Impossible Active Audio Noise Cancelling by Muzo

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By: Mehdi Sadaghdar
Hi somewhere around last year i saw a . video of this product called muzo on . facebook or something the product . supposedly canceled noise and could also . put a secrecy bubble around you so you . could talk privately i was like well . this is impossible and i totaled both . probably one of those concept videos but . then i realized they had raised over. five hundred thirty thousand dollars on . kickstarter over 1. 8 million dollars on . indiegogo a total of 2. 4 million dollars . they have been shipping this product to . customers since september i'm sorry back . then i thought it was an obvious bs and . ignored it but i guess 2. 4 million . dollars say it was an obvious now before . calling me an idiot for not believing in. the next groundbreaking technology let. me tell you that i actually have a musil . here yes i saw another youtuber called . michael schwarz but and reviewed it on . his channel you can check out his videos . for his experience with musa but i asked . him if he could lend it to me to try and . he kindly did thank you michael . but i don't know man maybe i . misunderstood their product so before i . turn this on let's check the highlights . of music video to see what they claim . this is how the video star what does it . mean silence to me it means that if the . noise comes into a room it removes it . making it silent similar to an active . noise-cancelling headphone you can't . escape from all the noise surrounding . [music]. if you think your wife's voice is noise . you should get a divorce not a noise . canceling device a revolutionary anti . vibration acoustic device muzo is the . first device that applies anti vibration . technology for smooth surfaces the . dedicated neo magnetic system is the . soul of music powered by billion sound . technology music can generate dynamic . realistic sounds while canceling . vibration it doesn't say it cancels . noise now what vibration which could. mean the same basically muzo . sticks to a hard surface like glass or . table and with the help of its actuator . vibrates the surface turning it into a . speaker so with that surface the speaker . they would be canceling noise and . vibration with your smart phone switch . on the serenity mode and enjoy some . relaxing time see the sound of the man's . barking goes down to nothing let me . replay. [music]. it's obviously noise-canceling have . there been times you weren't worried and . people around you can hear what you are . saying by switching to the secret mode . muzo can help you to protect your speech . privacy even when out in public you can . enjoy a great conversation without . worrying about people eavesdropping i . don't even know what that means does it . prevent your sound from going out of . this bubble escape from the world and . set your mood music creates your own . personal zone of silence it creates . silence not that's impossible . active noise-cancelling is a very hard. thing to do and the best results are . achieved in headsets and even those . can't do well and heavily rely on . passive noise cancelling which is . basically making a thick insulated wall . so that the noise doesn't get into your . room or ears to start with active noise . canceling is done by providing a signal . that's the reverse of the noise so that . when the two add up they cancel each . other or at least that's the goal let me . do some noise cancelling for you i . haven't speaker here which is connected . to my amplifier circuit i've designed a . while back for my levitating water . project which plugs to my cell phone and . i can play any tone from it like this. reverse polarity supply gets me every . time maybe i should have used it even a . single diode would work fine here what. you could still get the shared so it's . not forgotten okay try it again yes this . is a 500 hertz tone now if i connect the . same speaker lines to a second identical. speaker with a switch and only flick the . line so that the signal coming out of . their speaker is the reverse of the . first one and place them side-by-side . they should cancel each other right . let's try it i am doing this test in the . closet which is the closest thing i have . to a sound room i want to prevent . reflections from the walls as much as . possible and this was the only room i . could get some results from now i also. have turned off my camera microphone. automatic gain control so it doesn't . react just when the sound level changes. let's turn this on right now only the . first speaker is on and . i'm gonna stay out of its way and turned . a second speaker on see the noise level . drops a little bit but not completely . now i turned and speaker off again on . off on. now both speakers are on and i'm gonna . cover the second speaker with my hand. see the noise level goes up again . so the second speaker is actually . reducing noise so it is possible to . reduce noise to some extent but as soon . as i move to a room with more reflective . surfaces or even just moving the camera . the noise level could go up even higher . than the original . in fact the sound level reduction you . heard was only heard by the camera for. me down there the sound was actually . getting louder you think music can do . any better let's give it a try i should . say they need a pretty good job quality . wise it looks pretty decent. it plays sound using its actuator which . is already loud at higher frequencies as . is but not so much for bass sticking it . on a surface enhances its bass . frequencies quite a bit so it kind of. works like a speaker let's stick it . behind the glass so it vibrates the . surface mainly at lower frequencies. which is expected you can also connect . it your phone's bluetooth and use it as . a low quality speaker here is my phone's . speaker anyways if you wanted a speaker . we would buy a decent speaker what can . it can some noise i'm gonna turn on my . radio loud and see what happens. now i enable museum that still sounds . the same looks like it's trying to cover . noise with noise let's try other modes . privacy mode sleep mode surprised it's . not even trying here's why noise . cancelling the room doesn't work to . start with you have the red noise waves . that are coming from far and are mostly . flat and inverted waves from their . speaker they collide in air and only. cancel each other where the two opposing . peaks meet over these lines but in other . areas the waves could be in phase like . on these lines which means the noise . level actually doubles so one ear could . be in the silent zone and the other ear . in the loud zone and when you move your . head the sound goes up and down war . won't won't won't won't that's why your . best bet of noise cancelling is in a . headphone as the ear canal is quite . small and those waves are not even . considering all the reflections from the . walls and everything and even your own . body moving through the waves silence . they can't create silence museum creates . your own personal zone of silence okay . view center fourth i don't think i miss . what you think it means i only had one . hope for this product according to their . drawing they have a sensor to measure . the surface vibration and using data . they create counter waves to cancel the . surface vibration and if the surface . doesn't vibrate ideally the noise can't . pass through it either which of course . that doesn't work either . every surface has its own frequency . response wave speed and reflections so . maybe you could cancel vibrations . exactly where the device it's if at all . and for rooms that the noise can get in . from multiple surfaces like windows even . if you block the noise on one window it . still gets in from the others i really . wish this product would more for the . sake of everyone who backed it you can . out . truly enjoy a sweet night under your . ideal environment. anyway let's give it the best chance i'm . gonna put my laptop in the washroom and . play a 500 hertz toned from it and . measure it using my audio spectrum . analyzer app then i'll close the door . which is the only way the noise can get . out of can music block noise by . canceling the door vibration here we go . now i enable musil . [applause]. the tone is exactly the same . privacy mall . nothing. sleep mode. just adding its own noise on top of tone . i don't know man maybe it came broken . from the factory but even if it didn't . it couldn't i don't know maybe in. english silence means yelling louder . than everyone else so nobody can hear . them if so let me know in the comments . so this inspired me to design a new . shirt thinking of supporting the project . at least make sure it works on paper . in conclusion here's how musa works in . all the modes let me read you a passage . everyone what i'm sorry but all it does . is to drown unwanted noise in wanted . noise like any other speaker we . definitely challenge caps of noise and . it doesn't seem to be able to cancel . surface vibration maybe it's how this is . supposed to work but i think people who . watch the music video backed it because . they thought it actually does active . noise-cancelling if muzo doesn't agree . with my results or thinks this unit is . broken i'll be more than happy to get a . functional unit and retry and eat my . words if it actually works. gave away well before that can you . believe youtube has given our beloved . cody's channel multiple strikes and it's. in danger i'm sure youtube will resolve . it but in the meantime watch his video . in my description and subscribe to his . backup channel i'm running out of space . in my tiny room and as much as i like to . keep my delta go 3d printer i have to . part ways and give it away to my patrons . at patreon. com thanks a lot for your . support . .

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