iPhone X review

The iPhone X is now in stores. The iPhone X is clearly the best iPhone ever made. It’s thin, it’s powerful, it has ambitious ideas about what cameras on phones can be used for, and it pushes the design language of phones into a strange new place. It is a huge step forward in terms of phone hardware, and it has the notch to show for it. Subscribe: https://goo.gl/G5RXGs
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This is the iphone 10 and look i know . every year we say the new iphone is the . best iphone but this really is the best . iphone ever made now we've been waiting . for this phone for a long time now apple . says it's complete reimagining of what . the iphone can be and there's a lot of . major changes here apple's gotten rid of . the home button there's no more . fingerprint sensor there's an oled . screen the first on an apple phone you . unlock it just by looking at it there's . all kinds of new gestures from . navigating there are some big bets here . on the future of the iphone and a lot of . unanswered questions earlier this week . we published a video said send us your . questions you sent us a ton of those . questions and i think we can answer them . all in this review we got a lot of . questions about the design in the . display so let's start there first . there's the knotch but there it is . there's no getting around it there's no . point in pretending it's not there but . i'm gonna tell you that after a few days . it's fine it's not great but especially . in portrait you just learn to ignore it . it's a definitely annoying and landscape . though especially when you're watching . the video if you zoom the notch will . definitely cut into the side of what . you're watching and i don't love . browsing the web and landscape either . the notch is just right there this is a . phone designed to be used in portrait . you'll also notice the large black . border around the display which is . pretty polarizing a lot of people i show. the phone to hated it but i actually. think it makes the bright colors of the . display pump it's a very different . design decision than samsung curving the . screen to eliminate the bezel apple's . highlighting what little bezels remain. apple gave us the white and silver model . of the iphone 10 to review and although . apple says the band on the outside is . better than surgical grade stainless. steel mine already has scratches and . dings and all we've really done with it . is take photos and videos of it so i . wouldn't expect this phone to remain . flawless if you don't have a case aside . from the removal of the home button and . a larger screen the rest of the iphone . 10 looks a lot like the iphone 8 there's . the mute switch and volume buttons on . the left the sleep/wake button on the . right and a glass back with a camera . bump the camera bump is huge. it's actually bigger than the bump on . the eight plus on a smaller body so . there's just no getting around it . apple leaned into it and try to make it . a design element which you will either . love or hate it's kind of grown on me . though and. of course there's no headphone jack. which sucks on every single phone that . emits it so notch a side of the screen . is great . apple is using a 5. 8 inch samsung . manufactured oled display which it says . a custom design for the iphone 10 it's a . bigger number than the iphone 8 plus is . 5. 5 inch display but it's a taller . thinner aspect ratio so it's actually . not as big and there's no tabs in safari. or other plus iphone features here it's . definitely more of a bigger iphone 8 . than a smaller 8 plus and that's exactly . what it feels like in your hand it's . like when apple moved from the iphone 4 . to the 5 the display basically just got . taller in fact when you run apps that . aren't optimized to the iphone 10 they . run with huge software vessels and the . whole thing just looks exactly like an . iphone 8 to answer this question about. differences between samsung's amoled and . lg's peola and apple's oled these are . actually just marketing terms the . fundamental construction of oled screens . is basically the same although there are . clear quality differences between them . and i have to say that the iphone 10 is . at the top of the class when it comes to . quality i keep saying the iphone lcd is . the best and most accurate phone screen . out there and the iphone 10 looks just. as good if not better. it's way brighter it's super vibrant and . it basically looks like pixels directly . under your fingers it doesn't have a. crazy neon colors of samsung phones ios . just does better color management than . android which is just starting to do it . and i think you can see it here the . display uses a diamond pentile pixel. layout which means every pixel on the . screen shares red green and blue sub . pixels with the other pixels around it . that's different than like the iphone . lcd which has dedicated rgb sub pixels. for every pixel on the screen now a lot . of people don't like pentile screens and . to be honest i have not liked them in. the past either but you can't really . tell with the iphone 10 unless you're. using a really tight macro lens which of . course we did apple says it's doing a . bunch of custom anti-aliasing and. sub-pixel rendering to make this display . work better than other samsung pentile . leds and honestly it shows the screen . really does just look great . looking at the iphone 10 side-by-side . with the iphone 8 i think the 10 is . noticeably cooler and it's a little bit . softer which i think it makes . slightly easier to read text especially . for a long time check this out though . turning on apples true tone color . calibration on both phones doesn't make . them look the same which it should . i asked apple about this and they told . me the 10 has a tension alight sensor . and the 8 only has a four-channel sensor . so the 10 is more accurate i still think . it's pretty strange how different they . are though . the screen isn't perfect every oled . screen shifts colors off axis and the. iphone 10 is no exception. it definitely gets bluer if you tilt the . phone back and forth along either axis . but it's nothing like the pixel to excel . which goes blue if you just shift the . phone in your hand a little bit it's one . of those things that doesn't leave out . at you but you'll notice it if you're . looking for it a lot of you asked us . about burnin and i haven't seen it yet . but it's early so i asked apple about it . and they told me that they've also done . a ton of work with the screen and the . operating system to limit burnin every . oled screen eventually does suffer. burnin though so we're just going to . wait and see if the iphone 10 really is . better than the competition by far the . most questions we got were about face id . and i'm just gonna answer this one . upfront you don't have to use it you can . just leave it off and enter a passcode . but i think you're gonna want to use it . because most of the time it works great . it really does just work you look at . your phone it unlocks there are a couple . of times when it doesn't work just great . and you're gonna have to adjust to make . it work better but i don't think it's . actually that big of a deal you just . have to get used to the change you can . point a cheap camcorder with night. vision a face id to see it working and . it's pretty awesome when you do the . iphone 10 has an ir light adopt. projector and an ir camera all tucked . into that notch at the top of the screen . when you wake up the phone the ir light . goes off and if the ir camera sees a . face the dot projector flashes a pattern. of 30,000 dots the camera then takes a . 2d photo which gets turned into a. mathematical depth model which is sent. to the secure enclave on the a11 chip . and matched against the stored value and . if it matches you're in this all happens . really fast all of this means that face . id works just fine in the dark it's . shining its own little ir flashlight on . you that little flashlight is the . blinking light a lot of you asked about. in our previous videos which you . actually can't see our camera sensors . just pick it up when you're using the . phone face 80 checks to see if you're . paying attention every so often which is . what blinks that ir . if you're not paying attention the phone . aggressively dims the screen and. eventually goes to sleep to save the . battery it's a neat trick now there are . some situations where it doesn't unlock . in our preview video i had some problems . walking around and bright sunlight and . under some fluorescent lights and a lot . of you pointed out that i was holding my . phone kind of far away from myself as i . walk around which is how i normally hold . my phone and it turns out you might be . right. i asked apple about it and they said the . optimal distance for a face idea to work . is 25 to 50 centimeters or about 10 to . 20 inches and that's a little bit closer . than i normally hold my thumb here i . actually have a measuring tape here . which is great and we can just take a . look so here's that here's twenties and . this is definitely a little bit closer . than where i normally hold the phone and . when i'm lying down in bed or on the . couch i actually hold my phone a little . bit closer than 10 inches normally and . face any struggles so you have to adjust . how you're gonna hold the phone where . you're holding the phone to make it work . better you also have to look at it . pretty directly which means unlocking . while the phone is sitting on a table is . out unless you look over the phone we . got a bunch of questions about face . eighty privacy but i don't think there's . much to be worried about there . face it ii never really takes or stores. a photo of your face the regular front . camera is only used during setup so you . can see yourself the ir photo is just . used to generate the depth map that's . compared to the stored value and nothing . ever gets sent to apple it's just a . bunch of numbers stored in the secure . part of the processor now obviously . every system can be hacked but you. shouldn't worry about a bunch of photos . of your face being sent to icloud or . whatever it's just not how it's designed . if you weren't worried about touch id . you probably shouldn't worry about face. i mean a l
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