Livestream Day 1: Amphitheater (Google I/O ’18)

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This livestream covers all of the Google I/O 2018 day 1 sessions that take place on the Amphitheatre stage. Stay tuned for technical sessions and deep dives into Google's latest developer products and platforms.
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12:45 PM - Developer Keynote
2 PM - What's new in Android
3 PM - An introduction to developing Actions for the Google Assistant
4 PM - What's new in Android development tools
5 PM - The future of the Android app model and distribution on Google Play - Part I
6 PM - The future of the Android app model and distribution on Google Play - Part II
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Google i/o ' . google i/o . ts test test. test,,. p,. google i/o 2018. [ music ]. [ music ]. [ cheers and applause ]. >>jason titus: good . afternoon,. everyone. i'm jason and it's. great to be back here at i/o. this morning you got to hear. all about what we're doing for. our billions of users. now i'm. excited to share what we're. doing for all of you, the. developers who are solving. everyday problems in powerful. ways. whether you are joining. us here at shoreline or. watching via the livestream or. joining us through one of i/o extended events, welcome. [ applause ]. you know, one of the reasons i. love my job is i get to meet. with developers from all around. the world and hear what you're. up to and what you're finding. difficult. it helps me. understand what we need to do. as google to make things easier. as well as what we can do. better in our own products. and one thing that becomes. instantly clear from lagos to. warsaw to jakarta is how. important the broader. development community is in. helping each other figure out. things and solve problems. together. this kind of. pay-it-forward culture is one. of the great things about. working in this industry. and. i am constantly inspired by the. stories i hear out of our. google developer groups and. google developer experts. supporting this community. [ cheers and applause ]. i see we have a few of them. here today. every year with their help, we. are able to reach more than. 1 million developers through. in-person events across . countries. and our women. techmakers program is able to. engage more than 100,000 women. advance their careers each. year. [ cheers and applause ]. our developer community is. truly important to us, and all. of this would not be possible. without their efforts. it's also great that in the. last two years, we have had the. number of google developer. experts double. these are. amazing people, like rayan. zahab. [ cheers and applause ]. she founded both her local. google developer group and. women techmakers lebanon. on. top of that she started a web. development training program. for lebanese and syrian refugee. girls. we also have people. like richard fulcher, an iot. android expert in johannesburg. [ cheers and applause ]. out of her passion for cultural. preservation, she works on an. open source app that lets. children read books in their. native african languages. google would not be what it is. today if it were not for. developers like rayan and. rebecca and all of you. so. thank you. [ applause ]. as you heard this morning,. sundar was calling out the pace. of ai innovation is breath. taking. a whole new set of. capabilities is going to change. the way we do things. and. what's really exciting to me is. that we're at an inflection. point. ai used to be something. that only deep experts with. ph. d. s could use and now it's. becoming accessible to. everyone. let me show you what. i mean. [ video ]. >>> i would totally describe. myself as an average high. schooler. i like hanging out. with my friends, watching. movies, getting my nails done. and lately i have been into. machine learning using. convolutional neural networks. i don't know why you are. laughing at me. >>> since childhood, she always. wanted to know everything. >>> why is that, how is that,. what does it do. >>> she just wants to be always. learning, moving, doing. different stuff. >>> i haven't always been into. computer science, but my mom. grows rose bushes in the front. yard and every year they would. get diseased and we would have. to diagnose it. >>> she wanted to do something. about it. >>> i had the idea as a. potential thing i could do for. my research class with ms. son. >>> why anyone would sit around. their summer vacation teaching. a machine to identify plants,. not sure. but that was what. she wanted to do. >>> i wanted to have a way. people could diagnose plant. diseases by taking a vote of. it. that's when i started. looking into tensorflow. i. would watch different tutorials. and read blog posts every. night. >>> shaza took it upon herself. to do all the research. necessary and then start to. ask: what can this really do . >>> plant md works when the. user takes a picture of the. plant and it tells you what. plant it is and whether it's. healthy or diseased and if it. is diseased, what disease it. is. >>> my first question was: is. it an app that's only on your. phone and she's like, no,. somebody has downloaded this. app and is using it. that was,. like, wow! something that. i. just. was so proud. >>> i don't think you have to. be a super genius to get into. coding. really anyone can do. it with an idea and with. perseverance. i feel like open. source technology and the. wealth of information on the. internet is empowering my. generation. i know that i can. do anything i put my mind to. and so can anybody else. [ video concludes ]. >>jason titus: amazing; right . [ cheers and applause ]. and we're delighted to have. shaza and her family here with. us today. [ cheers and applause ]. so you can see why we're so. excited about bringing. technology like tensorflow and. ml kit to all of you. as. developers, you can drop. modules into your applications,. add a few lines of code, and. give them intelligent new. capabilities. and this is only. the beginning of what is. possible. as a company, we're. committed to empowering. developers with the latest. technology to build things that. matter. and today we'll show. you what we're doing to make. that easier. so over the next hour, we're. going to talk more about the. new capabilities we're. releasing as well as the. improvements we're making to. the platforms and tools you use. every day. so with that, let's. get started with steph who is. going to tell you the latest on. android. is. >>stephanie cuthbertson: . android is growing all over the. world with billions of devices,. and every month billions of. apps downloaded. our developer community is. growing rapidly, right. alongside. in china, india,. brazil, the number of. developers using our ide almost. tripled in just two years. with all this growth, we feel . a. responsibility to support this. vast ecosystem. and listen. if you feel like your feedback. drives what we say here each. year, you are right! like. kotlin last year. [ cheers ]. since we made it a fully. supported language we've. launched more and more support,. taking advantage throughout. android. already 35% of pro. developers use kotlin. that. number grows every month. and. 95% of kotlin users say they're. really happy. more and more android. development is going towards. kotlin. we are committed for. the long term. and if you. haven't tried it, i would. just as your feedback shaped. investments so far, like play. console, android studio and. kotlin, your feedback shaped. this year, too. so let's cover. three things today. first, distribution, making. apps radically smaller so you. get more installers. second, development. helping. you build faster with better. apis. and third, engagement, bringing. users back more and more. let's go straight into driving. installs. so android is growing. that's. great. app size is also. growing, and that is not great. apps are targeting more people,. in more countries, which means. apks have more languages,. more features. the larger your app gets, the. less installs you get, and most. people think that's an. marynling -- emerging markets. issue but it's true in all. countries. so how can we make. it easier to build smaller. apps our best idea was hard. for us. it meant. rearchitecting our entire. app-serving stack. but it was. the right way to do it. today we are excited to. announce the new app model for. android. using the android app. bundle, a new publishing. format, you can dramatically. reduce app size. apps need a. lot of resources to work on. every device. the bundle. contains it all, but. modularized so when you. download, google play's new. dynamic delivery only delivers. the code and resources a. specific device needs. now, we've tested this with. many of you, and we've seen. huge savings. linkedin saved. 23%. twitter saved 35%. jaumo. saved 50%. now, if you're wondering how. many devices does that work on,. the answer is. 99%. [ cheers and applause ] and. that's because it's built on. longstanding platform concepts. like splits and multi-apk. we. wanted this to be almost no. work for you so i would love. for you to have a demo from. someone who has been. instrumental along with many. teams together. please welcome. tor. [ cheers and applause ]. >>tor norbye: thank you,. steph. so here i am in android. studio working on my android. app and i would like to make it. smaller so what i'll do is open. up bimy apk analyzer and as. you can see most of the. download size is for resources. we have this is an app which. can really benefit from the new. dynamic delivery. to use it i. don't have to chase change a. single line of code. all i. have to do is rebuild my app as. an app bundle. so i'll invoke. the bundle dialogue, next i'll. point to my keystore and i'll. tell it to export my encryption. key for google play. this is. what breaks apart my app and. reinstall it in smaller. versions. then i trigger the. build and once that's done we. can look at the bundle file we. just created. so as you can. see this looks just like the. apk files you already know and. love but there are there's some. metadata here that lets the. play store to its magic. let's. assume i also updated my. signing key to the console so. now i've lappedded here. we. have a new page in play console. called the app bundle explorer. take a look at the big number. on the right. this tells me. that when it publishes update,. i'm going to save nearly 28% on. my downloads from my users and. this page lets me drill into. how that's possible. so in. short, creating app bundles. with studio is super easy and i. hope you will all try it out. and see similar gains for you. and your users. >
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