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Meet Cora, Kitty Hawk's prototype air taxi that was designed and built to bring the freedom of flight to our everyday lives.
Cora combines electric propulsion, vertical take-off and self-flying software to pioneer an entirely new way to move.
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[music]. this is an amazing moment in time just . in the past few years has been enormous . progress around the world a new type of . personal transportation vehicle that . will take you to the air . kitty hawk is a california-based company. and at kitty hawk you're really proud to . be part of this global movement to . rethink - to reimagine how all of us can . evolve every day but kitty hawk we know . the technology is feasible because we . are ready doing it today we're . introducing cora and vehicle you've . never seen before we're so excited to . unveil cora to the world cora is 100% . electric and therefore emissions free . [music]. like a helicopter korra takes off and . lands vertically so it doesn't need a . runway or an airport but unlike a . helicopter korra is remarkably quiet . cora can fly faster than 150 kilometers . an hour it has a range of 100 kilometers . and unlike cars on the road it travels . in a straight line and it will never . have to stop at a traffic light and . lastly korra is self piloting which . means to get where you want to go you . don't need a pilot's license we're . really at the beginning of our quest . it's one thing to design and rigorously . test an aircraft but it's another thing . to make it useful to society that is the . reason that we are so excited and proud . to be working with the people and the . government of new zealand to roll out a . commercial air taxi service new zealand . is known for its innovation its devotion . to clean energy which we offer and to . its very high aviation standards we've . got ambitious goals here in new zealand. we want to get to neet zero emissions by . 2050 and that includes mobility we're . proud that kitty hawk has chosen new . zealand to undertake this exciting. research and development work it is one . of the flagship companies in our . innovative partnerships program . we are offering a pollution free . emissions free vehicle that flies . dependably we think this is the logical . next step in the evolution of . transportation . [music]. you. .
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