeon w chips and amd vega gpus so all . this new workstation grade hardware like . we were expecting so with all that new . workstation grade hardware replacing the . typical consumer parts you kind of have . to . redesign the entire inside of the imac . pro which they did but you'll never see . it because they don't let you get inside . there is the bigger ventilation slots on . the back of the imac pro but the door to . get inside an upgrade any ram even is . gone it's a completely sealed non . upgradable machine from the speck you . buy on day one so really the main way . you'd know it's an imac pro other than . the new space gray is the performance in . theory that's why people are gonna be . buying imac pro over a regular imac . because it offers that workstation grade . hardware that finally upgraded inside . that can handle like if you're someone . like me who's pushing a lot of big raw . frames if you're in final cut pro if you. do motion graphics if you're pushing a . lot of data around if you're doing a lot . of rendering this will all be faster on . a machine like this that can actually . handle it and i my pro is indeed faster . than a regular imac it shows up in . synthetic benchmarks which you'd expect. given the newer hardware and it also . shows up in real-world performance . differences in render times like this . over the long term add up to a lot of . save time which is great where it . matters and workstation parts in case . you didn't know make a big difference . seriously besides just obviously the. intel xeon w chips a hundred and twenty . eight gigs of ddr for ram that's . absolutely ridiculous for a normal . person but you already know premiere and . after effects and final cut pro will eat . that right up it has a pcie ssd that's . getting the 3,000 megabytes per second . read and write speeds which is nuts . obviously the massive cpu core is. there's hyper threading 16 gigs of video. ram on the graphics card it's clearly a . super capable machine with the ports on . the back you're getting 4 full size usb . 3 ports and then four thunderbolt 3 usb . c ports which are good to see along with . of course your sd card slot your gigabit . ethernet port headphone jack stuff like . that the funny thing is i think it's . really easy to just hate on the new imac . pro because it's very expensive and then . also not upgradeable at all what what . kind of pro machine isn't upgradeable . and that's definitely its biggest . weakness for sure but for the hardware . inside and the actual specs are getting . it's actually a fairly priced machine i . priced out a roughly equivalent pc. obviously a lot of these parts are brand . new so you can't do it one for one but . it came out to around 50 100 bucks . and that's not accounting for the fact . that this is all-in-one it's a beautiful . 5k display stealth black obviously it's . not a mac and you would build a pc for . different reasons and you would buy an. imac pro but i actually don't think the . price is that insane so this guy has a . lot of things going for it that . professionals value it just sits on your . desk perfectly quietly doesn't make any . noise through the days i've had it i . like that about it it stays pretty cool . too stuffing all these workstation parts . into such a small space has to be a . thermal nightmare and of course the . final cut pro workflow that i have isn't . as taxing to the limits as someone using . say after effects or motion but even . still i'm pushing around these big 8k . raw frames and i'm able to playback high . resolution previews on the timeline . smoothly in final cut pro without. dropping that many frames if any at all . with plugins and color correction . applied so this stuff that would . normally choke my mac pro is seeing an . improvement right off the bat i like the . all-black accessories the black keyboard . the great trackpad even the black . lightning cable that comes with it i . don't think i've seen that anywhere else . before so that's pretty cool but long . story short i really like it so far it . feels like the ideal high-end . youtuber final cut pro machine the main . question will be is it worth the extra . money because it's clearly much more . expensive than a normal imac and there . are other things to consider like will . the thermal situation hold up over time . will it stay cool will the 18 core . version be that much better than the 8 . or 10 core version for certain . applications you know these are all big . questions it's gonna take a couple more. projects and some time of really putting . it through its paces for a full review . but honestly so far i'm not mad at all . also for those who i know are wondering . my imac pro here is sitting on top of a . 12 south high rise pro also just got . announced today it's also the stealth . black so it's pretty sweet kind of goes . with it i'll link it below and just . generally i think i can finally do . another new set up tour or like a desk . tour maybe thumbs up if you're . interested in that this this has been on . my desk for so long that my setup never . really changed for like the last five . years but it's now finally very . different also shout out to john who is . also dropping his imac pro setup tour . this all black suites set up to our . video today i'll link that below so if . you want to see a finished imac pro . setup that's there but yeah thinking . about doing mine . soon in video form as i keep using this . that's pretty much it thank you for . watching talk to you guys the next one . peace. [music]. you. .
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