MH370 Search Ship VANISHES For Three Days

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[music]. hey what's up guys tyler here with . secured team well we have sort of a . bizarre developing story here and it all . surrounds the recovery efforts and the. search for the long missing malaysia . airlines flight 370 now if you guys . don't remember basically airlines flight . 370 was an international commercial . airliner that disappeared over the ocean . back on march 8th 2014 while flying from . kuala lumpur international airport in . malaysia to its destination beijing . capital international airport in china . the aircraft which was a boeing 777 made . one final voice contact with air traffic . control at about 1:19 malaysian time on . march 8th when it was over the south . china sea and less than an hour after . takeoff the aircraft disappeared from . air traffic controllers radar screens. but was still tracked on military radar . as it deviated westwards from its. planned flight path and crossed the . malay peninsula until it left the range . at around 2:22 while over the andaman . sea and yeah it's just terrible the . plane just completely vanished . it was carrying 12 malaysian crew . members and 227 souls on board and so . many of you who maybe followed the . conspiracy community will know and this . happened back in 2014 there were i mean . it was one of the biggest conspiracy . theory stories ever pretty much and it. still continues to this day . and it's almost as if the world opened . up and swallowed this plane i mean it . just vanished and of course this was . followed by a multinational search . effort which was the largest and the . most expensive aviation search in . history and since then there have been . countless theories as to what happened . whether it was just a simple crash . although . the recovery effort and the fact that. they just couldn't find this thing led . many people to believe that maybe it . entered some sort of dimensional rift or . that it had been abducted by a ufo i . mean it was creepy and it still. continues to be creepy despite what any . of the theories and speculations say but . basically we've never found anything. except for a few scattered pieces of . debris from the plane here and there . nothing in the past three years and in . today's story even more bizarre was that . there was a search vessel that was out . in the ocean in the area where the plane . had last been seen it was searching when . suddenly it's a monitoring system turned . off and it turned off for three days in . other words this search ship disappeared . for three days out in the ocean and so . according to the report here the ship . which goes by the name seabed . constructor was out searching for . malaysians airline flight mh370 when it . disappeared from tracking screens for . three days after it turned off its own . satellite monitoring system with no . explanation at the beginning of january . the us-based company ocean infinity was . hired by the malaysian government to . search for the missing plane . it's ship the seabed constructor began . the search on the 22nd of january but on . thursday after only 10 days it turned . off its automatic identification system . or ais with no explanation three days . later it reappeared outside of the . search area and on its way to a . scheduled refueling stop at the . australian port of fremantle neither the . malaysian government nor ocean infinity. has explained the outage or where the . ship went in those three days family . members of those on board the missing . flight have called on the malaysian . government and ocean infinity to explain . the blackout amid mounting speculation . over the ship's movements over those . three days that had disappeared one of . the relatives. a victim on the flight called for . greater transparency over the ship's . temporary disappearance saying quote i . found the development quite odd and i'm . worrying if this silence and becoming . invisible was intentional to ward off . suspicion and a satisfactory explanation . is due if it was for other reasons then . in the interest of transparency we ought. to be told what caused it there are no . journalists and no family members on . board the searched ship we watch on in . good faith and i hope ongoing official . disclosure is of such a high order that . there is little room for speculation . controversy or a whiff of conspiracy now . during this three-day blackout that this . ship disappeared obviously conspiracy . theories are spreading with one stating. that the ship also entered or was at. least investigating some sort of time . warp or dimensional rift in the area . that swallowed up the original missing . flight others have said that maybe the . ship had taken a detour to recover a . sunken treasure from the nearby wreck of . the sv inka a peruvian ship that sunk in . 1911 while enroute to sydney and so yeah . something strange going on here guys . even the family members and the various . relatives of the people who are on this . flight that went missing so sadly three . years ago are wondering why this search . vessel went completely dark for three . days no one knew where it went and then . it just suddenly appears back on radar . outside of the search area heading back . to refuel like nothing ever happened. they are silent the malaysian government . is silent what is going on and so like i . said it's bizarre and i'm sure they'll . come out with a very good explanation . which i'm sure they're dreaming up as we . speak on the drawing board i mean what . were they doing. again the disappearance of this plane . it's just one of those things it's . extremely mysterious there are so many . theories around it you guys can google . it look at all of the different theories . and the facts yourself . yeah it's just it's rare that we have a . plane this big with so many people . disappear out of nowhere hasn't been . found in three years we've got search . vessels out here doing strange things no . transparency disappearing off radar so . you guys tell me what you think down . below and i will put the link to the . article in the video description so with . that. stay tuned i've got another video much . longer video in the works it's about 4 . a. m. right now where i am so it's about . my lunch time so i'm gonna head out of . here you guys have a great rest of your . night and see you justin . [music]. [applause]. [music]. [applause]. [music]. .
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