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Lightning Network is live on the main net in beta phase provided by LND! We also discuss a new type of crypto scam that has to do with taxes. Then we talk about Bitcoin vs Stocks, Funds moving into crypto and other news and stats!
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Ivan on Tech is all about cryptocurrencies and the technology behind Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, IOTA. We also cover Bitcoin price, altcoin price, investing, analytics, different altcoins.

Ivan on Tech by Ivan Liljeqvist

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Caption: And we are live guys welcome to yet . another episode of good morning crypto . only here only on aven on tech we are . broadcasting live straight out of . stockholm sweden i want to wish good . morning to everyone watching live . amazing to see all of you here amazing . to see all of you watching here it is . 8:00 a. m. in stockholm l and we do this . show each and every day so today we have . some exciting news as always there is a . lot to talk about we will number one . talk about lightning network number two . we'll talk about scams when it comes to . taxes and that is very important to . realize guys that there are so many . different types of scams there are so . many different types of fraud out there . and it's very important for everyone to . know the different types of scams i mean . just yesterday i discovered that there . are three clones i don't take clones on . telegram just scamming people it is . insane but now we have a new type of . scam i want to discuss with you and also . we have some other news as well good. morning to everyone we have people . tuning in from usa good morning to you . say good morning to australia amazing i . mean here guys before we start i want to . remind you that if you go to coding that . i'm a non tech comm you can enroll in . our course that we will launch in june . about programming so you do not have to . be a programmer but if you want to learn . in programming you want to learn how to . program smart contracts and boost up. your career go to coding that i have a . non tech comm you get 50% off if you . enroll before june so guys let's get . into it let's just get into it we have . the markets first of all we have the . mark is first of all and can't hear you . muted guys let me know if it is really a . problem with sound and or someone just . trolling alright so the mark is first of . all or of course a bit green today which . is nice to hear and nice to see as well . web bitcoin plus 4. 7% aetherium plus 4% . ripple plus 6% and everything is pretty . green compared to yesterday and compared . to other days we've seen so of course if . you just look . few days back we're still down but some . greenish upwards movement and there are . some interesting news regarding the . bitcoin ecosystem and regarding the . bitcoin network and it has to do with . lightning so if you do not know who the . person on the background is so if you . haven't noticed that there is a lady . here in the in the back so this is . elizabeth stark and if there is someone . you should follow follow elizabeth stark . on twitter i think you all always should . try to follow the leading you know . figures in the industry on twitter . because things do happen on twitter a . lot and so she basically came out and . said yesterday that now they have . launched their beta version of the . lightning network so as you know there . are several lightning teams it's not . it's not that there is just one . lightning network team there are several . of them and so lightning labs which is . led by elizabeth stark is one of those . teams and yesterday they announced that . they have released their lightning . client for maine net for maine that and . so if we read this article we see that . number one it is v most tested client to . up-to-date according to the leaders of . the lightning labs and this is something . we've talked about on this channel as . well when i showed you how to use . lightning network a few weeks ago i was . very clear that i mean currently on my . net you can lose your money you can . actually lose your money because the . software is untested and now it seems to . be that the lightning labs have produced . a version that they feel comfortable. with that they feel kind of comfortable . with however this is still in beta . version so there is still things to be . done and this article also explains that . there are several teams so for example . there is a team at block stream also . working with lightning and they release . the protocol specification in january. but the lightning lad software is . believed to be one of the most mature . software today so if you are interested . in following leaders on a twitter kind . of industry totally there is kind of . industry important people and if you . want to . get news the quickest i would say . definitely go to twitter and follow . people such as elizabeth stark and this . is something people ask me as well ivan . how do you get the news well a lot is . from twitter guys and you get some kind . of story development people talk with . each other directly on twitter so . definitely definitely a good platform . next up guys this is a really . interesting article i wanted to share . with you that dutch finance minister . joins australia in warning public of. cryptocurrencies caps and these scams . now have to do with with taxes namely . namely that people are being contacted . by scammers and the scammers basically . pretend to be the tax authorities and . they basically say that you know what we . need to pay taxes you need to pay taxes . immediately or there will be . consequences . the rule will consequences and then of . course people do pay because if you make . it sound scary if you make it sound . significant if you make it sound legit . well you can convince a few people and . so this is something that australian . taxation office has been dealing with . they have been dealing with all of these . scams coming out and basically scamming . people that they need to pay taxes and i . tio is warning taxpayers the scammers . are constantly changing their methods. now looking to increase their gains . using cryptocurrencies and this is of . course very true and also in the . cryptocurrency space scammers here . internally as well are always changing . their methods i mean if you just think . about all of these telegram scams i mean . people are really trying to trick how . other people think so if you for example . are in telegram and you get some kind of . message and you think that the message . is from the admins in this ico group . well it can be a scam as well you really . have to check everything guys do not . send money to anyone and nothing is ever . agent i mean now nothing is every urgent . when it comes to financial transactions . if someone is like you need to pay now . now now because there is. there is some kind of time pressure i . mean it can wait until tomorrow and so . it is definitely a red flag if you are . pushed to pay and so in those ico . groups on telegram which you often hear . is that you get contacted and then the . scammer will say there's like ten . minutes left until a special price for . pre-sale that you can get into and you . need to pay asap so definitely a. m. a . red flag and when it comes to these tax . scams the authorities warn that if you . receive a phone call out of the blue . threatening police or legal action if . you don't pay a depth or person calling . you is rude an aggressive hang-up it . won't be australian tax authorities so . you guys definitely be careful now you . know about this scam as well and i . forgot i completely forgot yes be sure . to smash the like button and the little . bell button so they sure always . up-to-date let's see next up we have . this article about google and facebook . and so yesterday yesterday facebook. google basically came out and said that . you know what we will be banning . cryptocurrency ads in june and so this . article basically describes the reasons . behind those decisions and we've seen. facebook do the same as well a few weeks . before and so the start of this article . is basically that you know what . cryptocurrencies blocking is here to . take power from centralized entities . from big actors and give it to everyone . give it to the people however there is . there is an elephant in the room namely . the current platforms that are very . significant such as google such as . facebook and here's i stayed the . different policies that the company have. come out with for example facebook has . said that this policy is intentionally . broad so we banned all cryptocurrencies. as while we work to bury detect . deceptive and misleading advertising but . a google instead said that we don't have . a crystal ball to know where the future . is going but we've seen enough consumers . harm. or potential for consumer harm and that . is why we just ban all cryptocurrency . ads and so the question is of course how . far will this go will for example . youtube channels talking about . cryptocurrencies be banned as well . although i think it is unlikely i mean . it's not it's not impossible it could . happen and is i mean it would be . extremely painful of course for me and . all other youtubers but i mean snot the. end of the world what what this article . is basically telling also is that it's . all about the new paradigm and that . those companies are basically now seeing . competition so for example the most . obvious answer to block competitors with . much more added value to advertise their . products there are people building the . centralized search engines decentralized . social networks decentralized supply . chains and decentralize everything and. so definitely something interesting that . it can both be the fact that they do you . know honestly want to protect the . consumers but but of course there are. also other side of things that a lot of . new youtubes . a lot of new face books are popping up . and the change might be fast for them to . adapt well we'll have to see what do you . think do you think that google will ban . crypto cryptocurrency channels on. youtube i think it is just taking it a . bit too far because there are other . channels that they might you know banned . such as you know political channels and . so on . i personally do not think they will ban . a channels that they will take this ad . policy and actually no restrict what . people are saying on youtube but i mean . it's not out of the picture it could . very well happen it is one company and . there is nothing we can do really . next up where this interesting news from . from even indonesia namely that there . are now more bitcoin investors than . stock traders and basically they compare . two platforms one platform is the . indonesia digital asset exchange and now . it has 1 million point1 members and so . the interesting thing is that indonesia . is one of these countries where bitcoin . is really really needed . well cryptocurrencies are very very. needed there are a lot of people and a . lot of people do not have basic you know . banking infrastructure and so it is . definitely one of these markets where . where cryptocurrencies create the most. impact and as we can see the reaction is . a huge maybe that more and more people . are joining and the reason i think why . why this number of crypto traders is . catching up to this number of stock . exchange participants is because most . people do not even have access in my . view to this to to this community to . this group of stock exchange traders but . it is much easier to become a a crypto . currency trader there are no permissions. it's much easier so in that sense yes . this is definitely a more inclusive . technology when it comes to trading when . it comes to stocks and i think we will . see this in many countries that crypto . currency traders are becoming a larger . and larger group of the population . compared to stock traders in the western . world of course it will take much much . longer but sooner or later also also i . think stocks will be cryptocurrencies. very soon either way you will see . security tokens and the whole you know . financial market will move to the. blockchain let's talk about some stats . let's see let's go to blockchain okay . while we load everything seems to be . working fine amadou says d tube yeah i . mean d tube could work but it is so slow . and it's so i mean you cannot currently. compared it d tube to youtube that is . for sure so although they might develop . and be at the stage where you know in . the future they are an option currently . it is just that too early on to really . you know move my entire workflow to d2 . but of course you can start slowly . moving slowly adopting what i think is. very useful what i think is necessary is . to why is this so slow anyway guys maybe . we skip the stat it is already 17 . minutes. but anyway what i think is useful and . what i think is the cool is that you . currently you do not need to . decentralize content and g-tube they use. ip fs they use interplanetary file . system to you know put the actual movies . on on this decentralized protocol i do . not necessarily think it is important . what is the most important is number one . so that the people who subscribed to . your content actually follow you you . still have your following it is very . important and number two is monetization . so many channels on youtube or getting . you know shut down indirectly youtube . just terms of monetization and kind of . forces people to stop producing content . so those two things following and . monetization that has to be on the . blockchain the content itself i mean all . of these 4k files all of this streaming . we're doing all of this you know high . resolution movies no way we can put that . in a decentralized way currently and if . we want to have a user friendly and you . know working app i don't think it is the . solution at all what i think is that we . need the whole centralized approach we . put the most significant parts on the. blockchain such as following and such as . monetization and then we can still have . a central solution for movie storage and . if for some reason the server with all . the movies disappears it gets censored. who cares we just create a new one and . connect the identities and the following . to the new server so it definitely . something i will be keeping in mind who . knows maybe maybe we add stock on . blockchain will build this youtube . solution so yes that's really it that's . really it we skip the stats today it is . already too long thank you so much for . watching we will be talking about hash . grab soon in in a few days i see people . in the chat writing so amazing to see . all of you here be sure to smash the . likes and the little bell button and . i'll see you all very very soon thank . you so much for watching and good bye . guys good bye good bye good bye have a . wonderful friday it's . yes i may have a wonderful try the guys . goodbye . .

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