Inside a focusable work light with serious lithium battery “issues”.

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At first I though these lights had been introduced on the market to try and get round the issue of posting items with lithium cells, but this one came from a local eBay seller's warehouse in the UK with three 18650 cells. Sadly it turns out they are not 8800mAh cells as marked. Mainly due to "reality". And the chargers are both... interesting. And not in a good way.
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This is quite interesting in many ways it's a work late with that focused beam and you can actually have changed the focus so if i turn this on its first mode which is the full open power and then i predict this ring almost like the lanes bowel zoom over our focus of a slr camera kit foxes don't create an rb minus it from from a distance of your fires at all you can see it's got a sort of like cream lake and shipping it i'm sixty leg it's probably not creep and the second board slight shimmer here i don't see that it's just the camera pickup is the reduced intensity and then it's got this hideous streamwood plus it's got are undocumented feature that if you hold the button in for about five seconds or so it goes into sos more than it actually transmits of the more scored now this came from uk supplier uk warehouse at guests because themselves are generic training stuff was very cheap owns and so came from 2012 pawnshop 2012 and it comes with the the unit itself becomes a 386 50 sells a car charger and a wall charger and it seems quite a good deal except the matches it comes with let me destroy us if i pop the back off that's not supposed to pop off quite as much force as that but that's okay we can put that back in i'm gonna pop the back off it takes three of these eating 650 yourselves that one that was supplied with our apart leigh air 8800 milliamp hour no you don't get thoroughly hundred million power 18 650 think is right about 3,000 ish milli ampere is for that super capacity ones more typically it's going to be two and a half the air and power 2500 and power so i tested these and key minute absolutely staggering 150 name milliamp hour which is absolutely miserable there is also a huge dent in this one and it was so late that i waited and acumen at half the weight of a typical battery i think this is a longer ear or packers and say that so at work and all this afterward and take a look inside the good news is that the unit has enough space and decide to take the protected cells for the loss dr. borden and so if you're buying one of these i would say perhaps not you know don't get it with the batteries because we're just going to get sent that stupid shit his batteries the can the chargers and this charger i thought well this is going to be one of these charges are 30 about 4. 2 vault since the batteries aren't protected although have not seen inside so don't want this protection circuitry inside so i thought i'll be somewhere like 4. 2 volts or if there is protection will be back hair so i got together and started across the output and the voltage is 3 volts 3. 12 involves and i thought maybe this is faulty and maybe this was faulty but if you look at it it's got a label that says and it says travel charger output dc 3 volts at 500 milliamps so it is a 3 vil opened if this is charging these cells directly then they won't take my drug charge at all three holes is pretty much the bottom of their charges range before the kind of like going to cut out technically speaking you want at a minimum vulture about 4. 2 volts so don't get that however the greater surprise and i hope there is protection structure in here was with the car charger lets me / my bench press play out and put out let's see potential a spout 13. 8 volts which is typical typical you might find in a car so let's connect that onto their let's connect that under there led lights brightly let's get the meter back in and see what output forgetting i don't exist is going to be at universal usb taper supply so the open of this is putting out a 12-point name volts let's just check that so let's see what 12. 9 volts and that's about 13. 7 yet so i thought maybe it's just because they're it's not loaded down maybe once was loaded don't go down it doesn't affect when loaded over some led tape it gave an impression there's not really much in here other than a resistor and so let's open this let's open this first so i'm these things usually unscrew the end come out no fuse and this thing is it pops off all pop so what's in the side or is it just a faulty control circuit nope it's a resistor that's all so yes it really is just a fundamentally i resistor and how's the led configured hear them yeah leds just wired across the across the supply and then it's just a resistor of a valued quite hard to read and a resistor of value blue green black which is 6. 8 homes let's talk checkup and that pretty much means if these cells don't have protection there is no protection this circuitry then you're going to potentially i'll actually let's make that six te tomes then shall we or thereabouts-- that's just miles off impressive ok i was wrong yes 6ad yeah and then forget again it's not 6. 8 is 68 clive me to dig himself again that's okay i have no shame but less air openness know and take a look inside so let's get this back off and see if there is any protection circuitry and say to all because if there's not then connecting absolutely no protection your charger that is coupled directly to the open maybe it's not maybe there's protection circuit in here would be a bit scary but you know after over that first to check to see if you know that is the case or not i could be wrong it could have protection inside i get the feeling that's just the standards of peg cortex circuit for dog so let's get those screws out was just going to say that's okay i'm gonna get this out now there we go there's a battery pack there's a little circuit board let's say pop the circuit board out now either way i do it 3 volt power supply is going to really do much for this so what we've got in here it does look like they're maybe possibly protection for the chip if that's a dw one but i don't see i'm mosfet associated with it there are numbers and all the chips excuse me 1 i'm just going to know what these don't i'll be back in a moment and our hopes raised momentarily hopes dashed completely the way that ship is connected there i thought it was about your protection ship the little 6-pin chip it turns out and eat one named al and it's a generic flashlight controller chip not much data that could see the internet just because again it's one of these chips that were not like to see many applications for for home use other than getting an existing complete product the apron chip is a name for 35 p channel mosfet and that's then switching the late source and the kree knockoff tape chip thing through these are parallel resistors this position for four resistors but the populated with 31 resistors in parallel to give the popular roughly point three forms to limit the current through the led so let's go a bit further let's say take the front office what this means is that if you stick in this car charger thing you're going to potentially cause catastrophic failure so if you left this in your car and you plugged the car later socket into this and then you went into their building site with other of course the circuit boards are there but if you plug it in and then went into building say or you went into the house it would charge the bachelors alright but it would just keep charging until the potential field are not sure at what point a set of basic cells would feel having said that these ones are solar capacity that probably just got pop and but if you put in larger batches unprotected ones that would be a hazard protected ones less so at this little 3 volt charger law isn't going to do a thing it's just not going to it will take them up from the apps that louis charge the point that the flashlight led went out but it will just raise the charge and matches up to about 3 volts which is just barely at their sub bottom level it's it's not going to last very long at all it's weird i have they done that and let's say take the front it's strange at all i also noted that the only point it stops trying current is the point led itself goes out which is great assembly plastic cleansing system which is rounded out what gluten is right about 2. 5 volts so it's gonna dart discharge those cells pretty law and the circuitry still remains active even though they've been discharged not sure if this hurts this is our minimum anodised aluminium and it's gluten that's a bit disappointing and the scratchiness jest that's just an added anodized courting and it's country has faced crunching i could pick that out lol do and this is the streaming mechanism ok oh i see what it is it's really just the inside the barrel is threaded and what i was trying to on if forced out there that's just basically rating in the thread with the the subpoena the edge and and it gains in these reels here so we're that wasn't glue then that's actually agrees well that explains why my fingers are all sticking so yeah as you rotate that it's basically a threaded barrel that lanes that forwards and backwards and if you wait too late the front and then part so i could have one get right to the back and it's a very chunky aluminium frame i like chunkiness that i mean a frame with an insert let's get a small screw in the back here but it's going to insert the looks as though it's screwed in to trap the led and i do like this mounting that's pretty good and yes and the course the threaded sg's to actually grip onto that and drag it backwards and forwards in whatever focal position is chosen i guess this convinced but anyway around them so not awful lot in here it's just the current limited wires circle wires coming into this nice aluminum housing and guessing the screw may just be to lock that plate here once it's been taken up probably is so really not a lot to that two minutes as functional and then this again its aluminium i think our alloy then this very optically named plastic plastic lens ok that's quite a nice aspect of it so what is that alright okay that pinches that down onto the end of those supports the lens so grand as you turn it the led then zooms backwards and forwards and the save was reasonable so add synopsis it works very well i w
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