Intel 7700K – Complacent CPU or Ryzen Killer?

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Has Intel pushed performance ahead in the last 10 years? Let's take a look!
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While most of the hype in the cpu world . right now is centered around amd's . upcoming risin release . intel has no plans to take that lying . down and has just unveiled their seventh . generation core processors for desktop . codename kb lake . evga sdg 87 full tower case features . optimized airflow passing to help keep . your hardware cool check it out at the . link in the video description they claim . to be taking computing to the next level. but i'm pretty sure marketing guys which . is get fired if they don't say that kind. of stuff only performance will tell. whether a shiny new kb lake will be . worth 350 of your hard-earned dollars . will be looking at intel's newest . consumer-grade flagship the core i7 7700 . k and if you think that just means the . usual features you know quad-core . hyper-threading and overclocked ability . on said series chipsets well sir you'd . be one hundred percent correct. out-of-the-box there's a bump on the . clock speed compared to its sky like. predecessor the 6700 k and you also get . intel hd graphics 630 as opposed to 5 30 . so if you spend this kind of money on a . high-end i7 you're probably using . discrete graphics from the likes of. nvidia or amd anyways so to find the . differences we clearly need to dig a bit. deeper there doesn't seem to be much . else on paper to separate these chips . they have the same tp of 91 wats the . same 16-piece i elaine's and even the . same manufacturing process the old . tick-tock cadence meant a new process so . is smaller processors every two years . but kb lake is still using the same . 14-nanometer finfet transistors we've . had since broadwell in 2014 . so at this point i wouldn't blame you . for not being mega super excited about. the 7700 k itself but that doesn't mean . there isn't anything worth talking about. with respect to the platform one thing . that will be immediately relevant to a . lot of folks that own a 4k display will. be the ability to watch netflix in 4k . this is thanks to a new drm scheme that . i'm sure consumers were just love . because it has nothing to do with. processing power at all and everything. to do with a special hardware-based . decode . sir that can only be found in kb lake . cpus at this time on the subject of 4k . content you also get 4k 10-bit video . decoding through the vp9 codec used by . youtube so if you have a monitor with . 10-bit color and a supported video card . you can get smoother color transitions. when watching supported content. very cool perhaps more interesting than. that is support for often which is. intel's version of 3d crosspoint a new . type of memory with cells that are. packed more densely meaning higher . capacities and faster speeds that is. expected to perform somewhere between. system ram and ssd pretty freaking cool . but kinda like satan express back in the . day there's no word on em and when will. see it on consumer pcs but hopefully . we'll get this one . there are also new chipsets we tested . our cpu on asus rog maximus 9 code . featuring these said 270 chipset which . adds native support for usb 3. 10-gigabit and an additional four pci . express 3. 0 which is actually a welcome. change considering how popular. pcie-based storage is becoming in the . form of tiny and increasingly affordable . mdot two drives some other fun features . of this board specifically include a. water flow sensor a usb 3. 1 10-gigabit . front panel header or andorra sink to . add some rgb2 your case reinforced pci . express slots for heavy gpus and a . built-in headphone amplifier but enough . chitchat that this 7700 k said 271 to . punch impress with its performance gains . we compared it to a skylake 6700 k both . that stock and at overclocked speeds . using a suzay i tuner automatic . overclock and setting temperature and . voltage targets to 80 degrees and 1. 3 5 . volts to keep things safe which gave us . 4. 9 gigahertz on kb lake and 4. 6 on sky . like let us know in the comments if you . like a full c guide including man . you'll tuning in the future let's start . with thermals and power draw. temperatures were quite similar though . kb lakes showed a slight improvement at . load though both ships were comfortably . below their thermal throttling point in. i-264 maybe like similarly showed a . small improvement in power draw nothing . dramatic and it won't affect your system. build planning since it's easy to run an . enthusiast single graphics card system. on an inexpensive 450 to 500 watt power. supply anyways now let's dive into . performance numbers are synthetics which. included cpu mark why cruncher cinebench . and rog real bench showed kb like . offering improvements of about five to . seven percent across the board including . in single-threaded applications which . isn't terrible but isn't horribly. impressive either and when you compare . kb lake at stock versus our overclocked . skylight chip which ran within 100 . megahertz of each other the gap becomes . smaller making these improvements and . even more minor selling point for. enthusiasts who well overclock gaming . performance wasn't much different as . there was no appreciable difference. between generations when gaming with a . discrete gtx 1080 with kb like actually . performing slightly worse in some. situations for onboard video aficionados . the integrated hd 630 graphics do show a . small improvement over skylake but the . one to two extra frames per second . don't really make it viable for new . triple-a titles bringing us to the . conclusion these small improvements . don't make kb lake a bad platform if you . liked last year's madden game you'll. probably like the new one with all the. updated player stats and special team . jerseys too they just mean that kb like . isn't really a sensible upgrade for a. core i7 machine built in the last one to . three years something that could be a . product of the challenges associated. with building faster chips on current. technology. or could be a product of a complacent . intel that hasn't really had a real . competitor in almost a decade i'm sure . the next couple of years will tell us. once and for all which one it is so . tunnel there is the simple vpn app that. makes it easy to browse privately and. enjoy a more open internet you simply . download it it's so easy just go to the . patient like downloads automatically . it's actually kind of amazing. then what happens is you press the. button and you can pick up to . different countries to tunnel through. and as soon as you activate that button . boot your connection gets encrypted and . it appears to the websites and services . you use online as though you are. browsing from a different country. the best part is you don't have to take . my word for it you could try it for free . with 500 megs of data and no credit card. required heading over to tunnel bear . dot-com / ltt and using our link you can . save ten percent if you get an unlimited . data plan. alright guys if you like this video like . it if you just like this video dislike . it gets subscribe to see more of our . content i'm sure there's gonna be a . crazy insane fanboy wore down below some . try to keep it as simple as possible and. if you'd like to take it away from the . youtube comments you can go to the forum . i'm still i'm sure that's gonna be a war . still but try to keep it civil there as . well if you want to check out some of. our merch you can see that link down. below also there's a link to amazon . where you can buy whatever processor . your heart desires and if you want to . see another video check out this one. which is actually not the last second . video this is a channel super fun . 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