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Once and for all, remove all the bad jokes from your phone with Files Go.
Hi i'm joris and i'm a product manager. on an app called files go. everyday, people all around the world use files go to free up space on their phone. by deleting old videos, unused apps and. forwarded chat media. but in our most recent user research we started noticing an alarming trend. people were enjoying their day, freeing up space, when out of nowhere,. they were getting really frustrated!. when we started looking into. the problem, what we found was no laughing matter. their phones were. getting clogged with bad jokes. so we put a team together equipped with some of the most recent technologies,. such as blockchain, neural nets and of course,. virtual reality, to tackle what is. perhaps google's most ambitious project. to date -. understanding the chemistry of terrible puns. after months of hard work. we developed the first fully decentralized deep humor network,. or what. we call the bad joke detector. the humor is parsed by a distributed neural. language processor to determine the. quality of the joke and weed out the. weak ones. feature is currently available. in english, spanish, portuguese, hindi and manipuri. with more languages rolling out soon. here is how it works - . the detector automatically detects all. the bad jokes on your phone and with a. few taps. deletes all of them so you can go back. to enjoying your day. it landed safely, i guess it's in an airplane mode . to free up more space, visit g. co/filesgo. thank you for watching. .
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