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Few things have gone from being desirable to dismissed as quickly as the LED watch. In this video there's a brief recap of LED watch history as well as a demo of a Pulsar P3.
P2 Info http://www.timetrafficker.com/watches/led/pulsar-p2-stainless/index.html
P3 Info http://www.timetrafficker.com/watches/led/pulsar-p3-stainless2/index.html
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Caption: Over the years i made a few videos about . wristwatches it's a subject i've always . been interested in but my interests lie . outside the areas of the subject that . are covered by the large websites and . magazines are more focused on the . high-end luxury market my interests are . more the quirky unusual and interesting. watches and also the ones that are a lot . more affordable which is why today i'm . going to be showing you that pulsar p3 . but before i can demonstrate it i'm. going to need to replace the batteries . in it because i've accidentally left it. pushed up against something or on its . side and it's pushed in one of the . display buttons which has run down the . power but before i get around to do now . i just want to show you the back of it . because this particular watch i bought . this secondhand . was a gift to a chap called dick with . warmest friendship from your partner's . december the 31st 1974 so it looks more . than likely that this was a retirement . gift and believe it or not this would . have been quite a generous gift in 1974 . but to explain why i need to go back a . few years before then to the . introduction of the first electronic . digital watch the first electronic . digital watch was demonstrated to the . tech press in 1970 in the us by the . hamilton watch company and it really was . the marvel of its time with its . integrated circuits miniaturization . quartz crystal timing and led display it . was using all the latest cutting-edge . technology and hamilton gave this . product a suitably space-aged name they. called it the pulsar named after the . highly magnetized rotating neutron star. which gives an extremely precisely. regularly timed pulse of electromagnetic . radiation it's perhaps heart they're . looking back at this to appreciate how. big a development this was at the time . but when this was introduced in 1970 it . really was a completely new way of doing. things up until this point if you put a . watch on your wrist it would have had . some kind of mechanical movement in it . this was the first time you could have . had a wash with no moving parts but that . first watch really was more of a . production prototype than anything for . the public after all they also cost an . astronomical $1,500 and they only made . 400 of them how . the first mass production digital watch . also came from pulsar as they were now . called he came out in 1973 and it was . the pulsar p2 and whilst it was . considerably cheaper than the first . pulsar the p2 cost $395 in 1973 which . was $10 more than a rolex submariner . cost at this point which is why could . often be seen on the wrists of the rich . and famous and it was demonstrated by . james bond in the 1973 film live and let . die but you can see in this shot after . he's finished doing his product . placement for the pulsar p2 he's gonna . be putting on a rolex watch which she . wears throughout the rest of the film . and the p2 was quickly followed by the . p3 in 1974 this is the watch that i've . gotten this one adds an extra button on . the left hand side which when pressed . will display the date the previous p2 . only had the ability to display the time . if you look at the right-hand side of . here you can see some of the prices from . 1974 the most expensive one would be 14 . karat gold with a matching bracelet at . one thousand five hundred and ninety . five dollars all the way down to the one . that i've got at the bottom which is . three hundred and sixty-five dollars . let's just put those two prices in the . inflation calculator for a bit of fun . it's not the most expensive one of those . converts to approximately eight thousand . five hundred and ten dollars 95 cents in . today's money and the one that i've got. comes out as one thousand nine hundred . and forty seven dollars sixty five cents . so that's what they clip together and . bought dick back in 1974 a watch that . was worth approximately $2,000 a night . imagine that dick was quite impressed . with his watch after all it was the same . one that was being warmed by the us . president at the time gerald ford and . he'd been criticized for wearing . something that was so ostentatious at a . time of a national recession but it . wasn't just the president that had to . watch his back pulsar did as well . because lcd watches were starting to. make headway they'd been talked about . since the earliest days of the digital . watch appearing but the first versions . didn't have a long lifespan and you . couldn't see them in the dark but they . improved upon these things this articles . from july 1972 forward to. december 1974 there's a whole range of. lcd watches now on the market alongside . the led displays and of course the. benefit of lcd is that it's on all the . time you don't have to press a button to . see it go forward another year to . december 1975 and we can see that the . prices of the led watches now are . starting to collapse there are so many . different manufacturers on the market or . competing with each other . the pulsar range are now looking very . expensive they're listed here under time . computer you can see a pulsar executive. is two hundred and eighty-five dollars . still a high-end quality product but . looking above it texas instruments you . can get an led watch for ninety five . dollars and if you don't mind going a . little bit off-brand . how about electronics $39 95 and within . a couple of years if you wanted a decent . quality digital watch well it wouldn't . have an led display in it those were now . being used in budget watches and watches. for children no they'd all be lcds and . pulsars business that had all been based. around selling high and led digital . watches pretty i'm actually evaporate . 'add overnight and in nineteen seventy . eight the pulsar brand was sold to seiko . just as a quick anecdote to show you how . far and how quickly led watches had . fallen i remember my friend coming to . school in 1979 or 1980 he would have . been about nine years old at the time . and he'd got an led watch for christmas . and he got picked on by some of the . other kids because everyone else was . wearing lcd digital watches now you know . kids can be with these things but he . might as well have turned up to school . wearing massive purple flares but just . think this is only five years or so . after the president of the united states . was getting admonished for wearing . something so ostentatious and dick was . getting his led watch presented to him . for his years of valuable service but . what goes around comes around and well . purple flares might not be back in . fashion it's quite possible that led . watches are seeing a bit of a revival . i've certainly noticed the price is . creeping up on ebay and it's perhaps . this hipster aesthetic something that's . a little bit out of the ordinary . retro but there's certainly something . going on there's a whole endearing. success to failure thing about led . washes it's a little bit like wearing an. 8-track cartridge on your wrist i can . understand entirely why the costume. designers for the tv show better call. saul. got the character to wear an led watch . because it says something about the man . that you presumably paid quite a bit for . this watch in the nineteen seventies and . he's still wearing it on into the . eighties a few people have misidentified . that watches being a pulsar p2 or a p3 . but given it's perfectly round face it's . more likely to be a novus like this one . here although with a different strap . novus came from national semiconductor . and a number of the different . manufacturers of electronics branched . out into led watches during this period. people like hewlett-packard texas . instruments and commodore to name just a . few. but what are the benefits of choosing . what once was a luxury led watch like . the pulsar is that people tended to look . after them and as a result there's still . a lot of them around and there's forums . and websites and people that will sell . your spares for them for example the . internal led module if that's broken on . a cheap watch you throw the watch away . for a pulsar somebody's remanufacturing . though so you can keep your pulsar going . in addition to that the pulsar uses . unusual batteries which they don't make . anymore they don't weigh the size . however there are people that will sell . you the batteries with a spacer that . will fit inside your watch of course you . could make that yourself but why bother . when someone will sell you for just a. couple of pounds or so and then you can . reuse those spacers the next time you . get batteries anyway let's open my watch . up here and i'll replace the batteries . at it they're a bit unusual on the back . of pull cells because rather than . screwing the whole back of the thing . your own screwing a ring around the edge . which holds the back down now underneath . here you can see those are the two . batteries i need to replace and . someone's already put spacers on those . previously they're not particularly good . ones because they're on this and a half . way around it here the ones i bought . online and just swap them over like that . i've read articles about watching out . for static electricity and things but . didn't have any problems i suppose it's . best not to rub a balloon on your head . while you're doing it but now that i've . replaced those two batteries the display. should be nice and bright again so let's . just have a look at that here . and yes that's much brighter i've got . the lights up here as well earlier on i . had them dim so you could see the. display so that's much better time to . set the time and the date it's unusual . inside the class pierre is a little . magnet now in the p2 so i believe this. was a horseshoe magnet in this one they . changed it over to a small block magnet . but it works the same way you hold it on . the back of the watch in the indents . here that's a minute an hour and that . advances the respective numbers i'll . show you on this side so holding the . magnet underneath you can see the hours . of starting to advance and once i've got . that to the right place i can then take . the magnet and move it across to the . other side you might think well why are . they doing this with a magnet well you . got to remember it's early days i mean . they invented the flipping things so the. idea of having a little indented button . ii could press with a pen might not have . come to them and also i believe that . this helps it to be waterproof in some . way i know it's got two buttons on the . side so that doesn't make too much sense . but i believe those are reed switches . but then again they could have just put . another one of those on there so yeah . maybe they were just thinking that we . don't want you accidentally setting it . by pressing the buttons when you're . walking around so we're going to do with . this little magnet regardless of what . the reason is i think it's quite a neat . little thing to set the date requires a . little bit more finger contortion to . hold the magnet under the hours while. holding the left-hand button to advance . the month and then hold down both . buttons and put the back that under the . minutes to advance the day and notice . the dot going up and down on the screen . there that's the am/pm indicator so you . make sure you release the bag that when . that's in the correct position once . you're finished setting the watch make . sure you return that magnet into the . strap for safekeeping now i got this . watch at a very good price but that's . because it's a bit of a frankenstein's . monster apparently there all sorts of . different pieces that have been put . together here to create a decent looking . watch for example the strap that . apparently is new old stock that has . been added to this watch i don't know if . it had a leather strap before or if it . was a metal bracelet also of course . there aren't that many people that would . want to watch that have been dedicated . to dick that might have knocked a few . pounds off the price notice is a bit of . a scrape at the bottom here on the left . hand side but the thing that's too . obvious the crystal itself is lovely and . clear which is great no scratches on . there at all i believe the internals. might have been swapped out as well but. regardless it's still a good-looking . watch and. led display is something that it's just. beautiful to look at the pulsar watches . have this dotted display they are leds. but they are segmented into little tiny . dots which just adds something to it i . think and while you can get cheap . modern-day replicas of led type watches . they look okay when they switched off as . soon as you press that time button you . know that that's not a patch on the . original 1970s leds there's just. something about those original displays. that hasn't been replicated since and . every time i press the time button on my . watch it takes me right back to the . 1970s would i remember being under the . bedsheets and pressing the button on my . texas instruments led watch you're . watching the seconds go by led watches . for a very brief period in the 1970s . shown as brightly as their displays but . just like their batteries that didn't . last very long however it doesn't mean . you can't go and buy one today there are . always plenty for sale on ebay i'll have . some affiliate links in the video . description text box and for just a . couple of hundred dollars or so you too . could be wearing the same watch as the . us president or james bond i'll also . have some other links in there that will . take you through to some useful led . watch resources but that's it for the . moment as always thanks for watching . 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