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The eOne is one of the most blatant ripoff computers from the 90s. Apple sued eMachines and got it pulled from shelves and banned from sale worldwide. Let's examine what made Apple so angry!
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Greetings and welcome to an lgr thing!. and this is the emachines eone . released in august of 1999 for $849 us. dollars. *computer booting noises*. although it was available for way less. because that's what emachines did. there was a $50 mail-in rebate and then. there was a $400 rebate if you signed up. for three years of compuserve dial-up internet for $21. 95 a month. *windows 98 startup sound plays*. and yes one of these things is not. like the other. the obvious, let's state. it: this was built explicitly to cash in. on the late 90s apple imac craze. complete with a not-bondi blue. translucent color scheme. gosh they just look. so similar i "can't. tell" which is the real one in which is. the knockoff. and i got to give a huge. thank you to douglas for donating this. these are not commonplace machines at. all and for good reason. not only was the. eone originally sold exclusively through. circuit city stores in the us but apple. sued the crap out of them for daring to. make such a blatant imac ripoff. and. that's a suit that they won and settled. in march of 2000 with emachines agreeing. to cease all sales of the eone as a result. and apple did not stop there either, they. also sued sotec, the japanese firm who. co-developed the eone with emachines, and. was also selling their own version of. the eone in japan. within a month the tokyo. district court ordered sotec to cease. all production. and finally apple also. sued korean firm daewoo due to their. own imac knockoff, the e-power pc. all. sales of the e-power pc were barred by a. judge in san jose california and apple. won a worldwide injunction against all. sales of the e-power pc as well as our. emachines eone. so yeah the fact that i have one. of these banned things in my possession. is pretty wild to me, considering it was. only on the market a few months and. apparently didn't sell very well even. when it was legal to do so. but before. apple buried them with litigation. emachines marketed this as a computer. for people who dug the aesthetic and. form factor of apple's hugely popular. bondi blue imac, but wanted to run. windows 98 instead of mac os 9. it was. also less costly than an imac by several. hundred dollars while technically. including more features and higher specs. for example you got a 433 megahertz intel celeron processor,. a hundred megahertz more than the ' revision d imac. as well as 64 megabytes. of pc100 sd ram, twice that of the imac. an 8 megabyte ati rage xl agp. graphics chipset, 2 more megs than the. imac. and a 6. 4 or 8. 4 gigabyte. ide hard drive, again up to. twice that of a base-model imac. they. even included a keyboard that more. closely resembled apple's keyboard than. anything on the pc side of things at the. time. which is not a good thing in this case. *plasticky keyboard sounds*. the layout is weird and cramped and. it just feels plasticky and gummy to the. fingertips, even compared to the apple. board which i'm not super fond of either. and instead of putting usb ports on each. side like the imac, emachines went with. dual ps/2 ports instead, reminiscent of. what apple used to do with adb. you plug in a male-to-male cable on. either side and then the mouse in the. opposite port. this means you can. daisy-chain both devices into just one. compatible ps/2 port if you want. although redundant in this case since it has the. individual ports on the computer itself. still, emachines drew the line at copying. apple's famous hockey puck mouse, thank goodness. i don't have the original mouse from the. eone but you can see what it looks like. here. it's just a stylized mouse to fit. with the rest of it. i actually ran. across this kensington mouse, that looks. like it was made for the eone, at goodwill. a while back. so that's what i'll be. using here, this color scheme of. translucent dark teal was just super. popular at the time. and then one of the. biggest boasts of the eone was that it had a 3. 5 inch floppy disk drive, a. feature which the imac famously omitted. due to them betting on the future being. usb. a future apple was correct about. but hey the eone has usb *and* a floppy drive, so. that means it's better right ehh. at. least it had a 24x cd-rom drive. although with a non-motorized tray, not. as impressive as the fancy slot loading. mechanism of the late 1999 imac. but hey the imac didn't have this chintzy. pop-out panel that reveals cd player. controls with a monochrome lcd panel!. how's that for some late nineties. technological curb appeal or what about. this little spot for connecting 3. 5mm audio jacks. and a usb device in the front! or around. to the right side where you see these. composite video inputs. yeah that's right,. the eone has video capture capability!. there's no tuner so you'll need. something with a composite output, so. vcrs or cable tv boxes or a game console. yeah that's right, you want to plug in. your sega genesis to your emachines eone, you can do that! resolution is not. great and the colors are severely washed. out but hey, it's here and it's pretty awesome actually. *sonic the hedgehog music and sound plays*. also on this right-hand side of the. machine, underneath a sliding panel, you. even got some expandability: an elusive. thing in all-in-ones like this. granted,. it came in the form of pcmcia slots. normally seen on laptops, so upgrade. options were kind of limited. but yeah. this is also where you'll find the i/o. section for things like 10base-t. ethernet, a 56k modem and fax connection,. rs-232 serial port, another usb port, two. ps/2 ports, and speaker output for the. cirrus logic cs 4280 sound chip -- that. is supposedly sound blaster . compatible, but more on that in a moment. and finally around the back of the. machine next to the power you get a. parallel port for printers and such, and. a 15-pin game port for joysticks or. connecting external midi devices. emachines also imitated the carrying. handle on top like the imac but it's. pretty awful. it's made of cheap plastic. with sharp edges that kind of feels like. it'll slice your hand. and every time you. lift it up it detaches itself from the. plastic on the front of the case. i'm. gonna hazard a guess and say build. quality was not on the agenda. there's. also this terrible little microphone. built into the top of the monitor. housing and yeah just check it out, this. thing is. it's not good. "testing this. crappy microphone. ". *recording plays back terribly*. hahaha!. still, shoddy quality aside you got what appeared on paper. to be a fine list of features housed in an. "attractive" case that included a 15-inch. crt and stereo speakers. a rather soft. crt with lackluster color reproduction. and speakers that sound cheap and tinny,. but yeah an attempt was made. speaking of speakers let's talk about. sound. you know the sound blaster compatibility i mentioned well it's kind. of here, just listen to it trying to play. duke nukem 3d's theme song. *it's bad. *. *still really bad*. *it's getting worse. *. well in case you didn't notice, it's. missing half the notes! that's awkward. it is at least pretty decent at doing. pcm sound effects through sound blaster. emulation, but when i use this i swear. you can hear a yamaha engineer crying. somewhere in the distance. this is. seriously one of the worst fm synth. emulations i've ever heard. just listen. to canyon. mid!. *canyon. mid plays, technically. *. *it is unfortunate. *. argh! and no in case you're wondering, it. does not have any general midi or. wavetable audio onboard. or at least if it does the drivers that this one came with do. not support it. but as you saw the. connection earlier you can connect. external midi devices if you really. wanted to. also interesting is that there. are zero monitor controls on the case, you. have to do all the color, brightness, and. geometry adjustment through a control. panel plug-in. that's not the most. unusual thing, but even the degaussing is. done through software. that's something. i've never seen before. and yeah, despite. a lot of crap, i mean, as far as late. nineties windows games and software it. runs that stuff pretty okay. at least for a. 433mhz celeron with an integrated. 8 meg ati rage card. so you know, games. like starcraft are totally fine, games. like quake 3 are not. but it's playable. so that's something. it was also. available with a 500mhz cpu so. assuming it's not soldered to the board. or something stupid like that, i guess. you could upgrade this thing. but that's. something that i'm not going to dare. doing, i tried opening this up and it was. an absolute nightmare. it's almost like. you had to destroy parts of it to get to. what you really wanted to do, it's not. personally worth it to me to bother with. that. so 433 megahertz it is. and that is. the emachines eone!. what a piece of junk. but an. incredibly fascinating piece of junk. with a tarnished, legally dubious legacy. and you know what, i'm just kind of. partial to this translucent colored. plastic that happened on several. computers and technology products of the time. it's admittedly cheesy and maybe. even a bit off-putting, but at the same. time oddly attractive and very much. nostalgic. and you know i just like all-in-ones, so i like messing with this. thing. and yeah that's about it,. i got no excuses i'm just weird. speaking. of weird there was a follow-up of sorts. for the eone by gateway, who purchased. emachines in 2004. and i guess they liked. the name and the idea so they released. the gateway one in 2007. and thankfully. this didn't seem to infringe on any. other imac trademarks or design disputes. or anything like that because it was. sold and forgotten. and well that's not a. happy ending either but anyway, that's. all for this video. and i hope that you. enjoyed watching what you just did!. i always like taking a look at bizarre. computers from the past. and just talking about them if i can get. my hands on them. and i've got a lot more. to talk about in the future so stick. around there are new videos every monday. and friday here on lgr. and as always. thank you very much for watching!. .
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